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Joseph Prince Followers Rebuked at Grace Pollution Church

you need to flee from this place Joseph Fritz is lying to you he is a liar he does not speak the Word of God this place is full of lies this man Joseph Prince and his cronies are teaching you lies against the Word of God you need to repent you need to repent now Joseph Prince is a lawyer and all this or dis will be the son of God all this if sin in their life porn addicts adulterous eyes full of adultery cannot cease from sin these people will go to hell contrary to what punch way to adjust the prince peaches the soul that sins shall die the soul that sins shall die you cannot mock God wicked man you cannot guard wicked woman you cannot mock God and think it's okay to live in sin while you go to hand it that's a lie from the devil Joseph Prince Joseph Prince has given you a license to sin and while you sing in prop your hands this butchers going to hire a hard busted because the people like you Christians we're too afraid to get foot goodness because they have saves we're living in it Joseph spritzes teachings or ear tickling teachings teachings never tickle your ears well you it's okay to sin you could stand it's so good in heaven you can stand it so be okay to God it's a lie from the devil have you not read this rip this for six neither MSH rules or fornicators will enter the kingdom of God and addicts a ditches indicators are dentists this rule of money I love this themselves more than they love God will not inherit the kingdom of God they're going straight to hell that's what you need to fear God's here you need to fear God and get away from this place because it's teaching you guys this place is teaching you guys it's period-wise just the prince has given you a license to see if the prince has given you a license to film saying that you can sin and still go to heaven and their dog and I'll punish you can you break the laws of this country and not go to jail no you break the laws of this country you go to jail you big dogs while you go to home very simple Joseph Prince is a lawyer he's a DD he loves his money more than he lives the Holy Bible this gospel is the license to sin and that's why so many of you are still in sin that's why so many of you are staying Sid the truth will set you free but this is new truth that cannot set you free the truth of the gospel will set you free from your will put the fear of God into you but there's no field on here this delfield God in this case only loving care bear teddy bear Jesus that doesn't exist Jesus Christ as the Son of God is coming back and planning for the end of engines and others who do not obey Him or do not obey the gospel and that includes you people so-called Christians during the church giving your money to this man making these wheels in sheep's clothing rich shame on you for coming here the Lord knows what you do in secret the Lord is the judge of the living and of the Dead he's shaking his head at you right now you're a disappointment to God shame on you for coming here you should know better old man your days are numbered their days are numbered you need to fear dead and keep this read and repent of your sin wicked man you need to repent you need to fear God that's what Dad is doing to you right now thumbs down thumbs down for you heads down for supporting these wolves in sheep's clothing shame on you people Joseph Prince has given you a license to sin hasn't he listen sis in a look at sin and so go to Haven temple because Joseph Prince said so Joseph Prince says that God doesn't punish believers well then that's a nice that's away from the devil and then you porn addicts are you fornicators or you abuse and you will live many who love yourselves you have your Starbucks will have your convenience or your iPhone's love your iTunes with your idea this ideology that you people you should know better but it's because of your sin that you don't know it's just saying that has kept you in darkness don't gives you a head start repenting in it whip it now whip it before it's too late God will feel every disobedient Christian in Hell God is not not living amid fears this we will say weak Canada tree bear bad fruit no can a good tree bear bad fruit no if you're sending your wife you need to repent it's because if you send the same goodness you can't be in darkness and in light at the same time can you there you can up if you're absurd if you have sin in your action in your action in your mouth you're in darkness and darkness and then those who disobey the Son of God we're going to see whether they go to church or not if you're sinning against God half I will let you you need to repent unless you think that this man has not told you this gospel is so clear gospel of Joseph it's as the disc revered in the field of grid of repentance go to blue for the Jesus spoke and hopefully then he didn't deliver mercy grace of God command Jesus Christ appeared hopeful and Punishment than he did on the love of God the grace and mercy of God command then it's flipped it's in Reverse here that's because you're not reading your that'll bring the old dad and just the prince is metal being this book he's not teaching you this bit he hates dad he hates hearing this a nicer Spencer do you stand here pip get over there before it's you it good way to go before it's too late people the longest is that dad is angry with the wicked every day you can't stand and think it's okay and go to heaven God is angry with the wicked every day the 8:58 here to carry workers of iniquity and you're a big sugar your dad for superior Joseph Prince yeah big trouble a job on a nice scale on the road to hell you need to you need to raise your head today and obey the Legaspi of Jesus Christ this God is going to intervention so ladies who disobeyed the disco on old days who did not know God and the guest of Jess approach is not a desk of the dad of the Bible these spirits are listening to messages from Jess approach I never been reading your Bible you're not obeying the Bible the gospel of Jesus Christ shame on you for coming here the lenders are said wicked man you need to repent you need to get over dead or here for a race you see the day that's the gospel Revelation chapter 14 the eternal gospel fear dad and worship Him and give them blue yes that's what you need you the fear of God yes need to fear God and there's no fear of God in this gospel the disparate disciplines is a disco that is weird in the fear of God if your disabilities you it's okay to sin and God will punish you if you said what's away from the devil if you say the big dogs will hear fireworks you unless you repent it's well you need to feel dog you need to get a local dog get serious regard read this book for Holy Bible stop fooling around with

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  1. God is angry with the wicked every day repent and believe the gospel of Christ it's through him that we will inherit eternal life with the Father.

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