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Joe Biden Gets DESTROYED By Climate Question

>>Joe Biden caught a little heat during the
CNN climate Town Hall and it was all over how his campaign is funded. Now he was planning on going to two different
fundraisers that were fueled by fossil fuel money. And so he was asked about that, and after
we watch the clip, I’m gonna give you some more information about the audience member
who asked the question, take a look.>>How can we trust you to hold these corporations
and executives accountable for their crimes against humanity when we know that tomorrow,
you are holding a high-dollar fundraiser hosted by Andrew Goldman, a fossil fuel executive?>>He’s not a fossil fuel executive a matter
of fact.>>He’s not a fossil fuel executive. And the fact of the matter is that what we
talked about is what are we gonna do about those corporations? What have we done? And everywhere along the way, for example,
I’ve argued and pushed for us suing those executives who are engaged in pollution.>>What Andrew was saying is, if you’re going
to a fundraiser that’s given in part by this guy who has a company that is pulling off
natural gas, are you the right guy to go after this?>>Well I didn’t realize he does that. I was told if you look at the SEC filings,
he’s not listed as one of those executives. That’s what we look at, the SEC filings, who
are those executives? I’ve kept that pledge, period.>>So are you gonna look at that fundraiser
tomorrow night or?>>I’m gonna look at what you just told me
and find out if that’s accurate, yes.>>Okay, I think it’s pretty accurate.>>So Anderson Cooper is right, it is accurate. And the fundraiser is gonna be held by an
individual who is very much tied to the fossil fuel industry, his name is Andrew Goldman. Now we’re gonna get to that in just a second,
but first, I wanna give some credit to the individual who asked the question. His name is Isaac Larkin, and he’s a 27-year-old
Molecular Biology PhD student from Northwestern University. And he gave a quote that I think is incredible
and important to share with you. He says quote, about an hour before that town
hall actually started, I got a message from Zina, a Sunrise press team member with a link
to that intercept article. It was an intercept article written by Ryan
Grimm. And she basically asked, hey, if you’re willing,
do you think there might be a way to incorporate this in your question? In basically ten minutes, I rewrote the last
sentence of the question. And so the article that’s being referenced
there is an Intercept piece that mentioned the fossil fuel money that Biden is tied to.>>So it’s a little bit of a stretch and it
isn’t. So I’m being honest about it. But first of all Ryan Grimm’s a TYT contributor. You guys paid for that years ago, right? When we did the fundraising for the reporters. One of the contributors we hired was David
Ciroto who is now on Bernie Sander’s team. Another one was Shawn King, another one was
Dylan Radigan. Dylan wound up running for Congress, Shawn
wound up doing his own thing. The one guy that remains is Ryan Grimm. And Ryan Grimm wrote that story. He’s the one that broke the story about Kavanaugh,
etc. So look, he might have done them anyway because
he works at the Intercept, he’s their Washington Bureau Chief. He’s one of the best reporters in the country. But I think you get to take a little pride
that you got Ryan hired here, and he does amazing videos for us! You should check it out on,
and he’s always talking to and getting great interviews with some of the top legislators
in the country. And in this case if he hadn’t written that
article and they hadn’t read it and Sunrise hadn’t gotten it to that young man who asked
the question, well it wouldn’t have been this giant controversy that Joe Biden has to deal
with now. And he should have to deal with it cuz that
is the problem. So look, I wanna be clear that what binds
leaning on is a technicality. And Anderson Cooper came back at the end and
said, yes, technically Andrew Goldman is not an executive at a fossil fuel company now. But he’s the co founder of the company of
Western LNG, it’s a liquefied natural gas production company. He’s also a cofounder of, De Cordova Goldman
Capital Management. And they’ve invested in natural resources
and energy as well. In other words, fossil fuels. So Biden goes, well hey, technically he’s
not an executive right now. According to the SEC files, he founded the
company. That’s a fossil fuel company. Of course that counts.>>By the way, I apologize, I made a mistake
and I wanna clarify. The intercept article was written by a different
writer, Akila Lacy is her name. Ryan Grimm tweeted it.>>Yes.>>And that was sent to the-
>>But I wanna be clear about the two, and thank you for giving credit to Akila. Ryan is the Washington Bureau of Chiefs, so
they all report in to Ryan, and he’s the one that assigns these stories, etc. And so he is the manager of that entire team.>>Yeah.>>So they both get tremendous credit, wonderful
job by the intercept there.>>So it is incredible because, look, Biden
has had a long-term relationship with Andrew Goldman. He knows who Andrew Goldman is, he knows what
his bio is, he knows the way that this guy makes his money. I mean, look, it’s not 2008. People hold politicians accountable in a completely
different way these days. People fact-check, people read, people wanna
know how these politicians are funded. Corruptions really wasn’t front and center
of the political discussion back in 2008. So if Biden thinks he can stand there and
literally lie to American voters about how he’s funded and who he has ties to, he’s sadly
mistaken. People are gonna find out. And look, this is a little outside of this
particular topic, but he really looks like he’s struggling and his health, he doesn’t
seem well. His eyes were incredibly bloodshot throughout
this town hall, it looks like he’s stressed out. I don’t know what he’s doing.>>Yeah, but I’m not worried about his eyes. I have no idea why, so maybe he had a little
too much of smug last night, you know what I’m saying?>>No.>>That’s not what happens to your-
>>I’m kidding, I’m kidding, I don’t know what’s going on, but then I’m not worried
about his eye. I am worried that he keeps making not just
the standard Biden gaps, but weird inexplicable statements. So that I’m slightly concerned about.>>Yeah.>>But I’m much more concerned about the corruption. So I wanna go back to something Elizabeth
Warren said that we talked about earlier in the show. She said the first thing we gotta do is we’ve
gotta attack this corruption. So she keeps naming it. And before nobody used the word corruption. We’ve gotta talk about this corruption head
on in Washington. I’ve seen enough of having the oil industry,
the fossil fuel industry write all of our laws in this area. No more, no more. Whereas Biden goes and goes, well technically
he’s not an executive now but he has all this money that he wants to give me and all of
his buddies want to give me, because he founded a fossil fuel company. No Joe, that counts and that’s the whole point. And Biden, in one of those moments, Biden’s
moments admitted, look, if you give me $250,000, after the campaign if I’m president, I’m gonna
take your call and I’m gonna listen to what you have to say. And that’s the corruption that we’re sick
of. It doesn’t mean you’re personally corrupt
like Donalnd Trump, but it is systemic corruption and it is what is ruining our country.>>I wanna end on one final tweet in regards
to this story and it’s what Simone Sunders had to say about the interaction between Biden
and Anderson Cooper. So she tweeted, what Anderson Cooper just
said about vice-president Biden’s fundraiser is factually incorrect. Andrew Goldman isn’t a fossil fuel executive,
he’s not involved in the day-to-day operation, he’s not on the board of the company, nor
the board of the portfolio company. She didn’t provide any evidence for that claim,
but for anyone who wants to figure out what the truth is, all you have to do is look up
the bio for Andrew Goldman. And if you go to the next graphic that’s what
the bio looks like, and I’m gonna read you just a short portion of it where it talks
about his day-to-day investing activities. It says, he was a founding part in De Cordova
Goldman Holdings, an opportunistic investor with investments in natural resources, and
energy, media, and telecommunications, and financial services.>>So that’s a different company that he founded
and that is also investing into fossil fuel companies.>>Yes.>>So he’s got a fossil fuel company he started
and one that he uses to fund the other ones. So look, the bottomline is Biden got caught,
the Internet catches you, and look you guys are a part of that. So that question would have never been aired
and we never would have talked about corruption if it wasn’t for the fact that an audience
member that read an Intercept article that was sent to them by Sunrise and got that question
on national television. And because for older voters, if you’re younger
and you grew up on the Internet, you’re gonna search all these things. And you could see, you see the Intercept article,
you see The Young Turks, etc, right? But if you’re an older voter who they don’t
know! Don’t get mad at them, they literally have
no idea. That’s the first time they’ve ever, they’re
like, really? Biden’s going to a fundraiser from the fossil
fuel industry? The guy who founded the company? Well that sounds really bad. Yeah, it is really bad!>>Yeah.>>Just TV kept it as a state secret before
this.>>Yeah, and look, I lied. There is one other point that I wanna make
cuz it’s important. Look, Biden, you can already see the influence
in what he is offering slash isn’t offering in combating climate change. I mean, he’s gone to fundraisers and told
these corporate CEOs, don’t worry nothing’s gonna change under my watch, and we’ve reported
on that. But I also wanna give you this piece of information,
this is graphic eight. Biden’s climate policy advisor, her name is
Heather Zichal, made more than a million dollars from a natural gas firm after leaving the
Obama administration.>>No, but that doesn’t influence her at all,
no. All of these people that are around Biden
and all of the other corporate Democrats, the millions of dollars that they have made
and millions of dollars they’ve gotten in campaign contributions and independent expenditures,
they’re superhuman, so they’re not at all affected by it. See, no one actually believes that. And if you wonder well then why does Biden
have a lead? Why does anybody even think about voting for
Biden? Why don’t they just vote for a non-corrupted
candidate? Cuz they don’t know because TV never tells
them. So go spread videos like these, go spread
Intercept articles so that your parents, grandparents, and your neighbors, family, can all find out
the reality. These corporate democrats take money from
these corporations and do they bidding. If Joe Biden wins, ain’t nothing gonna change.

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  2. Biden looks old and febble, also he doesnt seem to fully believe in what he proposes just wants to cling on to fading fame, its just all ego now. Contrast to Bernie and Liz burn like blazing stars with their total passion to serve the people – I hope they win, its probably mankinds last chance, I beleive its that pivitol.

  3. The bad news for Biden is that the actual primary voting hasn't even begun (Iowa Feb. 2020), we are just in the debate stage, and he is already struggling. The big mystery to me is why he is even running.

  4. Biden is not meant to run for President this upcoming election, if at all. He’s completely unqualified and out of his league. America has shifted and changed since Obama was in office, but even then America was inevitably beginning its change since 2000. Biden is literally straddling the fence between Dems and Reps with his antiquated policies and “ideas” that will actually WORSEN our country. Frankly, if Biden was running for President in the 1970’s then maybe he’d have a good shot, BUT AMERICA has changed indefinitely since that era. Sleepy Joe can’t keep up with our ever changing country.

  5. It wasn't a question. He rewrote his question based on data handed to him minutes before hand. In short, he is a lobbyist.

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  8. The earlier parts of the young guy's questions were even better. He (Isaac) is a really smart guy who should run for office himself.

  9. Everyone on the left contradicts themselves though, young Turks don’t report it. Sanders has explicitly communicated in interviews that he wants other people to pay higher taxes except for himself. The entire left movement is a walking contradiction.

  10. Go home Joe. All of these old politicians show us that money doesn’t satisfy you in life. They have money and will die hugging their debit card. It’s the power that drives them mad.

  11. NO to JOE!!!! I haven’t heard ANYBODY claim to be in favor of him for POTUS. He speaks as if he is trying to make kindergartners understand grown up stuff that we just don’t get. He is a sweet old man but his views are STILL saturated with a mindset that is decades old AND, not meaning to be ugly, I don’t think I could take listening to his looooong example stories about absolutely EVERYTHING for years! Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have long histories of being on the side of the PEOPLE and they are not stuck in the past regarding what is and isn’t socially acceptable. Joe Biden honestly thought it was okay to rub backs and shoulders, sniff hair, and peck kiss the heads of women with whom he does not have a relationship. He REALLY had to be TOLD that that is NOT okay. THAT is representative of Joe’s BASIC belief system and THAT is the tip of the iceberg as far as Joe being a creature from another era. NO JOE! He needs to retire and spend his time with his family that he speaks so fondly of sooooooo often.

  12. NO to JOE!!!! I haven’t heard ANYBODY claim to be in favor of him for POTUS. He speaks as if he is trying to make kindergartners understand grown up stuff that we just don’t get. He is a sweet old man but his views are STILL saturated with a mindset that is decades old AND, not meaning to be ugly, I don’t think I could take listening to his looooong example stories about absolutely EVERYTHING for years! Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have long histories of being on the side of the PEOPLE and they are not stuck in the past regarding what is and isn’t socially acceptable. Joe Biden honestly thought it was okay to rub backs and shoulders, sniff hair, and peck kiss the heads of women with whom he does not have a relationship. He REALLY had to be TOLD that that is NOT okay. THAT is representative of Joe’s BASIC belief system and THAT is the tip of the iceberg as far as Joe being a creature from another era. NO JOE! He needs to retire and spend his time with his family that he speaks so fondly of sooooooo often.

  13. Listen, comrades, Bernie, Biden, and the other fossils and regressive tools are headed to a brokered convention (unless Biden strokes out on the trail). Then Hillary Clinton, everyone's favorite cloven-hoofed villain is going to get "nominated" by the decidedly undemocratic Democratic Super Delegates and she's going to get the nomination. Look at all the utterly insane and crazy shit the current "candidates" have said. There is no way any of those gerbils can move forward, Trump will whip them and the idiot things they have said worse than a red-haired step-child and everyone knows it. TYT Sucks, your heads are filled with garbage and bacon.

  14. If Americans really need an old white guy to vote for, do like me and back Bernie Sanders. At least Bernie has always been what he says he is. And he has been progressive long before it was cool. I think Biden is a weak candidate against Trump and his vision for this country is too little too late. We need real change and a government that is for the people not for the highest bidder!

  15. Until corruption is removed from our government and our elected leaders, government will not work for the people again. It will work for the big donors! The poor and middle class won’t see any equality until our president and the Democratic Party is committed to getting dark money and large corporate donors out of politics. We have to start demanding that this stope. Stop supporting candidates who are taking $ or have taken big bucks from fossil fuel corporations, large Pharma, etc, etc. I don’t want my candidate owning these or any other large corporations anything. I want a candidate that’s gonna take them on and start taxing them & the wealthiest their far share and I want to see that money put back into struggling communities and to give the poorest among us a help up. No more hungry children, a real effort to get rid of poverty especially among the old and disabled who are really hurting. A president that will help all people and increase programs for education and social programs to help the poor, the sick, the homeless, the mentally ill. A just government that discriminates against no one based on age, sex, race, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, religion, etc. people have a right to expect certain things from those they elect. Do your job! That means investing in infrastructure, climate change, jobs lost from phasing out fossil fuels, better paying jobs for Americans, a living income limit. Not just a living wage but also a increase in benefits of those on social security and those disabled as well as the elderly living on 12,000 a year or less. We should not treat the elderly & sick like they are just thrown away to struggle to eat and keep a roof over their heads at the most vulnerable time in life. So much could be changed and done to help all Americans and make this country number one in household income, clean energy, smartest kids, technology, quality of life, etc, etc. we are the wealthiest country on earth. If we can survive to vote Trump out I pray we start a path forward and truly lead the world. And be ready to help those that need it, share technology and do what’s necessary to get climate change under control. I really think at some point we as a global community wil have to start addressing over population and many other issues that face the human race. Climate change & conservation of our natural resources are so vital to kids of today and tomorrow. We should be a responsible country & world and be good stewards of the environment. We should strive to leave more & better than what we have. But at least to not destroy whatever there is so they have nothing. Idk how there’s guys making millions & billions knowing their grandchildren & theirs will pay such a dear price for the money & power they are gaining now. It’s greed. How many billions does one person need when half the world is starving and even in America many kids don’t have enough to eat. And their parents work! It’s not just bums going hungry it’s working families. They have to eat cheap crappy food that’s probably less nutritious because they can afford the freshest or name brands. They can afford to go in and pick what they want. They have to go in and figure out how to get enough food to feed a family on X-amount of dollars without going over. This is America and people are doing their best and still not making it. They still are living pay check to pay check and running out of money before pay day even comes. This should not be the norm for millions of Americans! We need big change! Vote progress 20/20

  16. Just like you selected/selected AOC, the squad people of color to start the socialist movement and if anyone disagrees with them they are called racists etc. They are following Obama's footsteps to destroy America with illegals and immigrants that breed like rabbits so they can get power and control of your life.

  17. Joe biden is one of those old codgers that will not admit, will not admit, will not admit anything. They will lie, deny, change facts. if you keep pushing those darn little mules they will dig in their little hoofys and not ever give in one inch.

  18. Your president today is a lying motherf*****. Dude think he know weather patterns better than the person who went to school for it.Admit this guy a prick

  19. It is disappointing that Anna decided to buy into the Biden is old and a physical wreck argument. If you go down that road we are all headed for another 4 years of Trump which would be absolutely disastrous.

    I would like Warren or Sanders to go up against a Trump however there is a very good chance it will be Biden. The more progressives denigrate Biden on a personal level the more likely progressives and independents won’t come out to vote for him against Trump.

    Please keep to policy and please keep it clean.

    Sometimes I think the guys on TYT forget what an existential threat Trump is to the world.

    It would be great to have a progressive in the White House but that pales into insignificance when it comes to getting Trump out.

  20. Joe Biden has lost it and his policies, past votes, and relationships are all problematic when trying to draw contrast with Trump. He lost in 1988, He lost in 2008. Why is the DNC hell bent on making him a three time loser. Over the last week we have seen him forget Obama's name twice and think he was in Vermont when he is in New Hampshire. Look at how few small donors he has and it is clear he has no grass root support.

  21. We need a president that can rebuild american leader ship in climate change. Its about not building 800 new coal or gas power plants worldwide. This will take even greater leadership and will than ww2. The planet is at stake

  22. The media always talks about the need to attract Midwest voters and Biden is the key supposedly. In Wisconsin in Q2 he was out fundraised by five to six times by Bernie and Warren. He was out fundraised by Trump $750k to $22k by donors in Q2 in Wisconsin. The facts on the ground blow up this talking point.

  23. Very problematic, I agree. I did not, however appreciate Anna's comments on Biden's health. I think that that is a dirty tactic that was used unfairly agaisnt Bernie Sanders and John McCain (not that I minded his loss in '08).

  24. Anna says about Biden, "his eyes seem bloodshot." Biden had a blood vessel burst in his left eye (also known as a subconjuctival hemorrhage). It is not known what caused it, but the health concerns are based on speculation. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, this is not uncommon. It can be caused by contact lenses, high blood pressure, sneezing, coughing, medications, or diabetes. But it is not known what caused it, or if Biden is having serious health issues.

  25. Old people don’t know or are too stubborn to admit the amount of corruption by the establishment Democrats and filthy con artists Republicans.. it’s almost unbelievable, what a shame that we’re a country now constantly on the verge of collapse, not because we don’t have the tools to better America but because we can’t satisfy the greedy/ignorant rich.. what a shame our country is getting left behind in technology, education and infrastructure…

  26. JFC this is a stretch. Biden got into the race late and this fundraiser has nothing to do with what he'll actually do when he gets into office. WTF are you saying he's going to do? shoot for more drilling? Like he's going to ignore climate change? Like he didn't help with the Paris agreement? GTFOOH You guys were just crying about Bernie being smeared and you guys are doing the same shit about this and his health. Keep eating your own. This is why Dems will lose again in 2020.

  27. these climate change activists are the equivalent of poachers advocating being a vegan… at least fly first class no need for a private jet 😂

  28. Biden has definitely lost credibility here.
    Still …..he is better than
    Trump who loses credibility on a daily basis and it's just another normal day at the golf course for him….
    Who could top Trump when it comes to being disingenuous and dishonest?

  29. Biden is a corporate democrat just like Pelosi. Corporate democrats do what they can to protect corporations and their profit while supporting some programs for the vast majority of all Americans.

  30. Uncle joe take care I didn’t even notice your eyes. Please don’t over do it. Being president is no easy job just for drop out. Let the real change come through.

  31. Corruption is not only ruining US, its ruining the whole world.

    Then again its US that just offered the Iranian ship captains USD 15 Million, to betray their employers, for US to STEAL Iran's ships and oil.
    How is this NOT corruption????

    4444 4444

  32. He's taking their money and doing their bidding.
    The liar doesn't know what the executive who's doing the fundraiser does to make his millions.


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