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Japan wants evidence from S. Korea over its concerns over possible water disposal…

Japan has asked for evidence from South
Korea over its concerns that Japan is discharging contaminated water from the
2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown into the Pacific Ocean
according to Seoul’s foreign ministry the economic Minister from the Japanese
Embassy in South Korea delivered a diplomatic note on Tuesday a response to
service requests the previous day for clarification of Tokyo’s disposal plans
to this the South Korean government said it’s delivering rational concerns based
on scientific facts and that the issue should be dealt with in a way that does
not affect the citizens of either country or the ecosystem surrounding the
nuclear plant

Reader Comments

  1. Your "scientific data"? If you were scientific you wouldn't rely on Japan in the first place. Failed country at best

  2. Lol. japan always request SK for evidence while never show evidence to SK.
    let japanese and their government feast on radioactive seafood at fukushima beach and take a bath

  3. It's a concern for everyone but the timing of this concern??  I suppose Japan could also raise concern about South Korean Ferryboat Safety citing the 2014 Ferryboat disaster but of course the timing of it will be suspicious and insincere.

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