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Jane Fonda, Ted Danson Arrested With Group for Holding Protest Over Climate Change | THR News

– [Crowd] What democracy looks like! – [Man] Show me what democracy looks like! – [Crowd] This is what
democracy looks like! Jane Fonda and Ted Danson were arrested while protesting in D.C. on Friday. This marks the third week in a row the “Grace and Frankie”
actress was arrested with a group holding a
protest over climate change outside the U.S. Capitol building. A spokeswoman for the Capitol Police told The Hollywood Reporter, Fonda and Danson were among
32 people arrested Friday, for allegedly unlawfully demonstrating in the intersection of East
Capitol and First Streets. She said all were charged with crowding, obstructing or incommoding. A video posted by Fire Drill Fridays, which is what Fonda has been calling her weekly demonstrations
over climate change, showed the actress, sporting
a red coat, being arrested. (crowd cheering) Video also surfaced of
Danson being arrested. Here’s one of the many
clips that was captured by the Washington Post’s pop
culture host Hannah Jewell. (crowd cheering) In response to a shouted
question about whether he’d been arrested before,
Danson said, “Nope.” Last week Sam Waterston was arrested with Fonda while protesting. Fonda has made it clear she intends on getting arrested as many times as it takes to get her
climate change point across. The actress, a political
activist for decades, is a staunch opponent of
oil industry developments. For more on this story, head to Until next time, for The
Hollywood Reporter News, I’m Tiffany Taylor.

Reader Comments

  1. hollywood fascist sellouts nothing new here America is cleaner then china and india go over there and protest communist cocksuckers

  2. Rich people talking about climate , ok.. First thing, They ARE the problem!!! That Jet they flew on to get from L.A. to D.C. burned about 15,000 gallons of fuel… Meanwhile we hard working people burn about 300 gallons of gas on average in a whole year… They can take their climate change and stick it up their ass. Useless rich bitches.

  3. Trying to continue the Obama Marxist Strangulation of US Oil Production. We need Domestic Oil Production, fact of life.

  4. The climate and sea levels have always changed. How arrogant to asume that the average temperature of 1950s should go on forever.
    This power grab, with origins in academia offers no solutions other than the populous surrendering to their fear mongering.
    Stay out of college.

  5. Says the hypocritical celebs who live in huge homes with energy guzzling electronics , air conditioning, multiple cars, lots of air travel and turn up to functions, award shows with have huge carbon footprints.

  6. It's very easy what should be done to bring about the change.
    Just make electrical cars considerably cheaper. People would then buy electrical cars because of the cost savings.
    The maintenance costs of an electrical car for everything is one third the cost of a gas car.

  7. It's a joke to them.
    How many people have you ever seen be happy and smiling getting arrested!?
    The joke is on the people that take them serious.

  8. Limousine liberals virtue signaling. Time to hop on the PJ and fly to Cabo, drink champagne in their gated celebrity community and tell their social bubble how much they care. It doesn’t get any more pathetic than this.

  9. THIS IS NUTS. Who are they protesting AGAINST??? Is there someone who's IN FAVOR OF CLIMATE CHANGE???? They're just standing there waiting for the CAMERAS. If there were no cameras, they'd get bored and wander off.

  10. This is just making these people and the police burn gas that they wouldn't be otherwise.

    That's not helping the enviroment.

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