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IoT & EcoStruxure: Automated Sugar Production at RCL Foods | Schneider Electric

[MUSIC PLAYING] RCL Pongola sugar mill
specializes in two types of sugar, mainly the refined sugar and the
brown sugar for direct consumption, as well as for the industrial market. My name is Alan Williamson. I’m the Manufacturing Executive
at RCL Foods, Pongola Sugar Mill. The biggest challenge faced by RCL
when they took over Pongola Sugar Mill was that the plant is very old, and
in desperate need of modernization. I am Amos Matingane, the Instrument
and Control Engineer at RCL Foods here in Pongola Mill. The value and the benefits of working
with their Master Alliance system integrator, particularly
control software solution, is the support that they give
you and their knowledge base on the subject matter,
particularly the Schneider Electric software in the AVEVA. My name is Pieter Venter. I’m a Director and one
of the founders of CSS. Our partnership with Schneider
Electric is made stronger since we’ve become a
Master Alliance partner. And we really add value
by jointly promoting and actively encourage the
profitability increase and the value-add that we can deliver to
our customers [INAUDIBLE].. Since our RCL Mill runs
off the grid, generating all the in-house electricity,
they required optimal performance and no downtime. We have established a remote
log-in for our system integrator. The Master Alliance partner CSS. So they are able to assist
us at any given point in time without having to drive on site. System platform unifies all
applications in the central hub. It allows the platform on which we
integrate the process historian, the remote viewing with remote clients,
the local clients, the historian clients, all connected
into the system platform. With the implementation
of the current system, the root cause and failure in analysis
process is very simple to follow and do because you’ve got the
Wonderware historian, which is under the AVEVA
stable, which helps you to do your alarming and events of what
happens at any given point in time. Wonderware Historian
Client is actively used not just to look at the
trend data, but to actively look at diagnostics and
the historical information for both process and digital
variables in the plot. Efficiency for maintenance
personnel has increased drastically, looking at the fact that, now, there’s
more information that Schneider Electric helped us bring
about to do diagnostics, which makes them get to problems quicker. Schneider Electric,
with their EcoStruxure and all of the connected
products in the IoT space, separate themselves from other
vendors because they still retain the backward compatibility like
no other vendor does in our market. The major advantages
acquired or obtained working with Schneider
Electric products, mainly the simplicity of the products. And also, the backward
compatibility with the old and also the integration with the
old legacy systems that we had. Our vision for the future is to continue
modernizing the plant in partnership with Schneider Electric, and to achieve
a mission of more food to more people, more often. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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