Importance of Natural Resources

Investigating the world’s oceans!

The world’s oceans cover 71 percent of our
Earth. They supply half the oxygen we breathe, control
the Earth’s weather, and provide us with food and jobs. They are our life-support system. Yet much of the world’s oceans remain a
mystery. Oceanographic expeditions provide a unique
window into this vast, important, world. Examining underwater seismic activity can
help predict potentially devasting earthquakes and tsunamis. Studying ocean ecosystems can reveal new medicines,
food-even energy. That is why the National Science Foundation
is committed to uncovering the mysteries of…THE DEEP. Today, NSF oversees a fleet of cutting-edge
research vessels that journey to the far reaches of the Earth. In the ice-covered waters of the Arctic, we
study the Arctic Ocean system and how it is changing over time. In the Pacific, we study earthquakes and submarine
volcanoes. In the North Atlantic, we deploy oceanographic
buoys and moorings, map terrain, and research everything from sea life to volcanoes. To reach the deep ocean floor, researchers
deploy a deep-diving submersibles: The ROV Jason collects samples of rocks, water, and
sea life. The AUV Sentry- with a sophisticated suite
of science sensors- takes pictures, gathers samples and maps terrain from the deep sea. The Sentry can dive to depths of 19,000 feet
and can withstand harsh environments like underwater thermal vents. The HOV Alvin-was the world’s first deep-diving
submersible. Alvin transports two researchers to the seafloor
for firsthand observations of the deep. It can dive to depths of 2.8 miles, and collect
and observe for up to 10hr. Alvin can hover over rugged topography or
rest on the seafloor. Its two robotic arms collect data, rock samples
and produce maps and photos. The scientific data collected from these vessels
and submersibles will help us gain a better understanding of our global ocean system. With NSF support, this oceanographic fleet
will continue to discover—understand¬—the hidden secrets … of The Deep. THE DEEP BROUGHT TO YOU BY NSF CREDITS

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    Thank You, for taking the time out of your day to read this Statement. It's sad that it's possible that I'm only going to live to 43 if NOTHING is done about this.

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