Importance of Natural Resources

Investigating Micro-Hydro Minigrids in Nepal

Here we are at the highest hotel it’s
called Eco Lodge. I’ve climbed about, I don’t know, 800 feet. Been climbing for the last 30 minutes. I can hear the purring of the engines as we pull close. The path is a bit treacherous, so I should use my camera and feet carefully. And you’re almost there. We are going to be reflecting on why
this so-called simple system to extend the grid to get electricity in the
off-grid manner to some communities works in some places and it doesn’t in other
places. That’s what will be puzzling over for the next several weeks and years as
we formulate the study and do more careful data collection from many, many,
many, many other micro-hydro sites across Nepal before we come to any conclusion
about how this works or doesn’t. With that, goodbye.

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