Importance of Natural Resources

Introducing the Eldis Climate Change Resource Guide

Eldis is an in online service the
provides free access to the best research on
development issues. We work in collaboration with global
partners, particularly in developing countries.
That’s one of the reasons why we can give you access to cutting-edge research that you won’t
find on Google. And now Eldis includes one of the most
comprehensive resource guides on Climate Change. Find out how African
farmers are adapting to changing weather patterns. What are the low carbon energy challenges facing Asia. The Eldis climate change resource guide brings together our
selection of the best research on climate change
and development issues. More than 3,000 research and policy
papers, reports, open access journal articles, and research briefing papers at your
fingertips. All curated by a team of experts that
carefully select the most relevant and useful
information from a diverse range of sources. With the guide you can keep up to date
on a particular theme or find the latest reports related
to your country or region. Read our key issue guides to get a concise introduction to a new hot topic.
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we are credited. Eldis is your gateway to the best
research on climate change and development

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