Importance of Natural Resources

Interview with Mohamad Rafiq , Vice President of Programs, Rainforest Alliance

We are aware of the issue around the multiplicity of standards and the potential confusion
it can create with the consumers but the more we think about it,
the more we feel that the solution of moving towards one single mega standard is not very likely to be there or to be successful. The reason being that if there was.. The currents multiple standards
are pushing one against each other And this competition is raising the bar all the time. Different standards are trying
to meet up to that and in the process
the producers and the consumers will be beneficiating, but if there was one standard
everybody was complying to there will be no innovation if you want.
Where the innovation will come from? Where will raising the bar come from? and then the consumer and producer
will not have the choice to choose from which standard
best meets their needs. So the solution is much less moving
towards one standard. The solution is much more providing
consumers and producing more information about what the choices
available to them are and helping them making informed choices,
and then respecting those choices like consumer is more interested into sustainability they will choose a standard which best speaks to the sustainability issues. if they are more interested in equitible trade
they would choose a standard that speaks to the trade issues. All wishes cannot really be reasonably combine
in one single standard available.

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