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INSIDE : Nogent-sur-Seine , un tournoi la nuit ?

This week end was playing the friendly tournament of Nogent-sur-seine. Matches over two days and a specificity, playing over night. “We’ve being doing this for the last 10 years a kind of pre-season tournament every year around the same date but this year we really wanted to make it happen over two days Team of all levels are playing. This tournament allows new weak teams to meet very strong ones such as Fontenay, Belgium, Sedan, it helps progressing and creating a nice ambiance “the game over night we played one match at night , it is pretty lunar an experience, not sure it is a good one not as easy to play and read the game but it was interesting to try this concept it allows to play a long day in order to play long matches” for accommodation, no headache just bring your tent and settle on the lawn of the complex “be together at night, play at night really cool we meet over the last 10 – 15 years we are friends we meet around a nice barbecue, good meal with a match over night in camping mode it was really cool and friendly” During the tournament, the teams mixed to compensate for player departures during the weekend, another example that proves that conviviality was the key word during these two days “The big teams play a clever game, circulate the puck it is pleasant even if sometimes we loose with significant gaps”

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