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Indoor Environmental Quality – Why should commercial buildings test their indoor environments?

Why should commercial buildings test and monitor their indoor environments? Given the amount of time we spend indoors today, and the endless sources of information available regarding indoor pollutants and environmental hazards, people are becoming more and more aware and concerned about their indoor environment. By proactively managing the indoor environment, we are able to take this potential negative and turn it into a positive. In doing this, adopters of a Healthy Buildings proactive indoor air and water quality program are able to gain much needed liability protection. They’re also able to greatly enhance or improve the perceptions and morale of the building occupants, and ultimately strengthen the relationship between building management and the building occupants by helping to ensure a safe and healthy workplace. How does Healthy Buildings test and monitor the indoor environment? We do this by routinely inspecting and testing representative areas throughout buildings for pollutants known to be endemic to buildings and showing their safe levels, and by proactively inspecting hvac systems; things like air handling units, duct systems, cooling towers, etc. and documenting the good preventative maintenance being done while providing pragmatic recommendations where appropriate. What are the benefits of a Healthy Buildings IEQ program? Some of the benefits of the program include: invaluable liability protection, a much more attractive workplace for attracting and retaining tenants and employees, and a much more productive workplace with less absenteeism. This makes a Healthy Buildings program a great fit for any building owner, property manager, or corporation.

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