Importance of Natural Resources

Indian Institute of Ecology and Environment

the Indian Institute of ecology and environment is a government of india sponsored autonomous non-profit-making institution formed with of you to impart teaching and provide a sustained platform for research and consultancy in the areas of ecology and environment the institute is located at new delhi india the indian institute of ecology and environment / averin complex south of Sackett new delhi owes its origin to the deliberations it founds Stockholm and Belgrade and subsequent resolutions and recommendations of the intergovernmental conference on Environment bila see in 1977 organized by anup and unesco the institute was established as a public Charitable Trust on 5 june nineteen eighty-four organizing programs and providing learning platform in the areas of ecology environment pollution control disaster management sustainable development ecological tourism and environmental education the Institute also collaborates with the government of Delhi in conducting ecological education in more than 1,000 schools in New Delhi the Institute arranges for technology transfer on environmental engineering impact assessment pollution monitoring and control systems analysis wildlife conservation environmental communication ecological education and environmental lowers iiee has published over 150 books and monographs of which the most notable as a 30 volume international encyclopedia of ecology and environment which is considered as the only encyclopedia with a 10 volume section on environment lawyers the institute has conducted over 180 national and international congresses and conventions on environment during the period 1981 dash 2013 it also assists universities to design their curriculum on environment for graduate and postgraduate courses it also conducts workshops worldwide in countries such as Sri Lanka Italy Spain South Korea Mongolia Martius USA Tunisia Russia Poland Uganda Zambia Ethiopia England Nepal and the Netherlands researches and consultancy assignments are another area Riley engages in and has undertaken over 3,500 such assignments iiieee has the following facilities at the new delhi campus iiee offers various master’s degree courses in affiliation with the global open university nagaland

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