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Inclusive Coding Environment Tutorial

Welcome to the initial release of our
inclusive coding environment. We are developing it to help kids with
disabilities learn how to code and express themselves creatively. This video
will show how you can use the environment to move a robot like Dash by
creating a sequence of different movements. One thing to note while we aim
to have broad support for browsers and robots, this version of the environment
works best with the Google Chrome browser and Wonder Workshop’s Dash robot. The
user interface is organized into three sections: the connect to Dash controls, the
available movements and the program area. First we will need to connect to Dash so
before proceeding please make sure Dash is turned on and near your device. Selecting
connect to Dash will bring up a dialog prompting us to find Dash. Once it has been
selected please click pair to finish setting up the connection. Looking at the
movement section we can see it’s possible to move Dash one step forward or
make it turn right or left. In the program section we can combine different
movements to create a path for Dash to travel. Let’s start by selecting a
movement and then selecting a step. You can choose any of the available steps
whether they’re blank or filled. If we need to add a blank step we can select
the Add button and then select a step in your program. This will add a blank step
to your program right before the one you selected. To remove a step we need to
select the delete button and then select any steps that are no longer required.
Once our path has been created selecting the play button will make Dash travel along
the path we’ve designed. Please check the video’s description for links to
suggested activities that you can try. We plan on making new releases available
frequently so please subscribe to our mailing list to stay informed!

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