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In Search of Night Life

– So every night the herp team goes out between the hours of like 7 and 3am looking for snakes, and frogs, and salamanders. And then they bring them back to camp, so we’re gonna go with them and see what we find. – Ooh, bat.
– (Emily) What was that? – (Emily) A bat?
– Yeah. – So Markus found this Anolis sleeping up here on the twig. Sleeping, or pretending to be a stick, hoping that we won’t see him. He’s looking at me like, “please don’t pick me up.” “Please don’t pick me up, please don’t see me.” For one thing, it doesn’t blend in with its stick very well. It did a pretty poor job pickin’ a stick to sit on. But it’s bright green and it has these lines on it. It’s an Anolis transversalis?
– (Markus) Si.
– (Emily) Si? Because it’s named after the lines that it has on its body. And it has like, funny little webbed feet kinda like a gecko, and a pretty blue eye that it’s using to stare at me. Kinda cool. – Pablo found this spiny-backed tree frog over here. And one of our botanists found one in the same genus earlier today. You can tell that it’s got this beautiful white back to it. Helps it camouflage in with the branch, so— ohp, there it goes. I got him. He jumped out of my hand as I— Woah! Woahp, woahp.
– They’re slippery. – Yeh, woahp. Okay, I got a frog. So this has been an ordeal, trying to get this guy this evening. He’s got sticky fingers, too. He jumped on the camera a minute ago. And I’ve also been told that I shouldn’t be touching my face after holding him, because their skin is poison. – They’re stink bugs, but they kind of smell like pineapple juice with tangerines in it. – (Alvaro) And you know what? It was here, and now it sort of hurts here. – Oh. Ow. Ooh! – So what you should do is just pour some water.
– Hoo! Ugh. That was a terrible idea!
– Mine is going away. – Mine’s not. Don’t pick up random things you find in the forest. – Do you want some?
– I’m just getting a little rash. Yeah, just put some water there, please. Thank you. I’m not sure what’s the association with this vine, but they all love it. You saw how strong it was, that I felt it over my t-shirt. And yours was over bare skin.
– Yeah, it was on my skin. – But now it’s gone. Now I don’t feel it anymore.
– Aww. Good for you. God. – Oh, Tom. What just happened? – I smelled a fruity smell, and then a burning feeling on my neck. …. Aaaaaaand… stink bug. – Stink bug happened? – Yeah, apparently it had attached itself to my camera. – Yeah, that’s why it flew off when I started recording you? – Exactly, yeah. I’ve been feeling some more jumping on me right now. – Yeah, now I’m going to be paranoid all night. – Yeah. I think we’re under one of those goddamn vines. – Yeah, let’s get out of here! – So we were walking along with Pablo for quite a while, waiting for him to find a snake. We kept asking, “Pablo, when are you gonna find us a snake?” Got kinda tired, turned around to head back to camp. We’re probably 5 minutes away, and we hear “un serpiente!” We came running back, and this is what he had found. – It’s a whip snake, Chironius fuscus. – And you think it’s a juvenile?
– Mhmm. It’s a juvenile. – So when we came into camp on the first day, both Tom and I stepped over something that was like 2 meters long—don’t bite me— —and very fast. Was that a relative of this guy? – Uh huh. Other species, more… bigger. – And this one seems to be very interested in biting you at every opportunity. – It’s like a fish bite.
– Like a fish bite? – Small. – (Alvaro, off camera) Well, sharks are fishes…
– Yeah, sharks are fish, too. – Depending on which fish…

Reader Comments

  1. I really like how these are made and the scientists going back and forth explaining whtever they found. I love their passion and their knowledge. Thank you so much for making this and risking your lives to go into a jungle for us internet folks!

  2. I wish the stink bugs in the US smelled more like pineapple. My freshman year of college our dorm room was infested with stink bugs twice. The first time probably about 40 at least and the second time about 20. It was horrid. Now I freak out if I think I smell a stink bug.

  3. It's so awesome that you had the opportunity to do this and share it with the internet! Can't wait for more of your Amazon adventures! 🙂

  4. I gotta say, that takes a lot to just head into the Amazon Jungle like that in the middle of the night. Glad you found some cool stuff, and glad you all made it out alright!

  5. You know, as much as I hate creepy crawlies/bugs/etc, this really would be such an amazing opportunity. I really hope to similar work one day.

  6. Alas, I'm an ophidiophobe.  Like severely.  Like I had to scroll away when you got to the part with the snake.  I don't do well with snakes.  I have panic attacks from pictures.  Let's just say that I don't go into the reptile house at the zoo at all.  

    But I quite enjoyed Snakes on a Plane for some reason, despite not typically being a horror movie fan.

  7. Arachnophobe here. Definitely threw my phone on accident during the tarantula clip. Bet it's a cool video but I'm sitting this one out for sure (and trying not to have nightmares or cry).

  8. Amazing to watch how your career how progressed, Emily!! From the University of Montana to field expeditions in the Amazon…wow! You're so deserving of these incredible experiences. Thank-you for your hard work and this amazing show 🙂

  9. i like that there is just a casual goliath birdeater. god i wouldn't wanna get within a few hundred feet of one of those things and he's like "look it's on my chest"

    that spider was recently in the news as being caught on camera for the first time, was that you guys?

  10. On an unrelated note: It would be awesome if Tom could give a few hints regarding equipment, production etc. The videos just look great.

  11. This reminds me of the time I spent in the rainforest of Ecuador, so many great memories. I also love the choice of "Carnival of the Animals" for the music.

  12. This is so amazing, I'm in love, keep up the great work Emily and the rest of the brain scoop team, and all field scientists out there. Now i feel a great urge to change careers.

  13. At 1:40, at first I thought he was wearing a shirt with a spider print on it… then I realised that no, it's a shirt with an actual spider on it.

  14. This is amazing and fascinating and beautiful and oh gawd I will never go anywhere near it! Thank you so much for going and filming this beauty so I don't have to.

  15. What's the music used in this video? I'm guessing one is something from the Quartet for the End of Time. I know the second is Elephants from the Carnival of the Animals. The third I'm guessing is one of the Hungarian Dances.

  16. That was really amazing!! What a great opportunity and you were able to catch some great footage of the night animals.  I hope you have many more videos like this coming.

  17. Man, if I had seen that goliath bird eating spider, I would have run all the way home. How much do the searchlights hinder the search for nocturnal species?

  18. "The Peruvian Amazon: where things are beautiful but will probably result in injury."? That's not the Amazon, that's my love life :/

  19. I remember that the stink bugs from my childhood were not nearly as big and vicious as those ones. Although I can clearly remember the stink they emanated when killed or smacked. That smell could last in your nose for the entire day.

  20. 1:47 oh Goliath Birdeater, biggest (or at least heaviest) LAND spider in the world right?
    (coz afaik there's bigger spiders but they live under the ocean).

    Dunno about the camel spider though, think that's bigger but iirc it's not a spider (maybe not even an arachnid, but closely related).  Anyone in comments know this stuff?

  21. 3:29 hey that burning you both got (that you put water on), was that from a stink-bug's bite, or just from it's chemical smells?

    (i'm guessing it's just from it's smell.  that's pretty metal.)

  22. Frogs are nice… but the Goliath, nope! I'm out, too big! hahahah I guess Joe (@It's Okay To Be Smart) as well, heheh

  23. Great video!  It seems so fascinating and safe watching it on a screen, but I suspect it would have been really creepy being in that forest in the middle of night while unseen creatures fall on you.  Thanks for going and sharing your trip!

  24. I was really confused when you were calling Coreidae "stink bugs" until I caught the text correction.  Those were really cool looking though!  

  25. Ms. Graslie,

    I wanted to thank you for the work that you're doing. I know that challenges can arise and that people can be jerks sometimes. People, and especially girls, need to see that there's nothing that's "a boy's job."

    My field is boats and I love it. So, I like showing my daughter people who really love what they do. I'm fortunate to know a lot of amazing women from many fields who love what they do, too.

    She is fascinated by your videos for the same reason. After watching some of your trip to C.A., she asked me to take her camping. As an Eagle Scout, I couldn't be happier, though we may wait for things to warm up a bit.

    I hope to get a chance to come and visit your museum with her because it looks like a really cool place.

    Thanks for the guts,
    Neil G.

  26. Emily, next time you are in the jungle woods you need to turn off your flashlight… look for bioluminescence… My guess is that you might have seen glow-in-the-dark mushrooms if you let your eyes adapt, it looked warm and wet where you were… there were probably mushrooms around. 

  27. When Emily said the stink bug smelled like pineapple I was all "hey! I want to see one of those" then nope. no thanks.

  28. Am I wrong when I say sharks aren't fishes?
    I always thought they belonged to Chondricht… something..
    Am I doing it wrong? Help please 😀

  29. Right well that seems like my personal hell, I hate creepy crawlies of all sorts but it's still fascinating to watch you guys rummage through the tropical forest looking for them lol just as long as I can be over here on the other side of the screen

  30. I've watched this video a dozen times just to listen to the music.
    Pretty sure it's the London Symphony Orchestra's version.
    It's amazing how much the forest background (crickets) adds to the experience for me.
    Love your channel.
    Long time subscriber.

  31. Thank you so much for this video. It was a joy to watch. So so cool. And I get excited when I hear little bits of spanish as well.

  32. My 7th-grade science teacher, who had two toads among her many class pets, told us not to hold them with our bare hands because the oils on our hands could seep through their skin and make them sick. Is that true?

  33. THE MUSIC IS GREAT! It sets the mood so nicely. I hope Michael sees this comment. The music is so good, we viewers may not notice it because it fits in perfectly.

  34. I picked up a stink bug on my way home from school once. he didn't stab me, or excrete a smell. He kinda just flew away after he got bored of sitting on my hand, but this was my third encounter with the species. The first encounter with a stink bug was unpleasant. I accidently scared him, and he flew over my head, making a farting noise and some sort of liquid came out of him as he flew. I was fine though. xD

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