Importance of Natural Resources


The lagoons area of the Amazonia which can be found
at the East side of the Amazonia is one of the place where
there is the highest density of trees The Yasuni National Park if we include its global territory is approximately
2 526 991 million acres and this territory is divided in 2 parts “the Green area” and the “Waorani Territory”
which has been consecrated The tests they need to do in the area
to see is there is petrol or not I think it is already done,
everything has been devastated in that zone Now, oil extraction is the real threat
in the Yasuni National Park Regarding the official legal documents they stipulate that
they would only exploit 1% of the land That is a lie,
they are almost at 60% First they extract ,
then they close the wells, and only after they do
the preliminary consultation and the people are not aware because these areas have been
under the direct control of the ministry of the environment but they are the ones opening and giving licenses
to these destructive programs The oil industry started in Ecuador 50 years ago with the American company “Texaco” who started to dig oil wells
in the north of the Amazon and put blocs in place In Ecuador, was born an initiative which was called the “Yasuni ITT” which demanded to keep the oil from
the Yasuni National Park underground Therefore the government was asking for
worldwide financial compensation and in case negociations dailed,
they would have to start oil extraction This proposition was affected by many issues “At this moment,” “We only have 13.3 millions of available funds” “deposited on the trust fund of Yasuni ITT” The president canceled
the Initiative Yasuni ITT the 15th of August 2013 “Unfortunately, we have to admit
that the world failed us” And then the collective “Yasunidos” started There were many protests in the streets and we were violently repressed The government does not like that They prefer to keep control of the territory
so no one can disturb it No one can access the sites
were they do the fracturing These are private places
that don’t belong to the state Can you imagine,
in your own home In you own jungle You can’t move freely in or out We live amongst
almost 54 communities within which there are 3 provinces Here we have had some issues from the day it started till now In 2005, the women leaders
and the elders said, that was time to start gathering
the women from the three provinces who wanted to work as
a women’s association so we could defend ourselves
and have our voices heard about what we wanted
as Waorani women At the beginning, the association was focused
on some artisanal projects, with which came a year of process and they continued with a cacao project we have our own brand called “WAO” organic chocolate from Yasuni,
which is 70% chocolate there are no chemicals,
we don’t use any in the garden, they are fully organic always thinking about
how to conserve our territory and plant the way we want to
in a responsible manner not destroying but defending our forests,
as our ancestors did Before, when there was no oil company the water we consumed, the steams and the rivers
were not contaminated and the water which comes upstream
is from the oil platforms and steams and we are consuming this same water Our kids are swimming in this same river, and sometimes they get diseases
and we have health issues The noise also, which comes from the platforms which hold every generators is a major disturbance for the animals and a lot of them ran away What the acoustic contamination does is dispersing the animal population and it becomes harder to gather or they start clashing
with other animal populations So there begins to be more stress
in the these animal populations and when stress increases,
the animals’ reproduction rate goes down For this reason we want to protect our land If we don’t take care of it,
there will be more diseases and who will be affected ? Our children, our grandchildren, every generation of Waorani people We have no idea where
all these resources go The petrol is sent to big cities and we, as communities, we live in poverty We don’t have any educative system,
nor healthcare The government has not protected the indigenous people We have lived abandoned
from the government With this experience we said,
“no more Petrol companies” ! These first months of Lenin Moreno’s
governance as a president his government opened
a space for dialogue with different social actors Now, after some months
since the new government we can feel that this dialogue
is going nowhere So the indigenous movement said : “Ok, we are going !
Let’s talk, but with results !” The CONAIE is the Confederation of
Indigenous Nationalities in Ecuador which represents the 15 nationalities
and 18 populations in Ecuador That is why we are here today to say to the government that Nature can not be threatened Now the walk regroups
men, women, children and young people Keep the oil under the soil ! If the government doesn’t listen
and keeps exploiting For our lives
and our brother Taromenane We can expect more genocides Nature gives us life ! gives us food, energy, medicine gives us air ! This march is very important to be able
to speak with the national government We hope that the governments from the world
will understand that we are not defending
the land only for ourselves, but also for your children, for the children of the world, From the Amazonia or any
Amazon basin in the world we provide a lot for you
to have a better life They are poisoning our territories And we won’t let them The struggle continues and it’s time to unite Together we will fight to the death And we are willing to devote our lives
to defend our Waorani people and the entire Planet

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