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Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Dwimplepeen | truTV

Oh, where did they
put it? Joe, “dwimplepeen.” [ Laughter ] -Dwimplepeen?
-Dwimplepeen. Are you making
a hot dish? Yeah, I remember that. I had one of the hottest dishes I ever had in my first dwimplepeen. [ Laughter ] You ever been
in a dwimplepeen? It’s an event where — you know, when a young kid
turns 13 years old, and they get older, everybody
throws confetti at him? They all spin him
in a circle and they sing the dwimplepeen song to him. -How’s that go?
-You know, it’s like… ♪ Kingle, kingle,
dwimplepeen ♪ ♪ You made it to 13 ♪ ♪ Twingle, kingle,
dwimplepeen ♪ ♪ Hey, 13 now ♪ So, you ever attend
a dwimplepeen? Did you ever go
to one of those? No. Yeah? You’ve heard of it,
though. Yeah, yeah. You’ve heard of a dwimplepeen. Everybody… [ Laughter ] I hope you brought
your “A” game, Sal. Murr: You got one? You know you’re in trouble.
Q’s already giggling. I got a jampaloon coming up, and
I need some freeze-dried fruit. You know a jampaloon?
-No. It’s a — it’s when you go on a road trip with nothing but a puppet, but
you force-feed him real food. With a — what? Goofdookie. [ Laughter ] Get all up
with the goofdookie. Excuse me. Do you know if
there’s a beer section in here? Right on that side?
Okay, cool. I just got to buy some
for my buddy. [ Chuckles ] I totally goofdookied him the other day, and I just feel like buy him
a six-pack and smooth it over. Yeah.
Cool. Cool. You know, like a — you ever goofdookie anybody? I just feel bad about it. Yeah, it’s, like, on Halloween,
you have a lot of candy. You get all hopped up
on sugar, you make a pass
at your best friend, then you end up, like,
shaving each other. [ Laughter ] Yeah, good times, yeah.
It was, like, awkward. I didn’t want to
talk about it, so I figure I’ll get him a case of beer. I’ll smooth it over,
right? You ever goofdookie
anybody, or…? Yeah. [ Laughter ] But you’ve heard
of goofdookie. Oh, yeah!
He’s heard of it. “Now get away from me.” Take it easy.
Thanks. [ Laughter ]

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