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IMO Ecosystem мобильное приложение

I welcome all my subscribers as well as casual
viewers. Today we will talk to you about the IMO Ecosystem project.
Today I would like to tell you about their mobile application that you can install on
your mobile device . Either on Android or on iPhone. Let’s go to the project website.
I’ll show you where to download it and tell you how to install it and what you need. It’s
easy enough. But still I decided to tell you and show you how to do it correctly. Well,
here we are on the site. The application is available on both iPhone and Android. You
can install it, it is quite a convenient application that you can use. What are the advantages
of this application. The platform provides a more user-friendly trading experience including
different transaction types, fast order matching and one-click trading.Easily transfer assets
into your account, review digital assets in real time and the pie chart of the ratio of
currencies. Next we see how to install the application. What needs to be done . Applications
are often not installed on the iPhone. You need to allow and give access to the app.
Here it is shown how to do it. Go to your phone’s settings. Choose basic, there choose
this application and give it access. And then it will be established. On Android, usually
the installation is automatic and no settings are required. You just need to scan the barcode
and start the installation. We scan with a conventional camera. I installed on both Android
and iPhone. Everything works very well. registration in the application is also very simple and
it will understand any person. Everything is very easy, fast and convenient. In the
description of the video you will find links to the project and all their social networks
and chat telegrams be sure to join them so as not to miss the news about the project.
All thanks for watching my video. Good luck to everyone!

Reader Comments

  1. Нужно поизучать проект и по возможности вписаться в него. Спасибо, что рассказали вовремя

  2. Если проект с самого начала будет развиваться планомерно, то обязательно прикуплю токенов, однако пока от слива никто не застрахован никакими красивыми речами разрабов

  3. Очень интересно и содержательно проведено ознакомление с проектом. Пойду на их сайт, почитаю больше

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