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Immersive Learning with the Google Ecosystem

stop alright hello there Alice rich here in philly excited to come in and share with your uh was it CI 149 at fresno state is that right yes it is thanks excellent excellent anymore just telling you one piece about this audience I mean what is the general makeup they’re all undergrads that correct we are and know they’re great credentials yeah thnkx actually got and you’re going to have you done a problem i thought i had the event page open right so these are these are secondary level i want to be teachers they want to teach this is a very very first teaching class so rich give me your best teaching tip yeah you my best teaching tip Wow but so many how is it you know what my best teaching tip is spend the most time the relationship with your kids making sure that my desk lets you make sure that an awesome appointment earlier with one of my students and it’s just describing how he really treats kids like individuals and and listen to me like he caught a kid cheating you know rather than thinking like I’m gonna throw the hammer down he says no look I did that to like why are you doing that and like let’s move forward like yeah yeah like a boss or a supervisor or principal whoo-hoo talk at you and spoke to you as if you were a lower person first graders are people too and they aight aight will learn better when they are valued even i love it about it so let’s talk a little bit about some of the things we do some other teaching tips maybe that is a big and broad is being relatable relationship with this idea of immersive experiences right one thing i want to share with any of your folks who were going to take this and use it for work out predator or anything like that is through the the current state of Technology let me share screen here real quick with everyone I did something this morning apparently one second while I try to figure out how to get us a nice screenshot going there is and hopefully you can see this Alice do you see a ok alright alright let’s try this again i want to share this screen with technology and actually i love it when it goes wrong when i’m presenting because people somehow think that I’m just super techy a magical oh yeah I struggle to know that goes for everything right uh my problem was that switching windows from my hang out here but you see this now that right shall we dance to share right now is I want to show the top most most valuable companies in the world right now and has changed over the last decade uh you know with market capitalization so total valuation of stocks Apple do on using real date that real day that real data right so apple and google also known as alphabet have been sitting in that the top see here they switch back and forth from time and again I’m apples had it for a few months now but they’re the two most valuable you can see right here microsoft is close behind and we have berkshire hathaway which of course is Warren Buffett’s company ExxonMobil and the Amazon and Facebook’s begin so five of the top setting companies in total valuation our internet or tech companies working in this in this space very different than what we saw ten years ago when you say you know walmart and Exxon more on the top of the board and probably had some wells fargo or some others that in there as well as the world’s changing right and i don’t know if you’ve seen this image yet let me share something else real quick since we’re setting the stage for a friends i’m a great little graphic about and you know what this graphic is technically inaccurate now i’m gonna show it anyway because in accuracy right we like to say this you know we talked about modern teaching it’s about analyzed over memorize and so you know analyzing this and what’s wrong with it it yeah bingo well said another great teaching tip analyzed over memorize right this graphic here came out in a blog i read maybe almost you’re going out right look at what the sharing and time he is doing and what we’re trying to get you ready for your of course we all heard this cliché at this point you kids ready for jobs don’t exist yet I can’t let you think that we’re getting ready for jobs they want to create for themselves i’m looking at this care you see you know over the world’s largest taxi company they don’t know any vehicles facebook most popular media owner they don’t create content this is the one that I think has changed down last couple months but alibaba be used to be the most valuable retailer with no inventory but now with your friends or an Amazon seem to have that see locked up and the world’s largest property right that was even with your self driving cars that still trail yesterday the pilot going to pittsburgh right where they’re at it there are fully autonomous doubt i understand that what I understand they have a driver in the car i’ll be from looks more than the other ones car ah uber owns the car I believe you’re right Boober owns the car so that would be inaccurate there as well analysis over memorization i like it so maybe they do all those people or maybe they’re owned by carnegie mellon that’s a good point we’ll have to look into that I’m but you get the idea here right of course Airbnb 130 billion dollar current valuation I and you know the largest hotels in the world so that’s what we’re doing and this is how we’re trying to get ready and what we’re trying to get kids all over the world yeah we gotta think about you know what what does that look like you’re having Google helping this process over there was someone else to us that s me thanks for joining sort we’re creating recording that people can can use later cuz we know that you eleven o’clock on a Wednesday it is today tuesday wednesday wednesday it’s an awkward time you went to the ok let’s call that that’s not the worst now I great no problem so it’s good to have you so let’s talk about some of these are immersive opportunities no Alice get out of here in a little bit but um all right through the idea is the world getting ready for what are we trying to create what opportunities are we trying to open up for them to explore be curious every kid walks into the classroom curious of what we’re gonna do with that we’re going to power them in different ways and do these different things and so over in the the class community on Google+ i posted resource I want to take some time to talk about it a little bit here I’m meeting some tips and tricks and some ideas on what Google has created that will you bring the opportunity to kids fingertips right on there right under devices and do these things i’m gonna share again one more time 20 link that is a symbol ooh dashboard and it has a time of google resources right there and I’m gonna make sure every has the link to this as well it’s just on my site at k ik CR learning calm during happen i managed to make sure i posted in getting your in your community as well but this is what I do and what I try to take it to all of our schools right at some point probably get you an hour and i work with teachers with the professional side trying to help them understand this whole space try to give them these things try to give them these tools that they can pull on you know maybe not every day but when the time arises happens Rahl on this wealth of learning inside the week system to put my kids hands so looking at this dashboard you’ll see there is a time of content around the world from google and what Google is doing out there everything from you know this crazy world map to transparency reports the idea of here that s max right now is the most mashed-up product on the internet what i understand that more sites using matts and some creative way than anything else there’s 1i similar to what geoguessr used to be 4i guess still is but this one seems a little bit more accurate made this earth picker site and I start this drop you somewhere and I have to make this guess based on my knowledge of where i might be Gellin under is it so I came over here and I guess that was that let’s see about France and go you get a point score based on your guests of Apalachee where to the location of course out houses for side and Here I am yeah tons of fine gamification tons of opportunity here on the surface where the challenge lies i think where we can increase kind of curiosity pieces so why don’t we do this in the language pleasure and kids want to write when you have a writing assignment and that just giving them an assignment let them go to one of these sites i drop into some place on the planet and use descriptive techniques to describe the surrounding what they see explore parts of the world and use the creative writing techniques the descriptive ideas you’re trying to accomplish and use this place you drop into at random to create that story and write that peace even if you look about you know about science class you dropped this on ecosystem what are your top five indicators of which part of the world rain and why it’s I never questionnaire is supposed to find the right right pretty cool questions going to find greece which is fine i mean i’m not trying to take all the fun out of me but we really can’t drive a little bit further silly me right laughs at this time here right there off that I’m looking at this dashboard better quick it’s better to find Greece that’s good ass so looking at this some more what are we trying to do so I just won’t get through all of these right let’s take a look welcome back the top same idea visual learning ecosystem let’s jump back to the global cultural institute which is revamping of august i guess that ok and what was that house good and it’s insane yeah I think its new as of august i had a lot of like disconnected parts before and everything’s kind of come together now I’m not opportunity to explore I can really come to search and go anywhere that I want to go now we’re talking about sea life and in third grade that’s where this that’s wonderful think it is here that the ocean life as an ecosystem why can’t we come here and go to the great barrier reef right in and and actually get imagery from the great battery diving but then read about all the associated learning with the great barrier reef so as I cops from nap i was your pictures of the reef i’ll have some Street you opportunities but when we talk about any set of standards which is common core anything you put together we’re going to talk about primary sources right and being researchers and discovers and coming in and actually looking at authentic data I’m like primary sources I’m course never heard that we can swim in the sea turtles right well improved eight right again contract without science class right i mean a science classroom we’re moving around looking at this and I trying to describe the reach this water or have they called an apple with retreating and there’s a science it’s a title for that it slipped my mind but I’m you know how do we do that how we bring this to them and let them see that so another piece inside google’s suite of tools to draw right I’m one of my crew lotions I had that on here as well right across the top lotions is a exactly just shared except oceans all over the world and when they come up you’ll see all of the available tours all available search our capture imagery and 360 imagery have a big the ship wrapped right i was at doing this with a class when I was still teaching and we’re coming in and trying to find shipwrecks and use the shipwrecks and see if there’s any identifying features on that on the best all-around open it for me for some reason try again if there’s any identifying features on the vessel that would help you kind of figure out where they were right so without even looking at the information that’s published extra garbage mention how do we do that we have bounced and let me try that again is raining on this yet for the rest follows you wearing lead you to have a good fastball in a certain part of the world the whole ocean set there’s tons of them here here’s where your control after probably help Alice right but rely your California whatever it may be as they did you get the link to the this page that he’s looking at yeah i’m just on it right now you’re perfect ok awesome awesome pretty cool it was good i’m glad i’m playing what do you want to teach at me I’m gonna be a PE teacher yeah awesome hospital so you have a lot of opportunities for some of these things right I because you talk about the entire wellness the whole student wellness piece the whole ability to you on helping shape a happy and healthy life right and why that’s so important it’s funny but we gotta line i allus are talking about the idea that relationships matter right now so you’ll have a ton of opportunity to do that certainly with things like maps and even the my maps that are in Google Drive right so you can go there kids create their own free-throw workout routine their own walking is any of those kind of things from the kind of lower-level technology stuff but then I’m sure you’ll find a number about to use to help them use connected learning and of course we’re all over the Internet I mean any of this stuff kind of amplify their own wellness right yeah very cool very cool alright she was worth sharing in here alright so i’m back to this dashboard I’m one of my favorite things moving forward of course virtual reality is kind of on the this i don’t know i guess it’s it’s in a position now where might either accelerate that we probably never seen before or my kind of just fizzle out and bust on the one piece of it that I’m confident we’ll stick around is beyond Google cardboard in some of the hardware pieces is 360 video on youtube now and of course on other places already seen this before with the Performing Arts area from the Google Cultural Institute overseeing now of course if you go to youtube and you just search youtube 360 will take you to a number of 360-degree videos but i find it impressive that these engineers figure out some ways to do this while that and nail with the Cultural Institute and the 360 performing arts and so here’s the philadelphia orchestra at Carnegie Hall if I launch this 360 performance it will load into a viewer for me i’m gonna give me this kind of brief intro but i’m going to continue through the intro just to get to where I want to show you obviously can’t be there yeah so what’s happening here is our kind of walking us through carnegie hall to the stage and when i get to the stage I will be able to manipulate my view of this performance as if i was a member of the orchestra on the stage so they’re still discuss with you but i do want to show you this 360 degree video here in a moment and enjoy the shelves and here we go so 360 performance will begin it’s as if I want to swivel on a swivel school on stage and with the hand i can move around and watch the performance from a number of different angles i always get a kick out of this guy like me sleeping i guess im using personal mises to meet the drums there alright so I spin around the performance is playing in the background I can to enlist I’m that’s one example but in addition to this I can back out go to see Shakespeare I can see all the ones are listed inside here guys just hope oh well I’m really good experiences so a lot lot of opportunity to 360 degree video space because I’m we can see things and tell stories and make creation that we had before I’m excited about the opportunity let me come off about chips i can see your face it for a moment i’m excited that a couple opportunities missed this 360 space I there’s a hard to find the title of but there’s a story last holiday season and it was armed with a burglar in a building at Santa Claus for the burglar or the Rosenbergs I’m sorry it was superintendent trying to find Santa Claus in this apartment top lines and what was really great about it is you could start the story move it in 360 complete 360 and follow I think there’s 13 actually different stories going on 30 different storylines in a single video so as you spin the video you could follow you know you cat that was going through the trash or try to policy and floss around around the building and so on I really like the idea of discovery you know we think about webquest and what these kind of a curiosity paste activities used to hold and would be cool we had our kids golden those stories underground and it’s so easy every phone can do a 360 degree video no not everything I mean you can do some parts of that mixed together with some software that promise i think is his killer right he tells the story of your life in 360 video and have stitched together later there’s a sweet self so excited about that sure and what will come upon that about you got to you okay you stay with me too many questions up on or anything that you want to try dinner or a chair I’m so here I’m just baffled by this whole 360 thing i didn’t realize it was something that any phone could pick up yeah I guess so aight you do solid imagery is going so you had the street you have 1i on or Android that will let you take it easy to agree its fearsome what we saw on the lotions alright video not so much just yet there are some special devices are 360 degree or courtesy of three cameras i’m barely got a fisheye plans on both sides and kind of like shoot down and takes video on both sides in stitches together there’s somebody got their efforts hardware though but I don’t think it’s far more we’ll see phones mobile devices being a right Similac take video of this play is our video despite and then a lot of the same spot i’ll be able to stitch those together whatever happened over here and whatever let’s say activity you’re very cute are doing over here will be stitched together ready here into a single you do but viewing experience so yeah I don’t want to part one that’s a no that’s kinda cool I google is not working on inside already just haven’t seen an actress yet but one of the photo apps with Google photos I is going to use machine learning where if you’re at a kids baseball game or something like that you take a picture through the chain-link fence and the chain-link fence is interfering in your in your bit more who scream out a window or something like that machine learning is gonna be able to recreate what’s behind that team length or width height and the grid of the screen and give you a clear picture as if it was an authentic real picture that you thought a look real insurance agra free every musical has an issue with that but it’s a recreation the cat think that’s not going to happen obviously mobile where it’s at right then yeah but you have a lot of things you have about the screen check can you still see me i can tell you that yes well at the earth picker Apple the software is that any different to like google street view it is a little bit because it’s more than 18 right they ate like the location for you you fall into the ancient then you play the game and try to figure out where you are that’s right i like that happy game a little bit and come up with better ideas around and play the game but let’s also make a really unique learning opportunity out of it I’m there’s another one of those is well that’s pretty popular on geoguessr in this top row right here another one standing exact idea they both do the same thing I’m waters with a game of vacations street you or earth you on google map right I just got that google maps your fate will change the pains I’m just with maps by coming out maps like it won’t let anything happen to New York this is google offices google offers right there right and what’s nice about this is if i drag treat you so again onto the street of course I fall into the street you see preview which is called up I’m walk around the city and obviously a lot of opportunities there your google off your google+ right now this is becoming a time machine so little side note by my dad is a black president barack company and when he was done in this building at one point in time for google bought it and slowly started right away all the leases and find a way out so you can imagine the holiday story that around the dinner table they going well i’m going to show you this that help over here is the timeline and what was trying to do is generate historical record of the city so I came back into here to 2007 and go on their Google didn’t have the building it was it was up the ass so as our CD schemes change over time there’s a lot of opportunity for kids to have analysis purposes well the I’m a purpose of me ok the world trade center right now and I go into discrete you know and I drop onto the street outside the World Trade Center where I am and poles and they’re due out we can go back throughout oh sorry that cockpit we go back in time and as injury was collected here we can watch the tower getting filled in January point of tf2 got7 sure that I’m going back to it i think is far 2008 2007 there’s nothing there alright so after speech a change that construction happens because opportunity here to again which is in the opportunity to view the world and with a bacon otherwise do that right so you know I think one of things that we do this most important is understanding or helping kids understand themselves those around them and the world in it i love this for that opportunity is also cool because if you go to like Macy’s in New York with your academic value but it’s funny guy I like going to macy’s in New York here you get this new menu on the right hand side walk to force I you know exactly where you’re going to get your children or burberry bag which is fine so yeah distribute very cool another opportunity we can use appropriate I think we’re going to dallas here a minute after you are you wrapping up you believe it the student cancelled it so i need an appointment calendar and so when they canceled i have to actually open it up and see if their names crossed out literature for realized that it was amazed legette already full calendar when they canceled i have to come on trying and I’m gonna get gonna make sure that you are only in the Hangout here with us and you don’t have the event page open either having sex you to do is I’m very nice to meet you so let me talk about a couple of things and having you join us we’re just looking at some different experiences different things you can bring in to help kids have these immersive experiences and things inside of Google ecosystem that can be transferred and hopefully create deep learning opportunities for kids looking most of the virtual work light up to tools Cultural Institute tools I’m and more visible light on learning opportunities but officer more here than maybe you’re a little bit different I’m of course what is it Richard colada who I was detected director for the US Department of Energy recently is now the Secretary of Education in rhode island and they are from the Rhode Island be the first state in the country where every student as computer science in the curriculum every student will have up your science class and we thought that alive why it’s important to have tech skills at all this point no one ever going to be decided I was gonna be a program with the value on that line i think is the ability for students to think in patterns and logically and have a computational thinking process that’s people I’m the water the first doing it there’s a ton of free and open resources out there for everyone it’s all on if you’re trying to deliver something similar or up your peers to look back to my dashboard here real fast show you my favorites because my daughter is now 50 people in this first came out made with code over here in the upper right hand corner of this backboard this first came out my daughter sat down I’m and she’s a very artsy very talented aight RT craft and kinda cute that’s right thing I’m trying to get home values are Y other skills like math and computer science are valuable to her and one of the way we got her going on that now she’s she’s doing very good in that area on what we have started on that would be with code this first hangout your private available and their new projects pretty much every quarter or even more all that the project where kids coming here designed the bracelet and the properties in the values of uh the the code of the sequencing and you will print the bracelet afraid and tended to them they would actually pretty printed i think was a party was she pleased which is a free plate on my google do that you would submit through all its energy gateway and three weeks later my daughter bracelet that she designed code it and I 3d printed showed up in the middle and no-cost that project was incredible currently available on made with code with it the goal at meeting with code is to get young ladies interested and understand things they love army with code so looking at this you’ll see if i come to the project page here are some of the current projects in motion by accessorize the LED dress is all these different opportunities i’m living heavy you design and dances and doesn’t can face but I think you’re the dance ah what you want that creature to do I of course inside each queue from the disney movie inside out is in here as well so a lot of opportunities to get young lady see these developer meeting with cody couldn’t we need more women in this area of engineering and design and started a software site as well so after Google to put that out there I’m and of course there’s Google edu computer science resources these are the link that’s right here sort of the third row right in the middle and what these are doing is a whole lot of things so this is CS first is one area of a the commuter-type resources from google all free materials pretty frickin awesome 3d up community waiting to connect and help kids would start coating processes I’m sure folks and red island and Brad are using some of these projects in Africa tea every student to your science class right so computer science first i’m there is that maybe Kobe here as well there’s a rise of word which is another area that Google’s trying to that there would be no got a great place to go to find additional learning resources kids in this space couple more things inside of here about share sure want to board i’ll come back we’ll have a little conversation here but i love the constitution project so I compare contrast I this one right here is from google and it’s the world Constitution where you can take em look at them and compare with freedom and liberty looks like different nations around around right so i opened up a to project you’ll see here that i canna 2004 not being yet you can download the PDF and communities team out and you have a course to compare feature where I can slide multiple constitutions and then compare them in i know in my power to see you don’t notice glad differences and extract those pieces and start with both conversation but you know analyzing again primary sources that has been the cat is being used a lot in our secondary school classroom still wonder wonderful tool just get one second come back to you guys this check in and see how you’re feeling are you doing at a YouTube slowly we lose you there that confusion with everything actually I was watching it and there wasn’t like that yeah I’m on I’m on track if it’s also awesome just make sure you will you yeah thank you for sharing all this pretty interesting my pleasure SP how about your you don’t get over there yeah I’m doing good i mean i i’m really impressed by the constitution project one I think as a lot of tech tools the a general for all subjects so topics but that that and how its specific to and history of politics i like i like that law good good i’m glad i’m actually watching because i can share more about the community kinda you got here so let me ask you for anything you’re trying to do right now or if I get that you’re hoping to do that you’re thinking published that I wasn’t easier way again to create these experiences for kids where maybe in some of the work that you’re doing for 40 years or anything like that and hear from you guys if there’s anything you need to meet at the top of it and it’s ok to be injured now I don’t have anything that s right now you can find out your day to be here so I don’t want to be sure you have any help and I want him actually quite curious oh i know i was just gonna as because i’m working on my my last reflection the holistic reflection and you know it was just like putting all my things that I learned in i don’t know like I put pretty much what I did throw the whole semester dad and I don’t know what else to add it that’s why I was like okay I’m gonna join this see what what they said you know short shorts with your hook realistic reflection that you had a summary your your end of I and the term i guess i have done ok so just like a summary what of what i learned during the whole semester that’s what it takes to basically is now it wouldn’t it wouldn’t be a summary what you’ve learned it’s your overall ideas about the class and palate impacts how you’re going to teach okay yeah okay thank you bet I that’s very cool that might be an opportunity for infographic right so maybe that’s an idea of the chair recognizes my insides online i’m probably team in any digital paper or fortunately anybody we all have programming right so you can build it nice infographic about your learning experience in class and you’re going to use what you’ve learned taken and impact construction where you’re going to build a flash of culture and people like yeah I’m not just want to get it okay what are you going to take us if you’re curious about something yeah i was just that you seem to have an app for most things or like a software for most things that I was wondering for me teaching PE and obviously I’m quite as 40,000 myself but I don’t know everything about all sports so I don’t know how to demonstrate things right if we’re doing practical lessons if what if i’m trying to show students how to throw a football that you know i’m not the best at that as wonder if there was some sort of hub or some sort of actual something that would demonstrate from either professionals or people that go to hit that broke it down into ways that students officer and ages would understand it sure that’s it you know what I’m going to ask that because I feel like something’s attacking just general account you were always pretty unique tool right I do like that I do it all the time at it does this show me that I you know even my own kids ready to grow my own knowledge bees the idea that sometimes you get the work smarter not harder right and i find it the best thing for that one you just sent that because I sign it is not much we just finished all we were looking up on youtube I think Adam position with the whole batch of that all these different things and I was right i mean i expected to begin video on youtube but I was a little bit surprised and not good where and how that would work that the quality of some some of them some of the video on youtube right there slow-motion shown that proper stance and for those kind of things I think you can probably use you to start find almost anything is my starting point I don’t know the specific format will do exactly that later I think it’s all up to you to do that but I know video can do a lot and I think I don’t forget you to be moved out learning plan on the world’s ever seen it more time so now you know you to the YouTube playlists and stuff bingo that’s not be welcome going this to a new king structure around whatever activity you’re trying to deliberately kids being constructed by left around adding throwing a football whatever means being techniques yeah I think that’s I think it’s a great idea I know I’m when teachers work with recently using that weightlifting and sharp perform or we let me so that you don’t end up with the high school but look it’s an end up we go back problems straining muscles and stuff so i guess i I’m for myself think that way often so i know that you know i do the same thing a little excited youtube surprised i found myself up I would always like they’re good stop this stop so let me give you one or two more here are two more and we’ll start to back this up for you guys to see some resources take away and go from there machine once alright so couple of it to be aware of I’m chrome as i’m sure you know already but crumbs are extremely powerful browser the most popular browser on the web but it’s also an operating system from the browser is the foundation for the Chromebook operating system or chrome alas and why that’s important because it allows for development inside the browser you don’t always see another on the product right so just really great site called chrome experiments that up and i have one of those experiments right here let me open this up real quick and show you the music in the world this is something that will only work with a guy click right here it says you to the world this is that they will only work with chrome browser because the nuances in the coding at the website but what the museums in the world does this is that all of the entries ibid british music and what’s going to happen get a moment after finishes loading i get this great visual that explodes but this is going to be a visual guy like I did interesting it wasn’t our workers are strings to me and allowed to go back through time and different regions are behind in the load off and see the artifacts that are on display in the museum and then read or take a virtual tour of them so i click on ok got it and then get this kind of like timeline right so here’s ad 2080 1980 eat it and if I moved on with my scroll wheel off i can do that as like magical little fella background i’m liking to each it in the 1516 budget range and choose an object but this is Queen of Sheba drawing find out more i also seeps through this way out I can follow from this object and kind of move around on cotton incident the other interconnected but I go to find out more open from HSN card on that particular entry has audio broadcast magnitude and listen to collect information on and its really like your eyes you’re walking for it when you either use your phone or the oldest got a museum give you an audio player that you would have guns on and listen to rise and walk around you get feeling it wasn’t a map but I location of where this object was discovered or where we ate it and its related objects below i love visual of this because again the idea is taking on your curiosity and discovery is learning usually come in here and can’t go through these areas incredible offer the right I see artists i am looking at buying some some teams grasp objects even more is an excuse me because you’re going out from the dead you can see this before it’s been around for a while but it’s just a good because I know body and this is a 3d atlas of the human body I’m like no body and loads you’ll see a rendering of your body i can spend on several actions and I come to the left and you men think i can actually that is the whole slider and reveal the systems with you back as i scroll that I’ll see all the different areas i can zoom into specific organs of all it’s all about the art art don’t basically part your last off and Jim all the way in on the heart at which point it becomes a 360 degree rotating part at the explored and you know me like that try to practice get started but Andy’s out how many times students will be teaching at but at the heart from this perspective on the backside of where arteries being without you is already but having means bit i know i can click on the heart just lost it so much I’m but you get the idea and practices from the backup can see all these systems and how they interoperate certainly value and help the world and go back to the dashboard you don’t come here right this is a whole portion google and computational thinking here’s the google maps api with we need to build anyone doesn’t there very early education is a google sky where I can look at the solar system our around our solar system and look at planets and for Google Maps interface of outer space right so much so many things to do and like i said i try to curate all these things to a single location so you can call on that from that one location and i will you do with one more about google news archive search so this is interesting i’m sure you guys are very google scholar if you’re not it’s the added extra tension from ya awesome awesome here’s a cool dude is our church and here’s an effort to play all the newspapers throughout history everything that’s been published it’s a-workin driver sterling nowhere near that yet come in here you’ll see that there are these paper publications let’s say I hear one also from France and it goes back to june of 1918 and I can come in i can see this publication from june of 1918 my fingertips ability to kind again look at primary sources recall information pull that up in at any point in time so like I said this is full of experiences all opportunities and the time of resources for you draw a line and create those those I guess immersive learning experience for you working did you have like an important mission like I think it’d be useful getting off this green chair real quick here I was gonna surprise you right I’m google translate I google translate so let me try something a little different here I think you don’t like google translate is where you’ve probably seen it i’m here i’m gonna be up one translation is getting better that hurts your light love you talk about the ability to take that ecology and really use it for something you can’t Google who know I google how to do that right there i can google the grammatical accuracy of translated documents so i love the idea of taking a passage from let’s say I’m banished and converting it to english or vice versa and instead of just the conversion where kids like like the conversion in do that and tried it you know are sometimes ah I guess misinform that’s an accurate version i love the challenge of doing that and then having students find the grammatical errors if you want to really dive into deeper learning and those things short we have these simple tools that will translate documents into another language for us down its translated Bill let’s do some critical analysis let’s do some deep dive on that the conversion itself when the translation itself and where are the errors for activity i think that’s wonderful right that’s absolutely wonderful i’m now that may be a very simple past but in other words and I’m sorry and other areas of spanish certainly the Cultural Institute take a look at all the countries in the world where Spanish is my voice it’s undefined perhaps certainly the area of on you know using those simple tools again we’re talking about YouTube and understanding culture and calling in a publication republished video content to share that I don’t know any other specific tools that later that s is trying to be a but-for status just something specific in mind I can barely hear you always seem to do anything specific in mind that you were trying to do is turn exact no whoa because I want to be a Spanish teacher and I want to like no like what abs or what programs are available for me to use with my students yeah sure I’m other than the translation tools the tools that are going into writing tools thinking that maybe the native language inside of a google account to do that I’m have to be specific right so if you were doing something like I’m Mexican culture in your problem northern Mexico right well then using sticks together a number of these tools from Street go to the Cultural Institute to google translate but around that specific spot you’re trying to the rest of that I stopped trying to rest and get the best way to do it works banished specifically I’m again as individual actually the urge you can follow all of these things and get five point that what you guys are doing your future education that you become well-versed number of things that you can use the modified it’s not going to learn about you but it’s all these things memorize them like when you need something in that time that you need it you can call and recall and discover where is definitely rediscover w us all in ready i guess you’ll recall that creation a lot now write your own bookmark your own social bookmarks your ability to start through your resources and things that you had asked so yeah yeah that’s my breast cancer on the part of not more like very camp then you got it you got it so usually do ESP if you don’t have any more questions I’m i will I grab some resources and post them in your class community to Alice added so i can go into Becky’s anybody love it why did you have to go to question now I’m good I’m good outstanding outstanding so what you are you both say that one more time at me I’m a scene yeah last year oh man that is an ad out of you well I am gonna go into the credential program i finished the president’s day already i graduated with a ba in Spanish and I with me out you know I want to do the Masters to but I’m i want to do the credential first and then the Masters yeah awesome awesome well congratulations i’m going to go ahead and use resources or more resources in your ear you make sure that this dashboard is in there did you have your last name have it on you can be tapped me anytime i would encourage you to do so if you have any questions I’m one of the partners who also professional development so if you need anything I’m or have some questions you text me anytime i’m on twitter you can just start by finding out with her and my email and everything else and please feel free to do that sorry thank you thank you so much you’re very welcome to get take care of the rest of the year thank you bye-bye

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