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Imitation Or Anxiety – Braylee Is Aware Of Her Environment

(folk music) – Bup, bup, bup, bup. (laughing) Bup! Bup, bup, bup.
(banging) Bum. Bop. Bop. – [David] Bop. – Bop, bah, bah, bah.
– [David] Bop. (banging) Bop.
– [David] Bop. – Bah, bah, bah, bop.
(banging) (laughing) – It is officially day one
of us not going anywhere. (Braylee singing) So far, a lot of work has been done. I feel like I’m always
saying that, which is true. I got a lot of work going on right now. Braylee has been really into
some kinetic sand today. She was also into some play doh over here. Miles and Mickey Mouse of course. Musical Mickey Mouse. Musical Mickey Mouse. I’ve actually been busier
than normal with my job. It’s just the way it goes when people order stuff online. Hey, at least people are
getting stuff that they need. That’s what matters. – We had another phone call meeting that we had to do today. – [David] Another project in the works. You got some hotdogs over there. Braylee’s actually been eating hotdogs. – Mhmm. – Bah, bah, doo doo dip, doo doo dip. – [David] She’s been creating new routines in the house. (Braylee singing) They always involve music. – [Stacey] We’re re-exploring the toys that we haven’t seen in a while. – [David] Yup we that
Miles toy back there. Yeah, day one’s been
interesting to say the least. It’s hard to believe that
this is just the beginning. – When she’s home for
long durations though, she just tends to get a little aimless and trying to get into stuff a lot. That’s just normal. – That’s where we come in to play and give her some tasks
and some fun stuff to do. – Which we didn’t get a chance to today but I think coming up,
we’ll have plenty of time to work on some things with her. – [David] I do have some coffee that should last me a little bit, so I’m gonna have to ration coffee, maybe. If there’s shipping
options still available, I’m still gonna figure
out a way to get coffee. We’re still getting prepared for this. It’s going to take a little bit to adjust but I think we got this. Remember this day in the history. It’s day one. Yeah, we need to get outside too, we do have a yard to get out to and stuff. The weather just needs
to warm up a little bit. We’ll get there, we’ll get there. Let us know how you guys are doing. We like to hear how it’s
going where you’re at. Feel free to check in
with us in every video. Let us know how things are going for you. We have nothing against
reading your comments. We are okay with tons of
comments so feel free, we’re gonna need the
social interaction right? Hey, maybe I’ll feature some comments too. You never know, we’ll see how it goes. (upbeat music) – Dada dadadada. (upbeat music) Head toes. (Braylee sings in foreign language) – Day two. – [Stacey] For us.
– For us. And it’s cloudy and rainy. Not raining right now but, yeah. Not a great day to get
out in the backyard. It’s a little muddy. Actually it’s really muddy. We got the ABC mouse
game, we got reading eggs, we got some good apps for
her and we’ve actually, I think we’ve kept her
pretty occupied today. We’ve been taking breaks and
then doing some app work. The music therapy company
that Braylee uses, they actually have been
publicly live streaming music therapy sessions
like four times a day. Five times a day? – [Stacey] Like five and each one has a different, like, one is movement, one is academic, one is storybook. – Yeah, so that’s really
cool that they’re doing that. But yeah, Braylee’s been actually in a, I would say she’s in a better mood today than she was yesterday. So day two, (thumbs up). Later on today, I need to
work on that light table. I think that’s my thing
that I’m doing today is finishing the light table. At least working on it. – [Stacey] I feel like
you’ve talked about that so many times. – I have talked about that so many times. And back to the table,
downstairs this time. And I sought out some pegs. I made myself some pegs. Got some trusty old pegs, so I’m putting them up on the sides here and then I’m gonna put
the plexiglass on top so it has a little distance and then I’m going to put the shelves in. Here we go, one, two, and… What? Look at that! I don’t know how much light’s
actually going to come through but I think that’s pretty cool. I really transformed this table. I still have a couple
more things I need to do, I’m going to put a little trim pieces to cover up the gap here but I can’t do that until we
can actually go to a store and that’s not going
to happen anytime soon so we’re going to test
it out now with Braylee. Ready, set… (Braylee screams) – [Stacey] So cool, come here. – [David] I made this myself
guys, I’m so proud of myself. (clattering) – [Stacey] Here’s blue too. – [David] Looks cool from above. – [Stacey] Well yeah. That’s the point. (Braylee singing) Braylee! – [David] Is that pretty cool?
– [Stacey] Look! Do you want to do it? – [David] I made this for you Braylee. (Braylee singing) – So this started it’s
a little interesting, she’s never done this before and I’m guessing that with
all of the cleaning protocols she’s imitating what she’s seeing. She’s cleaned off
everything on this table. She’s wiped everything down. – [David] Now she’s wiping
the individual pieces. – Because they clean toys at the center – [David] Yeah. – To make sure they’re sterilized so, it’s interesting to see
what they pick up on that people don’t think that they notice. – [David] Yeah. – She even took a baby wipe and started wiping herself
down top to bottom. Like lifting her pant
legs, getting her legs, tucking her shoulders up into the sleeves so she could get her arms
and her tummy and stuff. She’s literally never done that before. – [David] Yeah. – I think it’s hard to think that when we’re not paying attention that we’re spreading some
of the anxiety sometimes just by talking about things. Can you clean my hands please? (laughing) – Wipe it all off. Wipe, wipe. – [Stacey] Wipe, wipe. I just think this is really interesting because maybe she hasn’t seen them cleaning bodies as much, you know? Like all the way up her
arms and legs and stuff but maybe in her brain
she’s connecting the fact that she hears a lot
about cleaning right now and thinks she has to be clean and clean herself down and everything. Maybe in her way even though
she doesn’t seem panicked, maybe she’s experiencing
a little bit of anxiety. – Using her wipes to
clean her arms and hands and start cleaning a bunch of objects, that goes to show that… that she understands
a lot and she takes in her whole environment around her. I think that she’s fully,
she’s just so aware of what’s going on around her. An example? So this is a good one. A story we haven’t told yet. We were at Braylee’s day center for a meet and greet a while back. While we were there, so
give a little backstory, she has a potty training program, where when she successfully goes through the steps
of using the bathroom, she gets iPad time to
watch her baking shows. That is her reinforcer
for going to the bathroom. Her body language told us
that she probably needed to go and a little time has passed so one of her therapists
actually took her in and then she came back out. I was holding Braylee’s talker because she was just doing some stimming and stuff without it, she didn’t really want it at the time. All of the sudden, Braylee’s like grabbing
it out of my hands, she’s like really a little
bit frantic about it. So yeah, she comes over, grabs it and then goes to the other
completely side of the room. It’s pretty big room. Lots of people there. She goes to the other side of the room, goes in front of another
therapist and she says, with her talker she said, iPad. And then we realized at that time, that that one person that she went up to, she just walked into the room and she was the only
one with an iPad on her. From where we were at, there
was a lot of people in between. She picked out this person,
like oh, there it is. I went to the bathroom, I get to have this because that’s what normally happens. So she is definitely
aware of what’s going on. (folk music)

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