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“I’m not an outdoorsman.” | REI Nature’s Colin Ep. 01

– My name is Colin MacArthur. I’ve decided that I am going to hike a huge mountain this summer. I want to do this because I
care so deeply about my family. And I’m a part of that right, in order to do that well I’ve
gotta take care of myself. (Inspirational background music) – You’ve never had the desire to do this. – I want to do this workout
about as much as I would want to get a paper cut, like,
in between my fingers. People do this. Davis can I get an Amen? – Amen. – So we’re gonna do this. (Inspirational background music) – Probably some changes need to happen. I guess we’ll burn that bridge
when we get there right? (Upbeat intro music) – (Narrator) It’s nature’s Colin, hey! – I’ve hiked a little bit, but not anything I would call mountaineering. Mountains to hike in Washington. Mount Rainier is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. After Mount Rainier, Mount Baker is the most heavily glaciated. Let’s look at Mount Saint Helens, you’ll never guess, another volcano. It erupted hugely on May 18, 1980. The deadliest and most economically destructive volcanic
event in U.S. history. Man, this is all kind of
making me somewhat nervous. – (Colin) Welcome to my life. I don’t know if you can tell that we have a kid by the mountains of toys. The person that we have to
thank for all that is Davis. – Hi. – (Colin) This is my lovely and talented and beautiful wife, Dawn. This is baby to be named later. When I say that I am going to take time out of my schedule to train, – It’s awesome – (Colin) To, like, go meet
with people about doing a hike, like a genuinely, how
does that strike you? – Yeah, that’s just really cool. – (Colin) Is it really cool though? – It’s really cool, we got, no it, yeah, no, it, this is great. It’s great, it’s gonna be a fun adventure. You’re pumped, I’m
pumped, we’re all pumped. – (Colin) Yeah, what are
some fears that you have? – Look, let’s just say
the man that I married, twelve years ago almost,
was not a big out… – (Colin) It’s almost
thirteen years coincidentally. – Almost thir… okay thirteen years. He’s not a big outdoors man. So, I’m excited to see what this holds. – (Colin) Is dad a man though? – No! – (Colin) (laughs) What? We are kind of kicking off this season of our life, of exercise. So, it begins. – (Dawn) Are we gonna go
see a waterfall Davis? – Yeah – (Dawn) Yeah, what’s a waterfall? – Yeah – Yeah – All right, it’s
probably a good thing that Colin is doing this,
his like real hike alone cause right now we have
spent approximately twenty-five minutes at
the base of this trail just trying to figure
out where we’re going. I think we found the trail head. – Sweet. Going to North Fork Falls,
say that five times fast. – (Dawn) North Fork
Falls, North Fork Falls, North Fork Falls, North Fork
Falls, North Fork Falls. – Norfolk, Virginia, got her. – (Dawn) All right. – The easiest thing to do to work on your cardiovascular health is… – Like walk, run. – Run, right? Nobody is running and
it’s just like yes, ah. What do people look like when they run? Can you make this face Davis? This is my kind of trail, little snack, little, little slug of Joesph here. – (Dawn) Yeah. – (Colin) Is this our waterfall? – (Davis) It’s a waterfall. – Yeah, it’s a waterfall. Now, this is made by nature. – So I think we can cross a
couple mountains off the list. K2, can I, your, would you
spring for a plane ticket to? – Huh, maybe less about the
springing for a plane ticket and more about your preparation. – ‘Kay, Denali? – How, dow do you feel about Denali? – You know what else I was thinking? – (Dawn) What? – I was gonna see uh, if Dustin wanted to do the hike with me. – (Dawn) Really? – Yeah, right? So I’m gonna call my roommate
from college, Dustin. Who was a mountaineering guide for years in the pacific northwest. He’ll shoot me straight Hey dude. – (Dustin) ‘Sup man? – Nothing, you uh, you having a good night? – (Dustin) Yeah, man,
I’m in uh, San Francisco for work, which is nice. – Sweet, the reason I’m calling
is, you might not believe this, is I’m going to hike a mountain. – (Dustin) Shut your face! – (laughs loudly) I am nervous
about certain things like A, pooping in a bag on the
side of the mountain and B, the like physical toll this
is going to take on my body. – (Dustin) You know, I’ve
known you for twenty, – Twenty years. – (Dustin) years, twenty
plus years, but I think you can do whatever you
put your mind to, man. I think as you get older
it’s kind of easy to just do the stuff that is in
your wheelhouse and there’s something really good
about stepping outside of what’s comfortable
and pooping in a bag. – Oh gosh, well dude I am gonna need some help from here on out. I’ve gotta do some training,
I’ve gotta do some, like, serious kind of mental
preparation for this, um, I’m gonna be hitting you
up from time to time, uh, to talk me down off,
not a literal ledge, but a metaphorical one until
the actual ledges come up. – (Dustin) (incoherent on the phone) – All right, see ya dude. – (Dustin) Okay, all right, bye. (Inspirational music) – Colin is a renaissance man by the very definition of the word. He is good at so many
things, he can try anything. It fells like Colin
and I made all sorts of shared commitments to all sorts of things. Our son, having a new kid, uh,
both of us working full time. And then Colin was like,
“I wanna add some one really, like, random thing that I never expressed any interest for ever before.” This is maybe the most busy that we’ve felt in our entire lives. – Davis, Davis, Davis on the sidewalk. We have dishes everywhere. (Davis crying) Where does it hurt? – (Dawn) And he’s like, “It’s important to me to climb a mountain.” Yeah, I kind of feel
like I am getting maybe lassoed into somebody else’s project. Maybe my metal state will change a little one this baby is outside of me. – I’m certainly a tourist in
the world of the outdoors. But the beautiful thing
that I’m realizing is that, like, newsflash, the
outdoors is for everybody, but that I don’t know
if I ever really felt, I don’t think I felt that way. I think I felt like there’s
like REI type people and then there’s a huge chasm, and then there’s me. As I look at my life,
I’ve got a beautiful wife, I’ve got a beautiful son,
I’ve got a baby on the way any day now and I’ve
only found myself enriched by my, my time in the outdoors. It might be shocking to some
people that I’m gonna do this. Timing’s not perfect, but you know what, there’s no time like the present, so, we’re gonna make this happen.

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