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I’m A Climate Scientist – Extended Version – (CLEAN)

I am not a scie; I am not a climate scientist. I am not a climate scientist. I am not a climate scientist. I am… Yo! We’re climate scientists,
and there’s no denying this Climate Change Is REEEEALL.. Who’s a climate scientist.. I’m a climate scientist.. Not a cleo finalist No, a climate scientist! Droppin facts all over this wax While bidness be crying about a carbon tax Climate change is caused by people Earth unlike Alien has no sequel We gotta move fast or we’ll be forsaken, Politician: Cause we were too busy
suckin things in Copenhagen Burn! it’s hot in here.. 32% more carbon in the atmosphere. Oh Eee Ohh Eee oh wee ice ice ice Raisin’ sea levels twice by twice We’re scientists, what we speak is True. Unlike Andrew Bolt
our work is Peer Reviewed… ooohhh Who’s a climate scientist? I’m a climate scientist! An Anglican revivalist? Not a climate scientist Feedback is like climate change on crack – The permafrosts subtracts?
– Feedback! – Methane release wack?
Feedback! – Write a letter then burn it?
Feedback! Denialists deny this in your dreams Coz climate change means greater extremes, Shit won’t be the norm Heatwaves bigger badder storms The Green house effect is just a theory sucker (Alan Jones) Yeah so is gravity float away muther floater.
ooohhh! Who’s a climate scientist? I’m a climate scientist! A Penny Farthing Cyclist? Not a climate scientist! A Fox News journalist? Nooo! A Paleontologist? Nooh! A Clean Coal Lobbyist? Nooh! A Cashed up Alarmist? Nooh!!! A climate study scientist! Yo!

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