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I Chopped Off 10 Inches Of My Natural Curls | Hair Me Out | Refinery29

Hi, I’m Thatiana, and today
I’m getting a curly hair chop. Before we get into the
transformation, be sure to subscribe below. I cut my hair about three
years ago, but never up to my chin. I’ve always let it come
down to around my shoulders. I’m like kind of tossed up
with my hair. I love that it’s long. I love
that it’s gotten long. But I don’t feel like it’s
healthy. My natural texture is
actually not straight at all. It’s curly. I actually grew up with a
really curly afro when I was a child. But with blow drying for
pageants and my mom always taking me to the
salon every weekend and getting these deep
conditioners and going under heat so much I
kind of lost that texture for my hair. And I really want to see what
it can do with curls. This is my first year moved
out from my parents, so I feel more sense of
independence. I think it’s time to reclaim
my curls and kind of give myself that power with
my hair. Alright so what I’m gonna do
is cut a little bit more of that length off now and then
we’re gonna cut your hair wet, okay? Okay. I’m ready. [laughing] I already feel freer. Yay. I bet. Look at all that. I know. Looks good already. Let’s get you ready. We’re
gonna shampoo it now. Hair is very much prioritized
in the Latinx community. Growing your hair, it’s seen as
a blessing. Every time I see my grandmother
she would always be like, “God bless your hair.” And if you cut it, it’s seen as
being rebellious or defying what their beauty
standards are. My mom, every time I even
told her I wanted to cut my hair would cry or make this big
show and say that I should not do that
because hair is seen as this ideal, you know our moms
always took us to the salon every Sunday. I would always get a blowout. I am nervous because my
hair is sort of part of my identity. When you go on Instagram,
it’s just me with this long straight hair and people
are always like, “I want your hair.” You know,
“This is my dream hair, please teach me your ways.” [laughing] I feel like I’m gonna be,
you know, this whole different person. But I’m excited. It’s like excited nerves. I’m most excited about
finally getting my hair back to being healthy and seeing what my curls
can do. I’ve never really seen what
they’ve been capable of since I was a child. So to finally see my curls
back in action and springy. I know it’s going to take
a lot of time because of the number
one tip they say when transitioning hair is
patience. But I’m willing to wait and
see what my curls can do. I’m going to do a little bit more
dry cutting just to enhance the shape
a bit. Almost there. The back is incredible. You have
so much curl in the back. You ready, girl? Oh my god. What do you think? This is so different. I love it. That’s my hair. That’s your hair. And it’s
just gonna get better from here. I love my new hair. I feel freer than ever. It feels like a whole weight
is off of my shoulders. About to send a selfie to
my mom. Can you check your
text messages? Oh my god. Me getting my curly hair
isn’t about me defying my straight hair, it’s just
more so being able to do both. It opens up a larger
conversation as well and getting girls to embrace
their hair from a young age especially Latina girls. And told that you know
long hair is beautiful and I’m excited to be able
to show them that short curls are also
beautiful and that you can represent the Latina
community as well. Let us know what you want
to see next in the comments below. And be sure to subscribe here and watch more here.

Reader Comments

  1. I love your new look! Man, when I went for a pixie, I tried running up the stairs to my room with my hood up. My mom sniffed me out so fast she chased me, pulled down the hood, and let out the most dramatic novela-worthy gasp of all time. Hahahaha! It was so funny. And scary.

  2. This is exactly. What i were looking for i have thin hear i think this hear cut guna help me by give me some volume thank you ?❤?

  3. She looks adorable!!!! So cute! I know the feeling, once I moved out i got a pixie cut bwhahhaha and colored it blue and purple bwhahhaha… and after that I just didn't want long hair anymore. I would get a lot of headaches.

  4. 5% of comments:- people mad about her calling her hair a fro

    5% of comments:- people talking about her actual hair

    90% of comments:- BUSS DOWN THOTIANA!!

  5. I understand y u would actually go ahead and do what you did. I didn’t have natural curls when i was younger. But then they became curly and now frizzy curly. I like the curls but i want them to be more healthy and vibrant so i wanna cut them short and let them grow without any heat or colouring. But with the community around us, so focused that women only look appropriate with long hair hurts me every time.

  6. As someone who has donated hair many times to Locks of Loves it hurt to see that much hair cut and just thrown away. If you are thinking of dumping your long hair seriously think about Locks for Love, they make wigs for Cancer patients, most of them children. <3

  7. I thought that she was a white woman, I was wondering why she used the term 'natural hair?'

    This isn't afro hair
    Or curls
    She has wavey hair and this entire vid was a reach

  8. Omg that cut is horrible thank God I came across this because I was planning to trim my hair but now I'm not going anywhere close to a salon

  9. “I’m so excited to see what my curls can do” she said that so many times it’s like she expects them to like go rob a back or sumthin’

  10. I thought the haircut really emphasized her face and she seemed prettier and much more attractive. Very fresh and younger looking

  11. Omg where do they find these people?! I'm latina and nobody every said anything about my hair. I hate when they say "in xxxx comunity hair is so importnt, they say this and that"… If your fmaily like long hair is not the entire latina population! And that hair cut….poor girl…

  12. Your true blessing is your happiness. Those who have straight hair want curly hair. Those who have curly hair want straight hair.

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