Importance of Natural Resources

I Am Human Ecology! Josephine Engreitz, PAM

my name is Josephine Engreitz. I’m from Seattle, Washington and I’m a policy analysis and management major. I had the opportunity to go overseas to Equador and Peru and spent a summer in New York City in urban semester I had the opportunity to volunteer with reconnect Brooklyn which is a job training program in Bed-Stuy that offers job training and mentorship to disconnected young men who are trying to turn their lives around. creation of this t-shirt: break the chain which arose from a collaboration between a club that I’m involved with at cornell called GlobeMed, we worked with a group of inmates at mccormick secure center for juvenile offenders offering training and entrepreneurial skills as well as urging them to work as a team to create this product that we then sell to support further projects. my name is Josephine Engreitz and I’m human ecology

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