Importance of Natural Resources

I am Human Ecology: Corrine Casal and Greta Sloan

my name is Corinne Casal and I’m from Youngstown New York and I’m a human biology health and society major. my name is Greta Sloan. I’m from Colorado Springs Colorado and I’m a human development major. we’re at 4-H camp Bristol hills near Canandaigua New York. we are doing an expressive writing project with the adolescent transitions lab and we’re looking at what expressive writing can do for girls during a period of transition in their life, specifically between the ages of 10 and 13. each day after lunch we work with the girls and they’re given a particular writing prompt that has something to do with their particular life whether it’s things in their life in general or what they’ve been doing here at Camp. This is Corinne Casal and my name is Greta Sloan and we are Human Ecology

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