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HubSpot Product Spotlight – INBOUND 2019 Edition

– Hey there, I’m Lisa from here at HubSpot and welcome to this
special Inbound edition of the product spotlight. Inbound is the most exciting
time of year here at HubSpot. It’s when tens of thousands
of people join us in Boston to hear inspiring transformative keynotes from folks like Janelle
Monae, Bryan Stevenson, Chip and Joanna Gaines and more. In addition to all the
great sessions at Inbound, HubSpot also celebrates
the various new features in our product that were
inspired by our favorite people. That’s right, our customers. Feedback can sometimes be
difficult to listen to, but here at HubSpot we know that if you want your
customers to succeed, you need to not only
listen to their feedback, but act on it too. Over the past year we focused
on building the things you’ve been asking us for, the tried and true features
you need to grow your business. With your feedback in
mind, here are the latest HubSpot product updates from Inbound 2019. Today small and medium
size businesses like yours use an average of over 100 applications to create exceptional
experiences for your customers. Here at HubSpot we understand
that no single software can solve every one of
your specialized needs. That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to HubSpot’s new app marketplace built to help businesses like yours create remarkable experiences
by connecting your tools, teams, processes and data
through a single system. With over 300 available integrations, the new app marketplace
has more than doubled its integration count
in the last 12 months, including integrations like
Slack, Zero, WordPress and more. With hand curated selections of apps for different types of users, HubSpot makes it easy to find the right app for every purpose. We’ve also redesigned
the app listing pages to prioritize the details
your business needs when considering an app, including pricing,
subscription requirements, demo videos and more. We’ve even decreased friction and improved discoverability
for app developers. The new app listing
experience gives app creators a simple, streamlined
way to create and manage your marketplace listings directly from your developer portal. The new app marketplace is now live and available to all HubSpot users. Check out the link in
the description below and start connecting new
apps to HubSpot today. – Hey everyone, I’m Marcus and I work in our Service
Hub product line at HubSpot. Service Hub is now around 18 months old and is a very different product
from when we launched it. We have been listening to your feedback and learning how you delight customers and have made some major
changes as a result. For this year’s Inbound edition
of the product spotlight, we’ll look back at a few
of our favorite updates and new features you can
expect in Service Hub. So Service Hub helps you build
a great customer experience and that means
communicating with customers how they want to communicate. This is why we’re always
adding new channels to the conversations inbox. Web support forms are now
live as a new intake option in your conversations inbox. This helps you manage and
scale service as you grow. Facebook Messenger is also
now in beta as a new channel. In the Service Hub help
desk you’ll also see new time-saving automation options across tickets and workflows. And finally, team collaboration
on customer issues is now easier with new internal commenting and inline ticket status updates. All of these features
help you build the right service help desk for your business. Service Hub is also designed to help you build self-service solutions, service tools that help your
customers help themselves. Now in beta in the knowledge
base is the ability to customize article access
based on your HubSpot list. This allows you to share more knowledge with specific audiences by
restricting public access. In the knowledge base you’ll also see a new editor and new design templates, giving you more flexibility to make your knowledge base your own. You can also now import
your existing knowledge base right into Service Hub so you won’t have to rebuild any articles if you switch from another knowledge base. Ask your CSM about self-service
solutions to learn more. Investing in the customer experience helps you keep your existing customers, but it also creates happier customers and happy customers grow your business. They leave positive reviews,
they refer their friends, they support you on social media. We built Service Hub to help you create and activate happy customers. Now live in Service Hub
is advocacy automation, new workflows that trigger
email outreach or tasks based on survey data results. You can use this new
automation to power and scale your customer testimonials,
case study program or really any advocacy program. You can also now deliver feedback surveys in new ways like your website. And gain new insights through updated feedback and reporting. These are just a few ways
that Service Hub is growing to meet your needs and to help you build an exceptional customer experience. – Hey everyone, I’m Naika and I’ve got some cool
updates about landing pages. I’m excited to announce
we’re bringing the ease of our email editor over to landing pages. Our new drag and drop
page editor makes it easy for anyone to design beautiful
landing pages in a snap. The best part, we’re aiming
to make them available in Marketing Hub Starter on November 1st. When they’re released, all
Marketing Hub Starter customers will get access to landing pages with a new editing experience. Plus we’ve added the ability to send up to three kickback
emails after a form submission. This means you can
automatically follow up with and nurture all the leads your new landing pages are converting. With these new features comes a change to how we’re pricing contacts
in Marketing Hub Starter. The core pricing is staying the same, but the addition of new
contacts will start at $50 and scale down as you purchase more. And of course for a limited time we’re planning on honoring the legacy contact pricing
for our existing customers. Can read up on the details by clicking the link in the description. – Hi everyone, it’s Alex from the products marketing team and this year at Inbound we’re launching several exciting new features
into our ads and social tools. First, have you ever
created a Facebook post and were shocked by the amount
of engagement you got on it? Chances are if an organic Facebook post resonated with your audience, you can expand your
reach with this audience by turning that post into an ad campaign. To make this process easy, we’ve added social post
boosting for Facebook posts into HubSpot social tool. Simply select your organic Facebook post within the social tool,
click actions, create ad and you’ll have the ability
to quickly and easily start promoting that post. This is currently in beta,
but will soon be available for all Marketing Hub Professional
and Enterprise customers. Next, let’s talk about Facebook lead ads and LinkedIn lead generation forms. These ad types are awesome. For your customers, they
remove all the friction when converting on an ad by
providing a pre-populated form directly within Facebook or LinkedIn for them to convert them. When you’re creating these ads, you should also have a
friction free experience. That’s why we’ve created a native ad creation within HubSpot. When creating ads in HubSpot, all your campaign assets
can be found in one place and the experience mimics
the HubSpot creation flow that you’re already used to. As part of creating your ad, you can also start to automate next steps by adding newly converted
contacts to HubSpot lists or setting up an automated workflow. Native ad creation is now
live for Facebook lead ads and we’ll soon have it for LinkedIn lead generation ads as well. Social media marketers are on the go. They’re live tweeting at
an industry conference or quickly publishing a status on LinkedIn or Facebook
during their commute. It’s not possible for them to schedule everything out in advance
within one platform to make sure that everything
is tracked and measured. That’s why we’ve added
publish anywhere reports to HubSpot social tool. As soon as you connect your
social accounts to HubSpot, we’ll give you insight
into how you’ve performed over the last 60 days. Better yet, you can publish from HubSpot, the networks or even a different
social tool that you use and still track your
success within HubSpot across all networks that you’re active on. This update is now live and available to all Marketing Hub Professional
and Enterprise users. – Hi, my name is Bella and I’m here today to talk to you about automation. Over the years we’ve heard two pieces of workflows’ feedback
more than any other, that your workflows’ list
gets messy as it grows and that your sophisticated
branching workflows can get unwieldy as you add more branches. Now in beta are the solutions
to both of these challenges. To help you stay organized, you can now create folders
for your workflows. And to help you keep
those complex workflows manageable and save you time, you can now create a go-to action that reconnects branches in the workflow. Folders and workflows and the go-to action are both in beta for
Marketing Hub, Sales Hub and Service Hub Professional
and Enterprise users. If you’d like to get involved
in either of those betas, contact your CSM. – Hi there, Elise here
with some exciting news for our Sales Hub Professional customers. At Inbound we announced
some major enhancements planned for our Sales
Hub Professional product. For Sales Hub Professional customers this means access to features like eSign and calculated properties. To coincide with these changes, we are planning to increase the price of Sales Hub Professional. Effective November 1st 2019 we plan to increase the list
price of Sales Hub Professional to $500 per month with
five paid users included and $100 per month for
each additional user. In keeping with HubSpot tradition, for a limited time we’d like
to show our appreciation for our customers by
giving all of our existing Sales Hub Professional customers access to the new Sales
Hub Professional features at their current price. That means anyone who
purchases before November 1st can lock in at the current
price and gain access to all the new functionality
as it becomes available. You can learn more about these changes and what they mean for
you by visiting this page. There is one more feature planned
for Sales Hub Professional that I want to talk about,
one that’s brand new. Once launched, Sales Hub Professional and Sales Hub Enterprise customers with a connected Stripe account will be able to seamlessly generate a buy now link for any given product. Share this link via email or create a buy now
button for your website. Customers who click the link will be able to purchase that
product directly via Stripe for a truly frictionless
purchase experience. This feature is currently in beta, but we’re planning to make it available to all Sales Hub Professional and Sales Hub Enterprise
customers later this year. – That’s all for today, folks. As always, if you can’t get
enough HubSpot product updates, you can check out our product updates blog using the link in the description below. Also, keep an eye out for
our monthly newsletter that highlights some of our
most exciting product updates to help you stay informed. We’ll see you next month. (upbeat music)

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