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HR Basics: Human Resource Ethics

HR basics is a series of short lessons designed to highlight what you need to know about a particular human resource management topic in this HR basics we'll explore human resource ethics discussing three principles protecting employee rights professional behavior and promoting justice commonly ethics is defined as principles that govern a person's behavior I believe that the path to sound organizational ethics begins with the professionals who lead the human resource function of that organization that means that HR professionals bear the responsibility of both building and maintaining a foundation of ethics the world's largest and most predominant HR professional Association Sherm or the Society for Human Resource Management code of ethics States it's HR professionals we are responsible for adding value to the organization's we serve by contributing to the ethical success of those organizations we accept professional responsibility for our individual decisions and actions we are also advocates for the profession by engaging in activities that enhance its credibility and value from my perspective there are three principles that frame human resource ethics 1 protecting rights we consider the rights of individuals and our organization promote truth and build trust to professional behavior meaning we commit to individual leadership and the highest standards in our conduct 3 promote justice meaning we are responsible for fostering fairness for all employees in our organization notably these principles share similarities but also differ from the Sherm code of ethics to that end take a moment to review our professional code of ethics at WWJ org now let's explore each principle in more detail looking at guidelines for how human resource professionals will apply this to their work protecting employee rights means that human resource professionals consider the rights of individuals and our organization promote truths and build trust our intent is to build trust with individuals and within our organization by maximizing open communication prioritizing confidentiality and ensuring employee rights are championed guidelines for protecting employee rights include ensuring honest communication with all parties acquire and distribute information responsibly safeguarding and maintaining accurate human resource information and identifying and understanding employee rights professional behavior refers to the commitment of human resource professionals to individual leadership and the highest standards of conduct our intent is to set the standard and be an example for others earning respect and increasing credibility and trust guidelines for professional behaviors include acting according to the highest standards of conduct seeking and providing expert guidance champion professional development for you and others and refraining from using your positions for personal benefit finally promoting justice means that human resource professionals are responsible for encouraging and fostering fairness for all employees in our organization our intent is to create and sustain an environment that fosters individuals and the organization to reach their full potential guidelines for justice include respecting the unique and intrinsic worth of every individual treating people with dignity and compassion to foster a trusting environment ensuring everyone has the opportunity to develop grow and succeed and finally championing equity through policy procedure and practice

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