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How Wildfires And Climate Change Are Connected | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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  1. According to tRump & the Repugnant RepubliKKKans climate change is a hoax perpetuated by the Chinese against us. There are certain polluting industries in America that feed this Climate Denial in their own self interest cause its cheaper to just dump the contaminants than to clean up they're mess.

  2. Maybe instead of a "Space Force" Maybe we need the creation of a Federal Firefighter Force? Equipped with planes,helicopters, trucks all necessary equipment to fight fires, and of course the Firefighter Troopers.🤔

  3. I put x14 members of antifa in hospital without touching any come running at the bloodline of the great african witch Dr Cornelius Aky these leftwing nazis will learn the hard way with me.

  4. Serpent puppeteers make their own global warming with HAARP technology. Don't let msnbc play you like sucker chump, these are serpent brainwashing disinformants gutting the most . All of them should be hung for treason 100 times over .

  5. AND (he forgot to finish his final sentence) more and more wildfires continually increase the atmospheric concentration of CO2, which accelerates the warming trend leading to even more wildfires.

  6. ?…….. Climate is changing but not all because of man …..
    It always has and always will ….
    If you look at the history of the earth we are actually on the tail end of the last ice age……

  7. 60's we had 10 years..70's we had 10 years and a food shortage by 75.80's came we had 12 years then a DEEP freeze was coming. Then Al Gore. Now AOC. My God.

  8. Cmon guys the solutions is to build islands off the coast of Cali . Build high velocity water turbine inside 1/2 mile high towers that can disperse high velocity water onto the mainland and east into the mountain landscape to the dry areas . And also use these water type towers to spray very long distances into fire flare ups when Cali is on fire. Change the climate the atmosphere and you will not have a dry fire hazard. They know how to do this but they won’t….why? Cmon if we can put satellites in low earth orbit why not deploy satellites or hovering craft over the ocean water that siphon water up 1/2 mile high and spray it onto the fires when needed?

  9. Awwgg!! Climate HOAX shillaGanda from MSNCannibals.. who are preaching about the fires in a EnviroNazi controlled state!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH HA HA HA HAHA!!!!

  10. Smart people in the first seconds of this trash would point out that, they have no legitimate facts to base this trash report on. Your unidentified source is worth less than your
    cheap suit.

  11. I am an independent and the following analysis is how Mr. Spock, the most logical person in human history, would respond to this video…. The temperature stated in the early 1900's cannot be extrapolated to mean it is the definitive high temperature over let's say a 1000 year period…or even a 200 year period, well prior to the ind. rev. You fail to include ANY PREVIOUS READING. Was there any? How do we know that in the peak of summer in 1342 AD, the temp in Death Valley wasn't for example 149 F.? It has not been anything close to that temp anywhere on Earth in modern RECORDED human history. So by that hypothetical analysis, aren't we indeed experiencing cooling? ALSO, due to the encroachment of civilization on natural areas, we are suppressing the natural process whereby the Earth reduces dead veg. etc. through the aftermath of lightning strikes and other natural means the Earth has used well prior to the appearance of the genius all knowing human! Here in California, indefinite drought was forecasted, and many laws and regulations were passed to that effect, yet over the last 2 years our reservoirs are dumping infinite amounts of water as overflow in to the ocean! Please respond…Over!

  12. Rex Tillerson, admits to Climate Change, but who cares!
    Exxon always knew, just like the tobacco companies.
    A blast from the past, when we educated the public, right on TV!

  13. Pakistan replanted a few billion trees over the last decade. Quite commendable. I hope the rest of the world follows this example. Not for oxygen, but because trees cool down the earths crust. Trees are actually cooling pumps as they transpire more than 200 liters of water a day, cooling the soil and slowing down greenhouse effects.

  14. Democrats= we think the scientific method can gives us clues to aid in survival and biodiversity health
    Republicans= God hates gays so he is burning California…

  15. Climate change= lefts attempt to sieze wealth and power through taxes and regulations. An attempt to put trillions of dollars into the hands of those who otherwise wouldn't have seen a dime and control life as we know it.

  16. In the seventies the left was screaming " Ice Age"
    The eighties brought "Global warming"
    And now it's called "Climate change" in the event temps go either way they are covered.
    And to think it's being proven that the hole in the Ozone is shrinking. Why? Bc God's Earth was designed to take care of herself and support human life.

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