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How to use IF…THEN… | First Conditional English Grammar Tense | Go Natural English

Hello English learners, I’m so excited that you are here. We are continuing today exploring grammar with quick and clear explanations we’re focusing today on a conditional tense the first Conditional but we are not here to just memorize grammar rules. Go natural. English is not about memorizing rules it’s about using the rules to build a Strong base to help you to speak English with confidence and fluency So as I mentioned today, we’re going to talk about how and when to use the first conditional tense We’re gonna make it simple and easy So this lesson is sponsored by the complete go natural English course fluent communication It contains over 250 premium video Recorded lessons that you cannot find anywhere else as well as our community for practice and live online practice sessions with go natural English teachers So it is the best way to get feedback and corrections on your English So if you would like to take your English to the next level then learn more about the complete go natural English course at slash course see oh you are s ee Ok, let’s dive into the first Conditional the first thing that I want to say is that we often use this when we’re talking about plans For example, do you want to come to my party? I’m not sure if it rains I won’t come if it doesn’t rain I’ll come this is an example of the first conditional so we often use this when we’re responding about Invitations or making plans that might change based on something else we make the first conditional with if if It rains then the subject in this case it then the simple presence in this case rains and then with another subject and the future tense So quick important note here most books websites teachers do not tell you about another way that native speakers often form the first conditional and that is that we use will to talk about the future and we also use Going to to talk about the future. So for example, I might say if it doesn’t rain I am Going to go to your party or if it doesn’t rain I will go to your party or I’ll go to your party right because we often use contractions when we’re speaking naturally speaking of which no native speaker is going to say I am Going to go to your party I’m sure that was painful to listen to because you probably know that native speakers Linked sounds together between words and it sounds more like I’m gonna go to your party So, let’s see a few other examples because I love sharing examples They help us to clearly understand how to use the grammar. For example, if traffic is bad You’ll be late or if it’s really loud outside. I won’t be able to record this lesson or If you subscribe to go natural English on YouTube and subscribe to the go natural English podcast You will be much better at English very soon. I think that’s a pretty good example Okay, let’s talk about how the first conditional is different from the zero conditional because in the last English tip that I shared With you we talked about the zero conditional So just to quickly recap that we saw that the zero conditional was four facts Right and we use the simple present for both parts of the sentence If you want to know more about the zero conditional you can look back at that lesson So the first conditional is about specific situations and we use the future tense So it’s about possibility things that might or might not happen. It’s about possibilities if This happens now then that will happen in the future or won’t happen So I hope this helps you with the first conditional in the next Grammar focus English tip because this month is a grammar Palooza here at go natural English We’re gonna look at the second conditional which is more about expressing your doubts So it’ll be interesting to see how to do that. I’ll talk more about that the next time Again, if you would like to practice your English if you would like to learn more English Then learn more about the complete go natural English course at slash course Co you are s e Thank you so much for watching. Click right down there to subscribe so you don’t miss another grammar tip this month You can click right down there to get a free sample of The audio ebook the English fluency formula. You are awesome. You’re doing a great job with your English and I’ll see you next time Bye for now

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  1. 2:57 no native speaker is gonna tell you I am going to go to your party… I'm sure that was painful to listen to.

  2. Thank you Gabby you always clarify the lessons in a short time and that's why i like you ,i don't wanna listen to a teacher for 20 or 30 minutes whith the same information

  3. hello Mrs. gabby . I'm ROHINGYA from Bangladesh refugees camps and I have survived from genocidal acts of Myanmar brutal militarys and I'm originally from Myanmar. I'm saying one thing politely to you that please describe some situation of suffering of the genocidal acts including some words and sentences those are useful among native American speakers. if you can and please don't mind on my comment. thank you.

  4. thank you so mach , my dear i wont you to give me som advice and recommendations for how to be good in writing That's very kind of you.

  5. Hello Gabby, I am a little bit confused about the sentence you took as example, because you said. If it doesn’t rain I am going to go to your party. I remember when I was in High School my teacher said that I can say. If it doesn’t rain I am going to your party, Can you explain a little bit about that….

  6. Hi gabby I want reading experience job live America city of chalk board ground in world accent syllable in each world so good years older friend ship gabby dish children food shearing in each world see you not possible visit bye

  7. Hi Gaby, I love your classes. I'm learning so much. I'm from Bolivia in South America and thank you so much for teach me day after day. Please can you speak a little more slowly? If it's possible. Thanks.

  8. I missed your classes, you brake your rhythm of speaking and it's so good because we can understand what you're talking about

  9. i have been larning english 15years ago with my silfe after smart mobile its has improved. i meet evrey thing that you have speak aboat

  10. Hi. Miss Gabby. why not? Do you have a broadcast on Spotify could be great for all us. You have an excellent YouTube channel. Greetings

  11. Hey. I'm Vinay. I like your speaking style. I love to talk with you .Let's talk to much. And texting. About our life and country. I'm from India. If you interested text me on my instagram account. Vinay_thakur0001. I'm waiting for your lovely messages. I'm so excited. Thankxx

  12. Hola Gabby me hicieron un regalo de tu libro de la página Amazon y pero el libro no es disponible para mi país entonces si lo compro de tu pagina si lo puedo adquirir?

  13. It's difficult to concentrate when the teacher is so beautiful xDD thank you for helping us with the conditionals, for me it had always been difficult to understand, now it's much more clear

  14. Gaby, i have a question….i understand the teachers because they speak good, but i dont understand native speakers because they speak with more mistakes and fast. How I can do this transicion?

  15. Hi! Mam I am from India and I just wanted to tell you that your method of teaching is really very effective and ofcourse really very helpful it helps me to improve my english and i will always be thankful to you for this.Thank you so much.

  16. Hey
    Could you please tell me i get it so here is the situation :
    Me at the party enjoying my glass then suddenly i see a charming girl.. so inside my head i express how lucky i am then i say: if it does rain i will not be here
    Is it correct …please i wait for all of your answers 😀

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