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How to Trap Fish in Streams, Survival in the tropical Rainforest, ep 9

In an early morning at the end of the Autumn Bamboo forest is about 1 hour walking from the camp There are many strange fruits here The birds seem to like this fruit It is sweet and smells good A breakfast with fruits in the forest is one of great things This fruit seems to be common The old bamboos are chosen to make materials They are durable and sturdy The outside layer is flexible and tough and easy to weave A normal fish trap includes cage and baits This is the cage The bait will be made by a small piece of bamboo The baits will entice fishes into the cage The small grooves are carved where the smell of the baits will be spread in the water The earthworms are the baits to trap fishes The best place to set up the trap is where the stream flows swift It needs to be camouflaged by leaves to trick fishes The next early morning The stream fishes was caught in the cage Some leaves growing besides the stream can be used as spices Like this one, they are sour A catfish Their taste is really great YUMMY !!!

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  1. I wonder how he survive like dat, he didn't wear even shoes.. amazing skill…I like it..kip it up..learn many skill from u bro

  2. Удивительная выживаемость, человека умелого, даже больше скажу разумного. Все серии понравились, спасибо вам!

  3. what are the red berry or fruit you eat at 40 seconds? i create a food plant teaching series on my channel for donations. i would love to know the name so i can make a video on them

  4. thắc mắc cái chòi làm sát suối như vậy rồi mùa lũ, lũ quét làm ntn???? sao k làm xa hơn 1 tí

  5. Je aime bien la petite maison en plein nature, vraiment très belle expérience.. merci du partage la vidéo… 04:59

  6. ผมเดาว่าคนนี้เป็นคนลาว เพราะวิถีชีวิตทุกอย่างชัดเจนมาก

  7. Cuando comas… cerr la BOCA es feo el sonido cuando masticas….!!! Después de eso todo perfecto siempre miro tus videos

  8. The dubbed Foley in this was really off putting. None of it matched, and the slurping and smacking noises dubbed over when he was eating were ultra cringe. hoping to not see this direction continued as the other vids I've watched have been great

  9. Hello, I do appreciate your videos, but I would like to know how you manage to load your camera battery, if you have no electricity in the jungle ?
    How do you manage to store so many videos, the memory space must be very big. And last but not least, how do you manage to upload your vidos on Youtube, from the jungle ?

  10. Instead of having to survive in the jungle wherein food is getting scarce I want to suggest its better for this man to at least plant trees, fruit trees and vegetables in the jungle.It will be helpful for him and to others if he will plant too

  11. เธอเป็นทหารหรือเปล่าทำไมถึงหาของป่ากินได้นอกจากอาหารเท่านั้นแหละเข้าบ้านได้อยู่ด้วยนะปลูกบ้านเป็นด้วย

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