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How to Talk With Conservatives About Conserving the Environment! 🌳 | Earth Your While

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  1. This was really interesting, I wish more conservatives shared her point of view on protecting the environment

  2. False: the new tea party was started by 9/11 truth and The Ron Paul revolution in 2007. Even Rachel Maddow covered it, look it up.

  3. Zach you are fearless! This is very insightful indeed. Thanks for making the effort to have those difficult conversations.

  4. Watching a reasonable Conservative willing to discuss Climate Change was refreshing…
    BUT – you lost me with the gun range nonsense. Really. Zach and guns? Bad idea.

  5. I'm taking your advice by focusing on the parts we agree on (solar power) instead of the parts we disagree on (cucumber sandwiches).

  6. Thanks for including different voices on this subject, I'm so happy you guys show that not all conservatives think alike.

  7. I love Zach videos, he asks questions no one feels "safe" asking but he just asks. You know that wall some people build around themselves, Zach has smashed that wall and there he is!

  8. It's great to see that while parties may not agree on some subjects, there's still common ground that we can propel us to cooperate if we try.

  9. Best video I've seen in a while. Change will come when we stop blaming people who disagree with us and listen to them. Then common ground can emerge.

  10. So glad that Zach didn't use a real gun. I was scared enough seeing him handle an unloaded real one. Would hate to lose such a great person.

  11. Is… he…. autistic? He looks like like he was having trouble with his words and his eyes were good at the tea party because it looked like some crazy person at a tea party (no offense) and then I looked closer. So, not trying to be offensive. I just realized that it might be offensive to him.

  12. Saying 'you're pro-environment so you're not a conservative' is just as dumb as saying 'you're Afro-American so you must be liberal'. We all live on the same planet, and taking care of the place where we live shouldn't be a political issue. It's a human issue.

    It would have been interesting to ask this lady what her fights are and what she actually does and focuses on for the environment. I also feel that she didn't state clearly whether she accepted climate change as a reality or not.

    Thanks Zach for this great series 🙂

  13. Soooo… she was sick of corruption and the mixture of money/government, and she decided Donald Trump was the candidate to support? Does not compute.

  14. Interesting talking points to make conservatives care more about the environment, but the fact that you can't use words like "climate change" for risk of scaring them off with facts is ridiculous. They need to get with reality if they want to come sit at the big kid table on this topic.

  15. YeahBoth the Tea Party and OWS movements were concerned with different legs of the same problem.Wonderful hat Messr. Anner

  16. She makes a lot of good points on how to talk about the environment to republicans though. Living in Kentucky if you mention anything about not using fossil fuels they look at you as if you smacked their mother in the face. I'm definitely going to use her point of Energy choice and individual liberty.

  17. I enjoy triangle sandwiches to the extreme due to their inherent fanciness! Oh and also it's great that you were able to learn how to have a constructive conversation with someone who's views differ from yours. Good stuff!

  18. I am just here to say: I love the hat, cookie stand, and teapot with cups! Man, the best youtube shot-set ever XD Wait, it is not a tea party??? Nooo!!!

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