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How to take pictures of animal tracks – Tips from a Wildlife Biologist

Many animals are nocturnal, camouflaged, and shy. While seeing animals can be difficult, animal tracks are often easy to find. Photographing tracks is a great way to document the presence of an animal, however a bad photo can make the track unidentifiable. Follow
these steps to improve you track photos and make them easier to identify.
First, take 2 photos, one that captures the whole scene, and a close up. For the close
up, take the photo from directly above; a photo taken at an angle will distort the track. Second, shade the track. Strong sunlight can cast shadows that make it difficult to see
details. Third, use a scale such as a ruler or something of known size like a coin. A hand or shoe print next to the track will help if nothing
else is available. Be sure not to cover the track with the scale.
Following these simple steps will greatly improve your track photos.
Share your track photos on and have a community of naturalists help you identify them.

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