Importance of Natural Resources

How To Save Our Blue Planet From Overfishing

How can you ever know, with confidence, if
you go to your local fishmonger how your fish was caught. And it’s one of those things that the more
you know about it you more you understand just how complex the situation is. So Sole of Discretion is an ethical fishmonger. We’re a small scale collective of fishermen. They range from static net fishers, hand liners
and potters. We’re all in it together, landing to our fish
processing unit where we’re packing and putting it in to fillets, vacuum packing it and sending
it to your, often the same day or the day after it’s been landed too. So you’re getting really good quality ethical
fish. Graham was our founding fisherman, he fishes
on the Ella Louise, it’s a gillnetter, and he fishes pretty much all year round. You can almost guarantee what you’re going
to catch by using the selected mesh sizes. All the pollock we catch are all mature fish,
and they’re all in their 6th or 7th, 8th year breeding cycles, so they’ve already bred 6,
7, 8 times. We’ve had a really good days fishing and we’ve
had zero discards, absolutely none. Couple that with the fuel consumption we use,
it’s kind of like the most selective and sustainable way of fishing. You’ve got to have a reputation, if you’re
got a reputation for landing good quality fish it’s there forever. They are really proud people with the work
that they do and you’ve seen the conditions that they go out in, and my goodness who wouldn’t
be. They’re bringing back these incredibly beautiful
creatures. There are called slow jig, It’s just and artificial
lure basically to hopefully tempt something into coming along and having a little nibble. I’ve always tried to go about things in a
sustainable way just to secure a way for hopefully my children for years to come. I tend to think I’d like to give a fish its
best chance of raising the most amount of money possible by keeping it in good condition. When you see some of the fish that gets offered
up on the quay, I wouldn’t give it to my dog. Superb quality, I mean, just blindingly beautiful
quality fish. We insist that they take ice out to sea, which
sound incredibly basic but you’d be amazed how unusual that was,, even 5/10 years ago. Because we’re paying them fair prices, they’ll
gut and ice everything. Every pack will have the name of the fisherman,
the name of the boat, and the method of the catch, so it’s giving full traceability back
to the boat and the fisher on all our retail packs. We get our fish from us up to Farmdrop’s depo
by half past six, every night, so same day delivery, it’s fantastic, and that’s all thanks
to the train service, it’s working really well. As a customer you’re just as important as
the producer, by making that choice to choose that product you are completely part of that
whole brilliant new world that’s potentially out there. The biggest thing, I think, about it is that
you have this sense that everybody is working towards a fairer, more equitable, tastier,
a more transparent world, and we’re all in it together.

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