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How to make squirrel traps, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 69

A queen mushroom It is about to rain The weather seems not to be good Tropical rain limits the animals to moving, because they need to keep their fur dry They concentrate on moving on the high places, especially on the branches of tree And of course, these traps will be effective Only step on, the trap will be sprung and clamp at the prey’s neck It isn’t fine that it doesn’t stop raining The weather is better This branch of tree is an ideal place because only it spans over the stream below The small animals will focus on passing from here to reach the other side of the stream The last thing to do is to minimize the prey’s ways in order to force them to walk into the trap Perfect! This place is also good due to dense and wet underbrush below And here They don’t move through here Wild mushroom Mushrooms is usually rich in protein and vitamin B complex An unlucky squirrel This is a good place to set a bird trap up There is something running through here and made the way obstacles fall Meat is soft and delicious Mushroom is crunchy An indescribable sweet taste The rain is continual

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  1. Always a treat to watch your videos. Going great buddy 😍 love from Nagaland, North-east India ✌️🏻✌️🏻

  2. Far too much work for a (survival)squirrel where calories are everything.. But for the long term survivalist, this is the best by far!

  3. Awsome trap and video. Love the fact that once you move on to a different spot some time in the future everything will go back to nature. And the plants and animals that grow there, will be so much more and healthier from the nutrients left behind. Keep up the awsome content

  4. this is what it called, trap, catch, clean, cook and eat. all you can eat. try to make vietcong trap for Deer or wild pig.

  5. Он так всегда аппетитно ест. Аж самому хочется пожрать то что он ест.

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