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Hi lovelies, It’s Chinwe Juliet here and
today we are going to be talking about how to keep your natural hair soft and how to
maintain it throughout the week. So first of all, our hair loves moisture so
every product we use on our hair should have at least a little bit of moisture. I am not talking about oils okay, I am talking
about moisture. Moisture basically means water so make sure
that every product that you have, has at least a percentage of water in it. Okay, so in this video I’ll be using a leave
in conditioner, a hair moisturiser that’s a cream and oil to seal. So it really depends on your hair texture
but some people use leave in conditioner, oil and cream. Do whatever works for you. Now unto the video! (INTRO)
So the first product I will be using is by Taliah Waajid, I think it’s pronounced Taliah
Waa-hid, I’m not really sure how to pronounce the brand name. It’s their Shea Coco Daily leave in conditioner
and what I am basically showing you now is what I was trying to show you all in my 90
Seconds video, how simple and how easy it is to just spritz your hair and walk out the
door and still have soft hair. That’s all you need to do. Spray it 2 to 3 times in a week and it will
be soft. You can find this product in the description
box below. (I’ll link it). Especially if you live in Nigeria, you can
buy it from my own online store ( The second method that I’ll be showing you
to keep your natural hair soft is the LCO method. So all I’m doing right now is taking down
all my twists and spraying the leave in conditioner first. When you spray make sure that you spray it
on your roots, spray it on the length of your hair and mainly on the ends of your hair which
is the first part to always break off. So once, I’m done spraying, I proceed to
apply my cream which is Lotta Body Moisturise Me Curl & Style Milk. It is absolutely one of my favourite products
ever and it just works perfectly on my hair because my hair is thick and the product is
also thick and creamy so it just blends quickly with my hair. I start by using a little, then if I need
more I can add. It’s always best to start with a little
first. Don’t pile a lot of cream on your hands
to make your hair soft. A little goes a long way! Start with a little first and then add more
when necessary. Then I am proceeding to use Pure Coconut Oil
by Akuba Naturals which is my brand, which I will also reference in the description box
below and I am just using this oil to seal everything in. So this is the way my hair feels. It is always soft, always bouncy, I never
have any problems with dry natural hair because this is the method I use and it WORKS! and
now I’ve thought you two ways to keep your natural hair soft, by using only a hair mist
throughout the week, OR, I know someone is going to ask me this, you don’t have to
use the LCO method everyday, you can use it once a week or, twice in a week, or you could
use it 2 to 3 times in a week and your hair will be Fine! You don’t have to moisturise everyday. As I said earlier, it really depends on your
hair texture, if you feel that your hair is lighter than mine, you can use the oil before
the cream. Just always experiment. Try the cream before the oil and see how your
hair reacts to it and try other products too. Just always use your leave in conditioner
first, and you can be able to tell which one works better for your hair by how your hair
feels after you’ve used it. This is me after I’ve dressed up and taken
some time and my hair is a bit dry now, and I’m just proceeding to show you all what
my hair looks like. Here it is actually really really soft and
bouncy. When you take down the twists, your hair will
be slightly stretched. You don’t need to use any blow dryer or
anything, This is how my hair looks straight out of twists. So this is what one side of my hair looks
like, and this is what the other side looks like. So my hair is really full, its really thick
as I said earlier and this what you need to do to keep your hair soft. If this video was really helpful, make sure
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Reader Comments

  1. Am I the only one that simply clicked on the video because her hair looks freakin amazing like a beautiful cloud or something?

  2. By the sword and horns of Ikenga. Your hair is divine and fit for an African queen.
    Just a black dude (Jamaican) that loves it when black/SSA women embrace their natural hair.
    Keep it up and rock that fro!

  3. omg, beautiful. how and what did u do to grow your hair. I've been moisturizing my hair with water and olive oil in spray bottle. I know the water is helping alot. I have very course thick 4c hair. and I have to have patience. but I've been drinking smoothies also with kale, spinach, avocados. and sometimes chia seeds. I notice my hair is softer. but I'm due for a hair trimm. HELP! !!!!! LOL

  4. I'm in the UK, what type of coconut oil can I use like the one you used in this video, which you simply poured out onto you hand (not a cream based oil) ? Thanks

  5. thanks for sharing your video,i must say u have a very beautiful natural hair.please i want to ask on how to transition relaxed hair into natural hair without chomping up the hair?

  6. Hi, I did buy the tahid Wahid leave-in, now what I noticed is when my twists are old and I retwist, I spray my hair with water first, then apply the leave-in. All of sudden my hair instantly feels hard but when I only spray water and twist, my hair remains soft.When I am doing new twists, should I only apply the leave-in to style, no water?I have low porosity, coarse hair width and high density hair. Love your videos!.

  7. Ohhhh all of u Nigerians that'll be rocking this natural hair and making it look simple and easy and flawless and just making someone want to go back to the natural fam. Mine was hard and painful and strong and so exhausting to maintain lol. But now I think it's cos I wasn't doing the right thing or using the right methods or products. I recently did a big chop and I've been watching videos and getting educated on this natural hair business and I think I'm ready this time for the natural hair ?????? p.s. ur hair looks gorgeous btw, it's literally goals ??????

  8. Does this method have Shea butter? I’ve been looking for something for myself but I’m allergic to shea butter/tea tree oils. I can’t find anything that helps with my dry hair/scalp.. I love in the states.

  9. Chai! Comman see hair o! You and your hair are GORGEOUS! So happy I've found your channel. Ready to learn.

  10. My hair is pairming so what should i do to make it natural because i it and prescribe products for me please

  11. I thought this was about natural stuff to make your hair naturally soft but I see that you're spraying and chemicals just like everybody else thanks anyways bye

  12. Hello beautiful,
    Great video. Quick question, would that process work on facial hair? I have a big beard that I’m struggling to keep soft. Thanks.

  13. I love your tip a little goes a long way- so true! I only rotate 3 or 4 oils for specific purposes (1 for prepoo, 1 for detangling, 1 or 2 for general conditioning) and one trusty leave-in conditioner. Besides that it's just one shampoo, one conditioner, one deep conditioner, and a sharp pair of hair scissors that I trim with every 8 weeks. Those are my hair products in a nutshell. I don't regularly use a comb or brush, and I blow dry only on cool setting.

  14. Nice video????. I'm new in this journey of natural hair… Pls dear can you tell the name of your moisturizer, oil's, shampoo, conditioner, etc. I Await your favorable response.

  15. Feeling jealousy, coz mine there real dry and little I don't know wat can I use to grow thick hair. Need help friends

  16. How do you come up with these fabulous hair stayles and does your hair shrinks from humidity or by the end if the day?

  17. I have on question, basically they say its not good to regularly manipulate your hair strands(aka comb it everyday) however, when I don't comb it before school, it appears messy and unkept. So I was wondering if you could give me any advice on what I could do instead of combing it everyday, since it is not long enough yet to do protective styles such as twists etc. Also, I have short 4c hair, I'm a boy, and I'm from uganda. Thanks so much in advance:)

  18. Hi Igbocurls – I am now natural and trying to learn how to do my hair alone!! No one wants to help. So I just go on Youtube and see what looks good. I am ordering the first two products today because everyone says that moisture is the key to growing natural hair. I am keeping a notebook on good videos and I find you to be very REFRESHING. Thanks a lot.

  19. Hi Igobocurls, I am just going natural and your video helped me a lot. I have not one to ask but YouTube gives me a choice of videos. You just helped me solve my biggest problem. How to mosturize fast at night? I am buying the first two products today. Great Job. Thanks!

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