Importance of Natural Resources

How To Find Natural Spring Water

hey what’s up guys welcome back to the
vigilance elite channel I’m Shawn Ryan I know a lot of you guys are stuck inside
right now and doing the social distancing and self isolation thing and
I know how bad that sucks just living a little condo in Palm Beach
County Florida until I got tired of living in a little bitty condo in the
middle of Palm Beach County Florida and moved out to the middle of nowhere in
Tennessee so I figured I’d just kind of show you guys what I got going on here
and look at some creeks let’s roll so some of you guys might remember this
spot from previous videos I’ve done quite a few videos right here in front
of this little waterfall and so basically this Creek is fed by natural
springs popping up all over the place so there’s a whole ton of them around here
and so I’m gonna kind of show you guys what they look like let’s go check them
out so came up here just to get kind of a
aerial shot the limited equipment we have but basically what I’m looking for
water one of the first things I look for is a ravine
so like this Creek down here sits at the bottom of a ravine so the land is kind
of doing this coming down to a V which pushes all the water down obviously
gravity and then all these fresh Springs are kind of popping out of these
hillsides and rippling down to that Creek so just wanted to give you guys a
little view from up high but let’s go down and check it out so we did some filming down here
yesterday I’ve never seen this part of the property before and just looking
around here I was able to pick out like five different Springs that are all dump
it in here so that like I said earlier this Creek is all all these creeks
around here our spring fed and and also water runoff fed because we’re down in a
ravine right now but we got a spring here this is coming right out of the
ground we got a spring here that’s coming out
of the ground we got one over here one up on the ridge
line and another one over on the ridge line and I’ll show you a couple of these
but some things that I look for and I’m no expert but I’m learning is a lot of
times if you see something like this right here
a leaf patch that’s wet and nothing is wet around it and nothing’s what above
it well you can bet that’s probably spring water coming right out of the
ground there so this one over here is a slow trickle so it’s really easy to see
I’ll show you guys what I’m talking about but as you can see right here this is
doing a slow trickle and here we have the leaves covering it and they’re all
wet nothing’s coming down from up top so if I move all these like that you can see it’s coming right outside of
this cliff face so this is reclassify these Springs and I believe it’s eight
different classifications and this is a small one
obviously they say something about the size of a pinhole can produce 200
gallons of water and a 24-hour period and some of the bigger Springs like the
biggest one I think produces sixty nine point four million gallons of water in a
24-hour period so you know these things are like a dime a dozen around here
they’re literally everywhere so you just got to kind of know what you’re looking
for but yeah this is a small one and hundreds of these things all over the
place make up this Creek I’m what you see on my videos so then we got another one right over
here this was the one that was just right behind me so walk over here I’ll
show you this it’s kind of a more of a seep but so this right here as you can see like
all the leaves are dry above this and this is coming this is just seeping
right out of the ground here and you know this is pretty cool I mean water
just doesn’t really get much more pure than this coming right out of the earth so we’ve been right over here did you kind of like get your eyes
trained for this stuff there’s another one right here which that we didn’t even
see this one earlier so this would be like number six within I don’t know 50
yard radius so come over here right here if there’s water coming out
of this down at the bottom here right there’s nowhere for this water to even
be coming from other than from the ground because the streams going this
way so just another spring so right here this is another one so I
don’t know if you can see this but like up top all these leaves are completely
dry and then right here you see like a nice trail that goes down to the creek
which is about 25 yards away but once again all this stuff it’s coming right
out of the ground and these little camera or what the hell you call them
but they’re like little reserves under the ground and yeah so there’s a snake
just kidding so a lot of people ask Li you know how I
know the water is clean and and I still filter it to be honest with it when I
drink it but one way you can tell because a lot of people worry about you
know what this came out of a cave which a lot of springs do come out of a cave
well bats live in caves and bats poop in caves so but one way you can tell how
clean this water is is I don’t know if you can see it right now but all these
snails here they only live and like the cleanest of
water so you can see all these trails that are kind of going through the sand
and through the rocks and stuff and then all of these little black dots down here
are all little snails so I’ll just reach down and grab one real quick but there’s
like thousands of these down there and these do not live in polluted water so
there’s a good chance pretty clean here but anyways it’s not a little fat for it
all right there it is so that’s pretty much how I go looking
for water and creeks and Springs hope you guys got a little something out of
that even if it’s just a little escape but one of my primary things when we
moved up here from our little condo in South Florida was I had to have a fresh
water source and it drove my wife absolutely insane because I was not
gonna budge on it but you know what now I never have to worry about a water
source again and not only that but it’s super relaxing to sit back here and just
listen to that Creek well so anyways if you’re looking at getting out of the
city getting out in the country and slowing things down a little bit I can
tell you what it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made so alright stay
healthy I’ll see you guys soon

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  1. Just beautiful, I wouldn’t get anything done, be sitting and listening to that creek all day.
    Congratulations on your land

  2. Another water source in more arid environments are "pot holes". Whats a "pot hole"? A pot hole is a low lying depression that fils with water after rain fall or snow fall occurs. The precipitation does not need to occur where you are it may occur far away and flow down dry stream beds to you location filling pot holes for you to find up to days or weeks later depending on the shading of the area. I have had great success in deep narrow canyons and boulder choked dry stem beds. These water sources are also used by all animals so watch your ass.

  3. i’ve been roaming around the northern nevada desert for many years now. water is easy to find. just look for a clump of a darker shade of green. also, good idea to filter your water. snails pee too.

  4. For me, when a UDT warrior demonstrates how to find a natural spring in troubled times as these. Im appreciative for the addition tool in my toolbox?⚓

  5. Your place is awesome Bro. I was Taking about you with another Guy you probably know last nigh calling you a YOUTUBE SEAL so if it gets back to you It was all in good fun. By the way It is strange people pay you X a month to be your friend. Fuk I would have to pey them. You are looking good and glad you seem so happy

  6. Any ideas as to how to purify ( if need be) and collect for home use ? ??I’m not sure if you can drink directly from the stream?

  7. How do you feel sir? I got to pee! I think he said he has to pee… man thats tranquil id just sit out there and vibe. Creek man round dees hur parts we call dis hur a crik boy! Probably got crawdads in their good fishing bait, finishing up my homestead wishing you safety in this time!

  8. Man i should have bought some land down that way. Instead we bought a bunch of land in Northern Maine. Don’t get me wrong, it’s got plenty of seclusion, great fishing and hunting but we are expecting another 4”-8” of snow tomorrow.. seriously. Winter goes from October to the end of April. What the hell was i thinking.

  9. I’m a bat and yes, I do live and poop in a cave. But I’m very careful about the disposal of my guano and I use a bidet. Be cool.

  10. Water comes from faucets. It must be treated to be safe to drink. Condos are wonderful. The woods are full of scary human eating creatures of all sorts. There are no fancy coffee shops within 100 miles of locations like this.

  11. Looks like that might be Crayfish heaven. Along with minnow heaven. Damn man you got it good out there in Tennessee. Some awesome scenery.

  12. If you are thinking of doing water collection check the laws in your state. Several states ban it a few regulate it to the point it may as well be a ban. Assuming you are not in A low lying flood area if you wanted a well it clearly will be pretty shallow versus having to go down hundreds of feet.

  13. nice video bud that the way I was brought up in my younger days now I am in M.B(s.c) but that's the what made me it was tuff going from horse and bulls to surfing on the beach with a body board or surf board its all good we clean pools now any way much love and stay safe thanks for the great videos

  14. I live in Maine and have a fresh spring by my house, we always had an old ladle hanging on a tree next to it for people to dip in and drink from. The coldest, best tasting water around. We had to take the ladle down during this time but people are free to use the spring, we just ask that they are respectful. Stay safe friends

  15. Get a job bro, if your telling people how to find a spring, I really don’t think those people are searching and watching this type video.

  16. No disrespect either by saying this but u must find source of spring and trace it BACK TO HIGHEST REFERENCE POINT TO MAKE SURE IT DOES NOT COME OFF of THE NORMAL TODAY , SULFUR RUNOFF from either 1. Low coal 2. A top off zone no less than 2 miles of contamination.
    Now you can css as ll Mrs. utility but chances fair better than risking losing your guts is to head to local courthouse and do a multi deed search. 1990 was big on start of tip offs for a lot of coal companies through APPALACHIAN MOUNTAINS & the BLUE RIDGE which run right to you brother.

  17. Cool! Are you considering doing an E & E style of video? I'd watch that! Every now & then, there's something new.

  18. From what I've seen, your search for that property was well worth the effort. Beautiful part of the country Tennessee. I'll bet your blood pressure has dropped 10 pts. since moving there!Thanks for all the new videos, very enjoyable.

  19. Are those springs exactly? Or is it run off due to the abundance of shale? Just curious, Ryan Ranch looks like a little slice of heaven, thanks for sharing. Btw, how are the alpacas? Also, I dig that VE shirt, is that design available for purchase?

  20. I know a lot about these mountain springs. I'll give you a bit of advice if you want it. Keep track of the amount of water coming out of your springs in droughts compared to after major rain events. The springs that don't change any during a drought or after a major rain are more than likely the best springs due to the fact that they are not influenced by surface water. Surface water of course is when you can get the water born illnesses.

  21. Watch out for snakes. If it's warm enough for you to be out in a tee shirt, then it's warm enough for them to be active.

  22. A lot of water feeding creeks that is dripping from underground springs like Shawn is pointing out will tend to be safer as the dirt/soils underground act as a great filter and it also doesn’t have the chance to be contaminated by animals or humans. If it worries you or you aren’t absolutely sure that it isn’t being fed by another possibly tainted source then simply boil it. You can even use bleach to do it, between 1/8 and 1/4 teaspoon per gallon depending on how cloudy or clear the water is and wait 30 minutes before drinking and you will need to disinfect the container you’re keeping it in as well. But boiling it is the best method if possible. I don’t have Shawns knowledge but I am an Eagle Scout and was a scoutmaster who spent a lot of time involved in wilderness survival at scout camp.

  23. You are lucky. Your trees are far enough apart to be healthy and allow the sun to shine on the ground. Really helps prevent the spread blackberry vines and poison oak vines.

  24. There’s a natural spring not far from me in Oklahoma. My family members were raised on it for who knows how many generations. Someone put a pipe/spigot set up in there to make it easier to fill containers. It’s just on the side of a suburb road in the ditch. It’s flow is like turning on your kitchen tap to probably 80%. It’s 100% safe to drink.

    This stuff is out there and if you have access it’s the best idea. Constantly running water that requires no filtering or purification. Just fill up and go. That being said the cautious among you, if you find a new/undiscovered spring you might want to take a bottle of it and drink it when you get home just Incase something is in there but I’ve never heard of anyone getting sick from real spring water. I wouldn’t hesitate to drink from a natural spring.

    Shawn your property is AWESOME! I like Oklahoma more as I get older and my dislike of people gets worse but man that country out where you’re at is nice.

  25. Dumb question put going to ask. Could you drink that water from the stream without boiling or putting through some filter? What kind of rocks is the water running over?

  26. Next video :

    “How to build a still and keep your operation hidden in plain site during times of desperation.” ????

  27. Shawn, you've been pumping out videos to help keep us going all week. Thanks man. It is greatly appreciated.

  28. Vigilance Elite Spring bottled water every case comes with a free flannel Cousy and a dose of bad as* in a bottle

  29. Tennessee is such a beautiful state! Brings back memories, because I grew up there, but what's unbearable there are the hot, humid summers and the ticks! Glad to be in a more moderate climate, but this gives me idea to visit TN in the Spring, before Summer!

  30. I have melt water from clear blue icebergs delivered by drone along with the finest handwoven Chinese silk and fresh Tiger penis.

  31. I did the exact same thing. I lived in lake worth for 20 years. Last year me and wife moved to Tennessee. Best thing we ever did. Thank you for your service

  32. When I used to hike overnights in the smokies I used to rely on these type of springs for resupplying my drinking water. Sometimes I would filter it but often it was coming straight out of a rock cliff so I never filtered that. Never once got sick…

  33. Instead of wondering around searching for sprng water just buy yourself a good water purifier. Alot less hassle.

  34. Great info Shawn, appreciate all your contributions and they’ve been very helpful. Especially the video you and Glover did at ‘Wally World’. Seeing that you’ve lived in the harshest of environments, what’s your input for folks like us that live in the Central Valley of CA……other than getting the hell out due to the fact that the water resources here are limited and restricted in many ways? Anyone who lives here knows EXACTLY what I’m talking about. In my experiences, I’ve found that accessing the canals, unless you live in the foothills, is about the only open source and even then ya gotta ‘watch your’ ass by moving in areas with low vis. The annual precipitation is TYPICALLY below 13” and most of the mountain runoff goes into ocean up north cuz of a a non-indigenous species called the Delta Smelt or south to LA by way of the Aqueducts. No apologies for my bitch session. It’s crazy S?!T here. I think we, our family, needs to move back East. Thanks again.

  35. Shawn, have you considered looking for gold in that creek? I don't know anything about searching for gold but this guy was able to find some flakes in a creek that looks similar to yours.

    Check under the 'steps' in the creek. It might be worth looking for a couple of hours. At the very least you get to spend some time playing around your creek.

  36. Shawn, when my girlfriend and I get married next year we plan to buy some land and build a home I'm looking for similair features as far as land that's reasonably self sustainable water ect. If you could do a video on lessons you learned while shopping for land the buying experience and also what you have learned sense taking ownership that would be badass and a huge help to me as I respect your opinion. Thanks man

  37. I bought my property for the exact same reason and I do not regret it; moreover it tastes good.
    We are so lucky bro, to have access to clean fresh spring water. No water = No life, simple as that.

  38. "While many were thinking of fashion, fortune and fame, I was thinking of trouble, and was ready when it came"- Some asshole said it. Probably.

  39. About 15 years ago I moved from the burbs out to the middle of nowhere. At the time I couldn't explain what was drawing me there and I started self reliance. I didn't know what the term "prepper" was. I wanted away from people, the rat race. Serenity is what I would call it. I can go outside and get my food everywhere I look. Hunting and foraging my food is satisfying. Stay strong ?

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