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How To Create An Environment For Success – Do What It Takes To Set Yourself Up – J.R. Fisher

how to create an environment of success
that’s right do what it takes to set yourself up for success okay
have you’ve been trying to be more successful and get more done
maybe it’s your environment we’re gonna talk about that this video and I’m gonna
share with you how you can actually set yourself up for success any more success
will earn more money and get more done and we’re starting right now hey I’m J.R. Fisher I want to thank
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picked up a few things you’d think we would learn a few things and that’s why
I built this channel to teach you guys things that work online I want to share
them with you and I want you to get good results too
now the first question you’ve got to ask yourself this is a tough one
do you really want to change I mean do you wanna change
now most people will tell you what yeah I’d like to lose some weight yeah I’d
like to make some more money and I’d like to do all these things but do you
really want to because understand that doing those
takes change you’ve actually got to change you can’t just have these things
happen to you do you want to get up at 5:00 a.m. and you want to learn a new
skill to make more money are you willing to do that you know do you want to read
20 books over the next 90 days so you get the knowledge that you need are you
willing to do that okay are you willing to skip a couple meals to drop that
weight are you willing to change the foods that you put in your body because
just saying you want to do these things it’s not enough you actually got to
change and when I talk about change I also my had something else here are you
willing to cut out doing the movies for the weekend are you willing to cut out
watching the game with all your friends are you willing to do these things
because this is what it’s going to take because right now you may not realize it
but all your time is filled up all your time still now how do I know that
because it’s filled up with something you’re doing something even if you’re
doing nothing you’re doing something right you could be sitting on the couch
every night watching TV watching your shows that’s something so if you’re
doing that thing and that’s not getting you to where you want to be guess what
you got to do quit doing that so you’ve got to look at your day and understand
yes it’s full its full from beginning to end every single day with something now
not all these things are productive but you filled it with something and you
picked these things because maybe it makes you feel good or maybe it’s
relaxing or whatever and becoming better and doing more it involves changed and
it’s also uncomfortable now I’m gonna put a picture up on the screen here see
if you can identify this dude it’s Dwayne Johnson better known as the rock
right super successful movie star gets so much accomplished everybody says well
I want to be like him do you want to be like him let’s check out his schedule
real quick okay Johnson gets up as early as 3:30 a.m. to prep for exercise as he
told bodybuilding magazine I love putting in that hard work as early as
possible to get my day started off on the right foot
mentally and he gets up before sunrise in order to
plan his day he tries to have at least two hours of quiet before everyone else
wakes up with the house all to himself he works out meditates and gets prepped
for the day he has even developed an app called the rock clock that wakes people
up when he wakes up so they can also hit the gym or go for an early morning run
now Johnson has breakfast after his run then gets back to work working out by
heading to the gym to lift weights he says he never gets bored his exercise
regimen and diet can also change depending for the next movie role but he
always sticks to doing something so as far as his diet goes you are what you
eat he says Johnson eats a substantial amount of calories throughout the day
about five meals to fuel his active lifestyle his diet consists of a lot of
fish particularly Cod because that’s a clean white fish sometimes he consumes
as many as 36 ounces of fish and one day he eats as many as 12 eggs a day he
plans out his food ahead of time and make sure the food that goes into his
body counts for nutrition only yeah he did say I would never win an award for
not loading pizza but he rarely will eat it for that reason as far as his mental
health goes Johnson has recently discussed his journey with mental health
when he was 15 years old he witnessed his mother’s attempt to commit suicide
since then he has struggled with depression throughout his life and he
says I reached a point where I didn’t want to do a thing or go anywhere
I was crying constantly so if you think you got problems so does he he just goes
up against them at the end of the day Johnson takes time to unwind and reflect
on how he can improve himself physically and mentally are you doing that that’s
the question he has stated that he only gets 3 to 5 hours of sleep a night
he says he often will sacrifice two hours of sleep just so he can have the
quiet time two hours in the morning before the whole house wakes up now
that’s what it takes to be wildly successful now certainly most of us are
not gonna do all those things but that’s how we got there and that’s what happens
on a daily basis with him so if you want to be him this is what you would have to
do do you want to make that kind of change I would think that most people
would say no I’m not willing to do all that but I’m willing to do some things
so you got to be real careful when you say I’m gonna do whatever it takes
because that’s just not true with everybody so I’d like to go through my
seven steps of things that will help you out and that will help you change your
life number one be honest with yourself okay if you’re stuck in a rut if you’re
getting the same results over and over it is because of your activities and you
got to kind of look in the mirror and say what am i doing on a daily basis you
know write down your activities daily what time did you get up and when you
got up what did you do and you know where did you go and who did you spend
your time with and how hard did you work and you know did you care about your
appearance did you exercise did you eat right what are you doing
what is the rut that you’re in right now that’s preventing you from being what
you want to be number two don’t start your day with a delay hello I see this
all the time people get up and they delay their day what do they do they say
well before I get to work I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna scroll through my
facebook feed before I get to work I’m gonna watch the news in the morning
before I go to work I’m gonna see what’s happening on Google and they delay their
day they don’t jump into their day immediately and you know I hear I hear
people say well I need to relax first thing in the morning relax all night
long you just woke up you know relax anymore you need to get going when you
get out don’t hit that alarm two or three times
and stay in bed as soon as you wake up throw your legs over the side get out
get going and get stuff done and you’ll find that you will get better results
and you kind of get accustomed to this after a while it’s where that’s what you
want to do you don’t want to lay there anymore
number three become curious I see so many people who want to get ahead when
and where I want to learn more and they don’t question anything they don’t look
up anything they don’t research anything they just don’t do it they’re not
curious you know Albert Einstein one time says I’m not that smart I’m just
really curious about a lot of things and the point is that curiosity is what’s
gonna feed your brain that curiosity is gonna make you want to learn things and
as you learn things you’ll become smarter and you can do more so you’ve
got to got to do number three and that’s be curious number four don’t limit your
vision and what is that your vision is those goals you have what are your goals
you even have goals I think most people set those goals so low they say well you
know if I want to make more money you know if I could just make another two
thousand dollars a month that would be great I could just make another two
thousand you know I can I could maybe move into a nicer apartment and I could
get myself in a car Y set that go solo you know there’s people out there making
fifty thousand a month there’s people out there making a hundred thousand or a
million a month now I’m not saying you’re gonna go for a minimum wage to a
hundred thousand a month that may be a little bit of a jump though some people
have done it I’m you tell you that they have done it but what I am saying is set
goals that make you feel a little bit more uncomfortable make set a goal that
you haven’t reached before I’ve had people say well I just want to get back
to the money I was earning three years ago why would you want to do that why
wouldn’t you want to exceed what you were earning three years ago here’s the
truth you can do it but back in your mind there’s that fear that you’re going
to have to do something extra get up a little bit early
a little bit harder and yes you will but you can’t achieve it and you’re gonna
feel better about yourself you’ve only got one life you’ve only got one shot at
this why not go ahead and get the most out of
it number five keep learning I got to tell you I was not a great student in
school I was not all I wanted to do was get out of school so I didn’t have to
study anymore so I didn’t have to read me more so I didn’t have to write
anymore and guess what I do now every day I
study I read and I write okay and I have to because it’s for my business but it’s
different now I know now that if I learn more and I do more you know that I’m
gonna get more income things are gonna come to me that I want and I realize
it’s a trade-off yeah it’s uncomfortable to do those things however if I do those
things I get more of what I want so it’s worth it to me so is it worth it to you
to do more to learn more never stop learning number six don’t get
too comfortable don’t do it don’t do it I’ve seen people do it I’ve done it in
my past before where I’m going well I’m I’m earning this amount of money
everything’s pretty good I don’t have to work that hard because I got this amount
of money coming in but you know what that can go away times can change you
know I know in our survival food business we were watching it some days
we were doing $100,000 today we don’t sell that a day now we’d still have some
really good days and we sell the product every single day but if I had just
depended on that and I hadn’t developed any of the other businesses that I have
such as teaching and coaching and you know video channels and YouTube groups
and all these other things I did and I had to rely on that then I would be
uncomfortable you know I don’t want to be so that’s why I do all these actually
of things and realize if you get to the point where you’re pretty comfortable
get scared get scared I’m telling you because if you’re comfortable you will
find yourself throttling back and not doing quite as much because you’re going
11 I’ve got right now don’t let that happen to you
I’m telling you that it’s very dangerous number seven be brave the only way
you’re really going to accomplish a lot improve your life get more done is if
you do stuff that’s uncomfortable if you only do what’s comfortable for you guess
what you never get better and think of a scenario if I said to you right now you
know get down and do push-ups I want you to do push-ups I want you to do as many
as you can and you did five and you look up at me and I look at your face I say
wow that looks like that’s all they can do I’m just looking at their face that’s
all they can do could you possibly come in the next day and do five again in the
next day if you keep pushing yourself could you do six could you do seven
could you do eight a matter of fact after six months could you be doing
twenty push-ups and the answer is obvious it’s yes but how did you get to
20 you got to 20 because you went past the pain point right instead of doing
five everything you pushed yourself a little bit more you push yourself a
little more now here’s the other truth if you can do five push-ups right now
and you come in every day and you’re still only do five you don’t try to get
to six you don’t try to get to seven what are the odds that you’re gonna get
to twenty they’re not very good the only way you can get ahead and do more and
have more is to do what you can do but do all that you can do and there’s a big
difference in that because today all you can do is still not all you can do
you’ve got to push yourself hey I hope you enjoyed this video I really enjoyed
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  1. Hey, have you done something that made you feel uncomfortable? Did you get some good results? I would love to hear the story behind that. Put that in the comments below. Also, click here to grab my $97 eCommerce for FREE.

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