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How to Config a Lightning Partner Community ( Product CPQ, Knowledge, Access, Sites)

honey hi welcome to later OHS in Salesforce this is the English version of what I did for her hair slogan fluke a friend of mine who I met at the invest in Bavaria thing if you guys are looking for invest in Bavaria tips and tricks how to get into the you those guys have great great programs make it super easy I recommend you go talk to them invest in Bavaria org I know this is not a plug this I just know this for a fact so this is a tutorial on how you’re gonna get to a partner portal with a price configurator and price books so that a partner overseas can log in right and basically self configure whatever they need right and how that was set up in Salesforce through a community portal so first you got the community portal Fabio in Brazil locks in or you’re gonna turn bugs in from say San Francisco right what’s the first thing you can control that through permissions Jurgen hernia or Fabio I’m gonna go with Fabio and then you can open up a price book to him that then opens up a product configurator and then here’s where all the how-to is how to is in the community and you open that up with knowledge and entitlements right right so basically a partner portal it could be a customer of the partner but basically you control that in Salesforce in the community so if Sarah wants to log in and she’s not a known user she can’t get into the and she can’t see the price book she can’t see the configurator she can’t see the knowledge you could keep all the knowledge open but I think you want to control it right then Sarah applies oh I work for Fabio’s same company as Fabio boom she has the same access how did we get to a community where they can self quote self to here’s how you enabled sites I’m working this backwards from the foundation sites is like a hybrid website you can render it in English and Spanish into colic and Cantonese there are 29 or 30 versions of English and Salesforce for instance so in sites it’s like a hybrid website it’s kind of like the Chrome extension you have on your browser there’s this new class of tools that just sits in the browser’s right like I have one that links into LinkedIn and it pulls the contact into my G into my G contacts right or I have another Chrome extension that links right into Salesforce and that’s see the video below a lot of videos below that’s it’s a big change so Salesforce has now one chrome extension called Salesforce where they push all the different inboxes through it sites is the same way and then insights you can Park lightning components just like the extensions right in the sights of your company they don’t say it in Salesforce they say it in the site and the site then renders either for internal users or external users that’s how that works it’s revolutionary and insights is where paths exist but we’ll talk about it as it’s a foundational thing because a path could be a it could be a hybrid configuration tool you know like a path for a truck you could limit it to a profile for and setup before it was just record types now you can have a path on anything it’s half a walking path or a quote path for a truck choose the chassis choose an engine all the engines too heavy you know choose the engine choose a–casey choose tires choose a braking system do what kind of freight or whatever you want to do or just a watertight is not our watertight is the is the transmission pressurized that will be male spec than in the ITAR international trafficking arms regulations internal/external this is how you do this enable sites right and how do we get there to keep this video short look for links below and at the end is here the foundational blocks that I’ve built the site things to do a community portal to do communities for your partner’s world worldwide right one translation table I’ve put this link blowout video on that there’s 190 languages or countries or whatever the point is it doesn’t matter whatever language you choose corporates in you can render it you can render it in German or you can render it in English like enable translation tables and you can have it in like the four official languages of San Francisco which are the garlic Filipino Cantonese Spanish in English kind white slider kind of right relatively easy to do see for the video the next thing is profiles what profiles do you want maybe you want to partner profile partner profile at Hamm partner profile amia partner profile India right what this does is because through partner profile here is it gives you the permissions and then it’s how you control the price book access that’s the key right it’s it’s not the name it’s a profile so you can give all the users to your Brazilian partner a certain profile that then gives them a price book access and certain knowledge out hoon ology article access it’s by profile and then entitlements by profile that are linked it’s one-to-one and then record types that’s the old school of you know large look small it’s it’s controls process but with lightning and the lightning components it’s in here the path you have complete freedom it becomes exponential possibilities and paths exponentially right the next one is encrypted fields the fields are important because it’s an easy way to control access to payment gateways or record types that are certain records that are not record types certain records like credit card information customer address just encrypt it right and you can then encrypt it for a single user access for a group of users accounting or like when an opportunity goes to closed one accounting gets to see it write profiles otherwise it’s encrypted right it’s a common error that I see all the time it’s like you know GDP are you have all sorts of GDP are violations of people so then the next thing is knowledge and files files is there ever new solution arey because files enlightening allows you to search the contents so you can be loosey-goosey with your tagging because it searches all the content so before you know scan dot PDF is meaningless now you can search contract McDonnell Douglas I’m just randomly mentioning this right this gives you total visibility but so what I do in my personal Salesforce is I I download something just in a PDF I don’t have to tag it loosey-goosey I just put it into files that’s different than attachments attachments is a PDF that would needs tagging like knowledge which is the next thing I know to show here knowledge is you’re socializing your manuals your content your how-to your videos and there’s a knowledge ecosystem there’s a knowledge manager there’s knowledge articles there’s knowledge right and it’s important because knowledge is a hybrid ecosystem that you push through sites into the community and you get to the how to write knowledge is key because it’s it socializes what you do right and the more your partners know the better you’re off and the less work you have right and then you have paths this is really you can use like a configure product configurator but as I was speaking about like product 1 this is in German product i’ts can be path eins product by its path it’s 5 so it’s a you can have total endless paths you couldn’t have had that two years ago that’s one of the advantages of lightning all right and then the next foundation piece the building block of this house of a community were for a partner can South quote right then you just get the order is an able product enabled price book right and able and the price book now big change here is you can just import it via the Excel spreadsheet couldn’t you couldn’t do it before it was just super Cody it’s like oh my god or data loader or jitter bit or it’s like kill me now right how many excuse you have 10,000 really right because now you can import it with an Excel spreadsheet via CSV and then you can do child products and then the SLA comes up the SLA is a service level agreement which is like do you one 24 hour response 48 it doesn’t include training it’s all the soft services around a product right and for traiga or the contracts object which is service training etc so then you can have out like a year from now when does the contract for warranty expire you want it renewed etc right that’s what I did for a slab kiosk for instance where they had 10,000 installed click kiosks I did sign this NDA but I’m not giving anything that that’s not public and the SLA wasn’t being met so I created a automated shipping process right but that’s where the SLA comes into products and then the last thing is enabled quotes and then you have a hop goat or main quote and you have that checked and then you kind of ten different variations and then you click the last one as that main and it moves it up into the opportunity object then you have the product configurators steel brick Aptus googleman they’re all linked below you should take a look everything has plus and minuses or if the products that very complicated initially just keep it on paths right have a simple price book right and see how it goes get your partners used to throwing it into the community getting a little know-how getting a price book quoting and getting an order right and then the last one is live agent live agents are with snap-ins and chatbots and Piccolo’s chatbots that really is deflection where when a partner has a question before it goes into the case object five agent goes what do you need right so to summarize I’m going to go backwards now translation tables profiles encrypted fields knowledge with files which enables you to do everything here paths which is radical change which sits actually in the hybrid sites cloud-like extensions when you enabled product price and quotes the product configurator live agent then you push it into sites and then you open it up through communities you have internal and external and with that this is how you build an architect a product configurator for products and communities and the Salesforce service and cloud at the end here you’ll see some clicks please subscribe look below thank you so much this is a game changer vielen dank merci beaucoup muchas gracias come show me dad

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