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How to BOOK a Trip Using Ultimate Rewards Points – Full Tutorial 2019

what’s going on everybody David here
today I’m going to show you how to use ultimate reward points to book a flight
but first off on this channel we talk about inspiring people to travel more
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updates on my videos I’ve been really excited really excited about this video
it’s taking me a little bit of time because I wanted to wait to book a trip
so I can show you guys exactly how I use my ultimate war points to book a flight
so that’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna switch over to my screen right now
and we’ll go ahead and take a look okay so first thing we want to do is go to
the united website so i’m on the united website i want to look at my points here
I have 38,000 points I’m gonna need about 70,000 points so I will need to go
over to my chase account but first I want to look at my flights and then I’ll
go over to the chase account and get the ultimate reward points transferred over
to United so you always want to do this first you don’t want to transfer your
points first you always want to make sure that what you want a book is
available and then transfer your points so the first thing I do is look over
here we have round trip one way I want to do multi-city I’m going to explain to
you why in a minute so let’s go ahead and hit a vance search
down here okay so what we’re looking at here is first thing we want to use
points right so we’re gonna hit the awards ticket so yes for that and now we
want to do multi-city so you have round trip one way or multi city multi cities
where we want to book it okay now I’ve already looked at this stuff so if you
have cookies enabled it will remember to just understand that I’ll go over each
each step but it’s easier that way especially if you want to do some
research prior to transferring your mouse over which I recommend doing
you’ll you’ll have everything set up so you’ll have to change anything so we
have LAX so from Los Angeles to Bogota on October 4th and that will be I always
put any time and connectors I want to make it as flexible as possible that way
I get all of the reward seats and I can always fine tune it later if I want to
do that so destination one LAX to Bogota now destination 2 is going to be Bogota
to meta-gene that’s going to be on October 8th so we’ll spend four days in
Bogota and then we’ll go over to meta-gene and that’s destination 2
destination three is going to be managing to Los Angeles that’s going to
be on October 15th and that’s all set up so everything is here I don’t have to
make any other changes the only thing I want to do is I want to do business
class okay so now we’re onto the next screen here and you look at the top
it’ll show you the Sabre awards so you have 35,000 points and that’s what
you’ll need for for each flight here a business class now if I want to fly
economy I can do that’s 20,000 points for economy but my case I want to do
business class okay so what’s important here to note is you have a mixed cabin
on this flight here so what that means is we hit details here it’ll show you
you have a business class flight from Los Angeles to El Salvador and then from
El Salvador to Bogota it’s going to be an economy flight so you want to make
sure that if you want to fly only business class which it makes sense if
you’re using the same amount of points you you don’t do that mix cabin that’s
not what you want okay so I’ll move on down here and I’ve
looked at these flights already and these flights they get there at the same
time 12:30 p.m. but they this one leaves a little bit later now I’m going to tell
you the reason why I like that the 12 a.m. flight compared to the 1:30 a.m.
so the 1:30 a.m. you get the details on that you see the the connector here it’s
one hour in five minutes I don’t want to have that short of a connection I want
to have a little bit more time just in case something goes wrong with the plane
and they’re delayed for a little bit I run a chance of missing this flight here
so I don’t mind getting to the airport an hour and a half prior to the this
flight in order to get that make sure I don’t have any problems so looking at
the 12 a.m. flight the details on that our connection is now two hours in 24
minutes so I have a little bit more time if they have some delays and and stuff
like that I can still make this flight so that’s where I want to focus on okay
so 35,000 miles like I said make sure you don’t do the mix cabman because you
have all these available that are just business class right business class for
each flight you have business class you get a snack and then you’ll get
breakfast from El Salvador to Bogota so that’s nice so I’ll go ahead and select
this flight here okay so now I booked the multi-city okay so I
wanted to get a stopover in on this flight and you can do this with the
excursionists perk with United this is a really good really good deal here so the
excursion this perk will say that I can do a stopover
and that’s what I did here I don’t have to use any points in order to do this
stopover okay so I was flying from Los Angeles to Bogota and then I spent four
days in Bogota and then that way that’s my stopover and now I want to go from
Bogota to meta-gene so this flight here zero points I have to pay taxes and fees
that’s going to be four dollars and seventy cents so I can go ahead and look
down here and find an available flight and I’ve looked at this already so I
think I like this one the best main reason it’s 2:40 p.m. I figure I’m gonna
leave the leaf to the airport pile around 11:30 12 o’clock that’ll give me
plenty of time to get get to my flight and it’s gonna be on Avianca a320 I like
to fly an a320 a321 those are the the planes that I really prefer I don’t
really like flying on the smaller plays like the 319 or anything like that so in
this case this will work for me so I’ll go ahead and hit select okay now we have
to do the last flight here so just to kind of recap we went from Los Angeles
to Bogota and then we went from Bogota to meta-gene that was a stopover and so
now we need to get that flight back home and so that will be 35,000 points as
well so just looking on down here and this is this is where you should always
hit details when you’re using United you always hit the details so you want to
find out exactly what type of plane you’re flying on that makes a big
difference a huge difference that I’m going to show you why I here so looking
at this flight here I already looked at this one
if you hit details it’s gonna be a 10-hour flight and your first flight is
going to be from meta-gene to Bogota okay so that’s a short what fifty seven
minute flight you’re gonna go business class there and then you’ll have
business class down here but look at this flight here you’re gonna be flying
on a 787 so you’re flying on a Dreamliner so that’s lie flat seats
that’s a true business class experience so that’s really good that you’re able
to do that so from Bogota to Los Angeles I’ll have a real nice flight and that’ll
be a seven hour and 45 minute flight so you want to look for those little
details because you might look at some of these other flights down here and
it’ll be business class but it’ll be a smaller plane it’s not gonna be life
flat like flat seats so really important to look at the details and so I already
looked at this one leaves at 958 that’s perfect for me I’ll have to get up too
early and so we’ll go ahead and select that one okay so here we are we’re at
the very end here now you see it’s saying that I need 31,000 points in
order to book this flight almost pretty much 32,000 points in order to book the
flight so I’m sure I only had 38,000 I need an additional 31,000 so I need
70,000 need to use 70,000 miles if I want to book it taxes and fees would be
885 dollars and eighty three cents now if I want to just pay I can do points
and cash so you can do that if I want to pay it’s gonna cost six hundred and
eighty eight dollars in addition to taxes and fees plus 270 thousand miles
okay let me explain a little bit here so you saw that it said seventy thousand
miles plus six hundred and eighty-eight dollars and then it had the eighty-five
dollars or something like that for your taxes and fees now the if you use the
thirty-eight thousand points that I already had so I have thirty-eight
thousand points if I use thirty-eight thousand points I can buy the additional
points that I need for six hundred and eighty-eight dollars now if I want to
use my own points if I have other points I can the ultimate rewards like when I
transfer the points over then I can do that I don’t have to pay the six hundred
eighty eight dollars so basically what they’re saying is thirty eight thousand
points plus six hundred eighty eight dollars will equal seventy thousand
points and then all you need to do in that case is pay the taxes and fees was
just like what eighty five dollars or so so that’s that I just want to kind of
explain that to you guys we can go ahead and move forward now I know I can
transfer points from Chase so that’s what I’ll do next we’ll just transfer
those points over and then you’ll see this price drop down okay so now I’m at
my chase account and I want to transfer points from a cash back card into a
Chase Sapphire reserve you can do it Chase Sapphire Reserve taste a fire
preferred or the chasing business plus card those cards will allow me to
transfer my points directly into an airline or hotel now the cash back cards
won’t allow you to do that so you can earn point
turn the cash back cards and then transfer them up if you want to do that
if you want to just cash them out you can also do that and just take cash back
but you’re gonna get the best value if you transfer them to different transfer
partners so let’s go ahead and do that so the chase Inc cash card that’s where
I’m going to transfer the points and well I’ll show you guys how to do that
so go ahead and click here okay so now it opens up my accounts and it shows me
exactly what where I can transfer points from and to so I want to go from the
chasing cash card to the Chase Sapphire Reserve card so chasing cash Chase
Sapphire Reserve all right so it’s showing me all the points that I have
and now it’s allowing me to to click how many points I won so I want to do other
amount I don’t I don’t need to transfer them all right now so I’ll go ahead and
do the 32,000 that’s what we wanted to do there so 32 thousand points that’s
what we’re transferring over to our Chase Sapphire reserve so now just go
down to the bottom here hit review and they showing you your points will remove
instantly and I can confirm and submit okay it’s showing that you have
successfully moved your points so I moved 32,000
and so now I want to go to the Chase Sapphire Reserve homepage and then I’ll
do the rest of the bookie okay now I’m in a Chase Sapphire Reserve account and
now you see I have transferred to travel partners okay you didn’t have this with
the cash back card so I want to go ed and click on that okay so I already have
these accounts set up if you don’t have the accounts set up already you do have
to go down and make those make that arrangement down here and you just need
to put your information in there with the accounts so if I have British
Airways account then I just need to link that account to the chase account okay
so now I want to transfer all my points into the mileage plus account so I go
ahead and click on that transfer points and we already know it’s 32 thousand
points that we need to transfer so we’ll go ahead and do that so put 32 there and
then hit continue okay now it’s telling me it’s gonna be 32,000 that I’m
transferring so we’ll go ahead and move down here and then we’re going to
confirm and submit and there it says thank you so now it takes probably about
five minutes I would check back in like five minutes just to make sure that the
points have been transferred over appropriately so I will go back to
United and so now we’re in the united count and it’s been now like 30 seconds
since so i just want to do a refresh real quick just to see if there’s any
change okay so it’s just that fast is about took like a minute really and i’m
looking at it so now i have seventy thousand miles plus $85 for taxes and
fees eighty-five dollars and eighty three cents so now i’m ready to hit
submit and we’re ready to book the flight okay so this is something
important to understand if you’re booking on united and flying on a
different airline carrier you sometimes you can’t pick your seat so in this case
i’m not able to pick my seat for any of the flights so i will have to contact
Avianca to to make this seating arrangement if i want to do that i’m
flying business class so really I’m fine with either window seat or aisle seat
they’re both comfortable the the Dreamliner so the flight back
I do want a window seat so I will probably contact them about that seat so
let’s go ahead and move on ok so something else I want to mention is the
travel insurance so a lot of credit cards will give you travel insurance but
it doesn’t cover medical expenses for the most part the Chase Sapphire Reserve
will cover up to like twenty five hundred dollars but that’s that’s kind
of rare so you might want to get travel insurance through a third party and
that’s what I’m gonna do here and this is all set up with United so that’s good
it is at a discount of great so its twenty seven dollars for this insurance
it will cover twenty five thousand up to twenty five thousand dollars for medical
emergency expense and that’s my main my main reason for getting the insurance
all the other stuff your credit cards usually will cover you for like the lost
luggage and delays and stuff like that but the medical coverage that’s what I
really am concerned with so go ahead and click yes here that’ll be twenty seven
dollars and it will add to my costume so that’s it it’s pretty easy when it comes
to the ultimate award points to transfer your points over it’s not very hard you
did see that I had had points on a cash back card I transferred those points
from the cash back card over to the chase fi Reserve and then from the chase
after I reserve I transferred it over to United you don’t have to do that if you
already have points in the Chase Sapphire reserve the Chase Sapphire
Preferred or the chase ink business preferred
if you have points already in those systems you don’t have to transfer
because they’re not cash back cards they have the direct transfer partner so you
don’t have to do that extra little step but I thought I might show you that just
for people who have like the Chase Freedom Card Chase Freedom unlimited or
the Chase Inc unlimited of the chase Inc cash card those cards you have to
transfer your points up to one of the cards that has the the transfer partner
so I wanted to show you that okay so the next thing I want to talk about this is
very very crucial make sure you go through all the steps so you’re going to
make sure everything is available and then transfer your points over you don’t
want to transfer your points over and then wait a couple of days and then try
to book your flight because it might not be available and you can’t transfer
those points back over to the ultimate rewards program so make sure you’re
ready to go so sit down grab a cup of coffee go through all the steps and make
sure everything is available and then transfer those points over another thing
as you saw how I did the multi City I did multi City when I did my booking so
I went to advance to the multi City that way it allowed me to to book an extra
stop so I have that that stopover in Bogota and I was able to stay in Bogota
for a few days and then I can go to medicine which is my destination but the
stopover is always great I didn’t have to use any points in order to stay in
Bogota and fly from Bogota over to meta-gene okay another thing to mention
is you want to check the details every time so if you’re in the United click
the little detail tab see how long your layover is see what flights you’re
flying all right what planes you’re flying now that’s really important you
saw my flight back I’m flying on a Dreamliner
so that business class experience is much better than the business class
experience on the way up on a320 a321 so check the details it’s very very
important to do that so that’s it I just wanted to show you how I use Ultima war
points to book a flight I will do a hotel version on this trip I am staying
at the Grand Hyatt but I use cash to stay so that’s really not exciting so I
want to show you how to use points so when I do have a booking where I’m using
points to stay at a hotel I will show you guys that if you like this video to
please give me a thumbs up please subscribe for more and check out these
videos over here for more great content talk to you later bye

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