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How The Danish Growth Fund Is Involved In The Ecosystem – Valuer

My name is Ditte Rude Moncur. I’m the Head of the Executive Secretariat and the Analysis department at the Danish Growth Fund (Vækstfonden).
As a state fund, we feel like we are, of course, seeing ourselves as a
a crucial part of this ecosystem and it’s just great to be here alongside all the
other investors, alongside all the other great, interesting companies that we have
here in Denmark. A lot of startups come to us, of course, but we try to be present in the ecosystem in all the right places, so, try to be there, where the startups are. If it’s in office spaces, if it’s conferences like this, we try to be there
where the startups are. But, of course, there are a lot of startups that are
contacting us, alongside also with other private actors, that are recommending us. For Vækstfonden we are investing with a
lot of different type of products, so we do everything from guarantees to loans
to direct VC investments to fund investments from the fund investments.
But looking at companies, we always look at the leadership team, first and
foremost, the ones that are executing the business plans, but we also look, of
course, at the business plans, at the markets they are entering, and trying to
understand and analyze the risk that we are taking.

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