Importance of Natural Resources

How Ecology supports sustainable lending (with subtitles)

Ecology is different because we believe
it’s possible to build a better greener society and because we’re owned by our
members we bring people together and use money to have a positive impact on the world we share by helping people to build or renovate homes, supporting
renewable energy and community-led housing projects that help more people to afford their own place our savers’ money is building a greener more ethical
future. So whether it’s through support for sustainable lifestyles such as houseboat moorings or an energy efficient building project. Our mortgages and
savings make our communities better in practical sustainable ways. Our members
share our belief in the power of coming together to campaign for positive change, that by enabling people to make a difference through their own actions we
can all improve our lives and the communities we’re a part of; and from
reducing our own carbon footprint to paying our share of tax and having fair
pay for all. We also understand that change starts at home Ecology is different find out how today at

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