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How CATASTROPHIC Is The Future Of CLIMATE CHANGE? | Mashable Explains

– Your planet has warmed up by
nearly two degrees Fahrenheit, or just over one degree Celsius, since the late 1800s. This is because humanity
has pumped a prodigious amount of carbon dioxide
into the atmosphere. In fact, the amount of the
CO2 in the atmosphere today is the highest it’s been
in at least 800,000 years. But more likely millions of years. But that’s not even the bad news, we’re on track to warm
Earth by around another three-and-a-half degrees
Fahrenheit this century alone. That projected warming is
based upon nations’ current, woefully insufficient policies
to slash carbon emissions. Climate scientists have
researched how much Earth is like to warm based upon
how much carbon we’ll burn this century, have concluded this is
likely where we’re headed. Though critically, these
scientists stress this warming could end up being less or just the opposite. That’s because there are still
hotly researched questions, about how different parts of the world, like the oceans, the arctic, and clouds, will react to a
continually warming planet. The “good news,” is it’s pretty unlikely, but not impossible, that humans will heat the planet even more by a whopping nine degrees Fahrenheit. That would basically mean, digging up and burning all the
reachable coal on the planet but the warming that we’re on track for, another three-and-a-half so degrees, will still be pretty damn catastrophic. Just look at what this warming
has done to charred Australia, rapidly melting Greenland, and the relentlessly warming oceans. This is a world we want to avoid. So imagine if we did something. If society did radically transform our transportation, energy
and industrial systems. There’s hope we could limit
the terrible consequences of an artificially heated globe. (intense electronic music)

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  1. 'Climate change' did NOT cause the fires in Australia! There have been worse fires in Austalia over the last 200 years and longer (well before your CO2 induced climate change). People were mainly responsible through poor forest management, carelessness and arson. And before you get all upset – I do believe in climate change just not your catastrophic, end of world version where you have to use every bad event for publicity -even when there is no link.

  2. The planet has not warmed by 2 degree F. 
    Stop using fraudulent data from NOAA.
    NOAA use temp models to guess temps at locations where weather stations have been shut down. Up to 40% NOAA's data is fabricated.

  3. The ohio valley was a glacier 20000 years ago….
    There are biblical villages at the bottom of lakes then became flooded…
    The earth has been warming for over 20000 years!!!
    The industrial revolution has only been going on for about 150 years…
    So how do you explain the warming that occured before the industrial age…
    These people don't even understand how stupid they sound while spouting thus crap.

  4. Wow, that's a lot of facts and empirical evidence you got there.

    In the future, when you realize you were lied to, the term is "useful idiot".

  5. same flippin' story every year for the last 100 years. nothing ever happens.
    climate cult members WANT people to start starving to death just to prove their point.

    that's right climate cult members. you're religious fundamentalists

  6. Mashable: you're doing nothing just posting a video. Especially if you don't have an army to support its claims.

  7. I see climate deniers – many of them bots- have gotten to the comments section. Because that will change what people can now see all around them- lol. Get a life guys, and try talking to a climatologist.

  8. The scientists & experts never agreed or said it was 100% proven. Prove me wrong.
    Or is it just a little tiny catastrophic crisis:)?
    Are they 99% sure the planet isn't flat?
    If it was your mother dying you wouldn't want them to say it was proven?
    So science is never allowed to say anything is proven even if it is to save the planet?
    Will they say it before it's too late to say it?
    Science never said it was proven so how do you get away with telling kids it is proven?
    Who's the fear monger?
    Who is eagerly issuing CO2 death threats to their own children with sickening glee?
    You will all be seen as Y2K jokes, silly prophets of doom & laughably failed fortune tellers in your kid's history books.

  9. This the millionth one of these videos on youtue.

    What is it specifically that you would like me to do? Please, what in my daily routine am I doing or not doing that is a contributing factor.

    I have yet to see one video provide a solution to problem you’ve known about for decades.

  10. I feel that climate change denial is often the result of a kind of escaping the feeling of hopelessnes, something that prompted me to think for some time that "the problem too big a problem and there is nothing I can do anyway". Denial was an easy way out for me. Until I came across a book on Kindle by Dr. Mieke Garrett that addresses this phenomenon titled "Climate Change Hopelessness". It really opened my eyes to what I and anyone can do to make changes and overcome hopelessness, not just in regard to climate change.

  11. The global warming, yes GLOBAL WARMING (I detest the changing of the name to climate change by weak minded leaders in their effort to manipulate public perception of the problem) of our planet is a real as the Covid19 pandemic, regardless of what the illiterate fool leader in US may say. Covid19 may be a blessing in disguise as it culls the human overpopulation and curbs industrial emissions. The world does not need more oil exploration, plastic or nuclear waste. Geothermal, solar, tidal and wind power will give us more electricity than we need.

  12. You cannot control the earth's weather or temperature silly Democrats.

    Google: How climate change has affected each state.

    In the Paris Climate Accords, which the United States backed out of under President Trump, the goal was to keep warming below 2 degrees Celsius; globally, we are not even on track to do that. According to Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb & Various Online resources, famous Activist Greta Thunberg's net worth is $49 Million at the age of 16 years old. She earned the money being a professional Activist. She is from Sweden. Her parents are happy she doesn’t have to go to school. Over billions of years and 5 major ice ages ago I agree the climate does indeed change. Thank goodness.

    Here are more SCAMS/LIES the Democrats have tried to pull on America.

    1960s: Oil reserves will be depleted in 10 years

    1970s: Another Ice Age coming in 10 years

    1980s: Acid Rain will destroy all crops in 10 years

    1990s: Ozone layer will be destroyed in 10 years

    2000s: The Ice Caps will be gone in 10 years

    -None of these catastrophes happened but all resulted in increased taxes and regulation.

    Since when is a child with Asperger’s a consulting scientist and a world leader on climate and the environment time? Asperger syndrome is a developmental disorder characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests. Nothing like having a 17 year old spoiled princess media darling with Asperger's as the poster child for climatology.

    Time to arrest her parents.

    Google: Polar bear population bounces back despite climate change warning

  13. The question climate changers can't answer? So, what caused the glaciers to recede thousands and thousands of years ago creating the Great Lakes and many others with no industry and less or no humans? Besides that, 2000 years ago you were told that it will get warmer. I don't need no stats from 1800 to tell me…..even the Earth's core is hot. So, if you have fear, you must not be right with God.

  14. Antarctica has 2 active volcanoes melting ice from below the surface. Fact.

    Climate change is nothing new. Only pollution is new.

  15. It's funny that humans think they can change the climate for the better.
    The Earth is warming we can't stop that.
    Look at the climatology records, temperature goes up and down every couple thousand years.
    We are in between an ice age. If humans live long enough will see another ice age too.

    Climate works on a cycle.
    Just look up solar minimum. And ice core samples.

    I'll be waiting.

  16. A century from now the world is going to be dramatically different. Carbon emissions continue to rise and it's already 2020. There is no serious effort being made to rebuild the fossil fuel powered world, so the problem will become significantly more compounded.

    This isn't going to go away, it's only going to become more and more intense. At some point people will become scared and things will change. Scrolling through comments here from deniers, you have to shake your head. What is there to deny? CO2 levels are going up and up and up. The atmosphere is being changed. This is going to have effects.

    It's already about 50% higher than nature kept it at for all those years, and it holds in the heat. Why is this so hard to comprehend for some people?

  17. So many science illiterate sheep denying the fact of climate change. Denying climate change will not save you from it!

  18. Always refreshing to see the Youtube dislike-like ratio. Reminds you the silent majority are level headed and not total pillocks like this bruh.

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