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Hippos – Wildlife in Serengeti EP02, #04, 하마들

Hippos can be anywhere there are rivers, lakes, swamps or water
in the Serengeti. Hippos live in groups
and sometimes in the dry season, hundreds of hippos live in one place. Hippos are famous
for the size of their mouth, but rather, should be famous
for their ability to stay in water. They can stay
about 5 minutes underwater. Hippos spend much time
in the water to prevent their skin from drying out
under the scorching sun. This one,
blowing air out of its nose, is announcing to the others
that this is its territory. Hippos are very exact about
maintaining their territory. As soon as these two ignorant
Tommy’s gazelles step into their territory, a hippo makes a go at the Tommy. The other one standing by
will face the same fate. They were understood as intruders,
thereby killed. Hippos will attack all intruders
whether it be man or lion, but they are usually grass eating
and peace loving animals.

Reader Comments

  1. 아니 ㅁㅊ 영역 들어오면 피아식별없이 죽여버리는데 평화주의자라니;;; 어깨빵해서 사람쳐도 평화주의자라고하겠네;;;

  2. 하마는 원래 초식동물이라 풀을 뜯어먹지만 영역을 침범하면 자신보다 덩치 작으면 누구든 때려잡는애임 그런식으로 악어도 영역 침범하다가 하마한테 잡아먹힌 사례들이 많음

  3. 0:46 sec. Les hippopotames défèquent n'importe où afin de marquer leur territoire. Pour cette raison, comme les espaces où ils défèquent deviennent leur territoire, ils deviennent très agressifs et par ce fait, Ils sont particulièrement repoussant et très dangereux avec les autres espèces d'animaux, même les éléphants.

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