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Health and Climate | Richard Horton

My name is Richard Horton and I’m editor
of The Lancet. The climate emergency that we’re facing today, is the most important existential crisis facing the human species and since medicine is all about
protecting and strengthening the human species it should be absolutely
foundational to the practice of what we do every single day.
The GMC publishes an extremely important document which guides all health
professionals duties of a doctor. The duties of a doctor are first and
foremost to an individual patient or the public that they serve. The climate
crisis is one of the most, I would say the most existential crisis facing our
communities in the world today doctors and all health professionals have a
responsibility and obligation to engage in all kinds of non-violent social
protest to address the climate emergency. That is the duty of a doctor. The GMC
based on its own documentation should be fully supportive of all health
professionals who engage in that kind of non-violent social protest. My thoughts
about the doctors who’ve been arrested during the Extinction Rebellion protests
are thoughts of extreme humility. I hope that those who work in the medical
profession, not just recognize the contribution that they have made
personally but make sure that they are protected from anybody who might seek to
damage or harm their future careers in medicine we’re the only species that
exists that’s created this incredible superstructure of a health system.
Fundamentally human beings care about each other. We wouldn’t have built health
systems if we didn’t care about each other we wouldn’t have nurses wouldn’t
have doctors or any other health professionals we would have created
clinics or hospitals unless we fundamentally loved one another. Surely
there’s not only great hope but also great encouragement for health
professionals and their organizations and other groups in society to work
together to cooperate together to solve these problems that we face collectively. If every single person who’s a health professional just did one thing every
single week, we’d be having millions of people committing themselves, acting in a
way that when you multiply that up over time could be absolutely
transformational for the politics of our country. That should be inspiring hope
amongst all of us that we really can achieve social change and if you look at
the history of social activism and the history of social change, that is what
has done it the brave acts sometimes the small brave acts of a large number of
people have made the difference and that’s our task our responsibility today
in the 21st century.

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  1. "if every health professional just did one thing every single week we'd be having millions of people committing themselves". ie "if millions of people got involved regularly there would be millions of people involved regularly"

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