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Half a Century with Iran Nature | Mohammad Ali Inanlou | TEDxTehran

Translator: Mehrnoosh Baratpour
Reviewer: Leila Ataei It is said that when you die – I’m sorry to start with death – Well, I’ve faced
lots of dangerous situations for my job, two of which led to my death! (Laughter) Believe me, I’m not exaggerating. I had read up on it and had watched in movies
that in the last moment your whole life is somehow reviewed. This actually happens. Around 20 years ago, at night, I was driving to the place
where cameramen had gone earlier. It was near Lar river,
at the foot of Mount Damavand and I was all alone. Don’t remember if I went asleep,
but my car crashed into the river. The car didn’t turn off
and I was Carbon Monoxide poisoned. They later found me, though. I’ve got artificial front teeth. This is because my jaw was locked and they opened it with a screwdriver
to rescue my breath in CPR. I was clinically dead. And my whole life flashed before my eyes. All happened maybe in just some seconds. Even the memories
that I had completely forgotten. Once again, it happened to me
2 or 3 months ago. I mean I was dead somewhere else! And in the hospital… (Laughter) I was in coma for a week. So I sometimes need to pause,
and then continue speaking. It’s considered as a side effect
of my coma. Again, I saw the same things. This is part of my job – part of what I do for a living – to face various danger. To overcome cold weather, hot weather,
the desert or mountains. To face bears, panthers, snakes,
vipers, rattlesnakes… Maybe I’m the only director in the world to have camera repairing papers, once stating broken camera circuits
because of too cold weather. Which happened in Miquan basin, in Arak. Also once stating broken camera circuits
because of too hot weather. Which happened in Gandom-Berian
in Dasht-e Loot. If you check my old camera’s shader, you’ll find a panther claw mark. (Laughter) Also there’s a mark of the two fangs
of a viper. Each person has their own job. One works as an archivist employee, and one… (Laughter) And one like me,
well, he should be crazy to do all this. I’m willing to share with you
the two aspects of my life and my experiences
during all these years. For both of which, I believe to be one
of the record holders in Iran. First, producing documentary movies, and producing radio and TV programs, and producing cultural products. Considering my radio
and television programs, and also being the editor-in-chief
at five different magazines, and my 50 years of activity, and hundreds of articles published by me
as a journalist for half a century, I’m probably one of the record holders
in the world. (Applause) Also, for the last 40 years, I’ve road-tripped across Iran
for over 4 million kilometers. The number is exact, because I’ve counted. Not considering my air travels, and not considering my travels
to other countries – North America, South America, Africa, India, National parks, and other places – I’ve done 4 million kilometers
of road-trip inside Iran. It’s even more than 4 million kilometers. How did I count it? Well, each car I buy works for exactly 400,000 kilometers. Then, if it’s still working – not flood-damaged or fallen down a hill, or lost in an earthquake – I’ve got the chance to groom it. My cars are my buddies. Then I park them aside,
and visit them sometimes. Some months ago I bought my eleventh car. This means 10 cars,
each worked 400,000 kilometers. Most of my cars are still there,
so it’s not about pissing on someone’s leg and saying it’s raining. (Laughter) Why did I go on these many trips? Because of the reason I just told you – I’ve done different cultural productions especially documentary movies, and also radio and television programs. Whenever I went to a place like
Persepolis, it made me feel very uncomfortable to face the figure of a Persian soldier
being marked on the head by a key or a knife or something. The figure of the Parthian king being marked as a memento. The tall oak apple tree being cut. Jungles being cut down. Wetlands drying out. Lakes drying out. And I was thinking… Why is this happening? Why are the trees being cut? You might have seen, a lady in a village sweeping up the yard, gathering the dust, and throwing it away across the wall, to the street. This matter is not at all related to being
educated or rich or your social class. I’m pretty sure that most of you – or some of you – have witnessed this scene: A 500 million-Toman car
or a 1-billion-Toman car driving in front of you. Then the window pulls down and an elegant hand comes out
of the window – wearing jewelry, glittering rings
and bracelets – and throws away a plastic bag
of orange peel, banana peel and so on. You might have witnessed the same. Why does this hand come out of the window and throw away the waste to the street? Why isn’t the waste thrown inside the car? Because the car belongs to the person. There’s a sense of ownership. A sense of possession. Why is that mark drawn on the figure of a Persian soldier? And not drawn on the walls
of their own house? Because the house belongs to that person. There’s a sense of belonging. I spent a lot of time thinking. I was very upset, and angry. Why don’t we appreciate what we have? Why are we destroying our own assets? I was sitting in a chair. Lit a cigarette, and thought… Since cigarette is bad for your health, you can omit this part. I just started thinking. (Laughter) (Applause) It was like our friend who leapt out of bathtub shouting Eureka! (Laughter) I had found it too. What leads to cutting the beeches? What leads to marking ancient figures? What leads to getting rid of our waste? No sense of belonging, and lack of ownership. We must be reminded that we are the children
of King Tahmuras – the Legendary Great King. When he was giving some advice to his son, making him ready for the crown, one part of his advice was: “Talk to animals with compassion.” Please note the value of words. Not only stop annoying them. Not only stop animal exploitation, but also talk to them with compassion. What has changed that we are hurting animals this much? The poor hyena is trapped, and we are hitting it with a stick. What has changed that we
genocide thousands of geese? Aren’t we the children of King Tahmuras? Assuming that we weren’t switched at birth
in the hospital, we were lost somewhere in the history… We… were lost somewhere in the history… Otherwise there’s no other reason
to treat our belongings this way. This loss has happened because
of our forgotten social psychology. The psychology taught to us
by historical determinism. The historical determinism forced to us
by geographical determinism. Our country is placed
in a very dangerous crossroad. During the years in history anyone
who got bored came to our country and somehow hurt us. Once Alexander invaded. Once Mongols invaded. Once Arabs invaded. All hurt us somehow… All this led our people to lose this sense of belonging to our country. I’m not saying that we lack patriotism. We are patriots. On each war, our people have gone to the front with pleasure. sacrificed, were maimed, were captivated, and saved the country. Otherwise we couldn’t speak Persian
right now. (Applause) Consider Ariobarzanes of Persis,
exactly the opposite of the 300 movie… Ariobarzanes and 300 soldiers
stood against Alexander. Consider the 8 years of war with Iraq
which was forced on us. We are a nation with a lot of paradox. On the one side, we die for saving
our country. on the other side,
we cause drying of Lake Urmia. (Applause) Anyway… We were lost somewhere in history. I, Mohammad Ali Inanlou contemplated for a while. Apart from what I mentioned before, I was thinking, what is my role here? As a journalist, I have to do something to bring back this sense of belonging, and sense of possession in my people. Which is recently being felt by our people. With the help of our youths… Our young people, are really wonderful. Believe me, I truly trust them. My son, my youngest son, Alborz was studying
in a European country. One day, at the sunset we were walking and discussing this subject. He said the same thing as I just told you. I told him, you talk like a racist! It’s not so. Our young people ain’t that good! He asked me to go with him… In that country, Hungary, there were some kiosks in the street
selling sandwiches named Gorosh or something. The formula was very simple: bread, lettuce, and meat, and sauce… This simple… Alborz ordered two sandwiches.
I said, “We’ve just had…”, He said, “We are not going to eat!” The young boy was preparing the sandwich. Alborz asked him for directions. Believe me, the sandwich was destroyed. Pouring the sauce on his pants… Missing lettuce and tomato pieces… He neither gave directions, nor made the sandwich properly. You may go to the Argentina square,
Africa square in Tehran. A Kurdish young boy used to sit there. Fortunately now his business
has developed. He owns a store in Vozara street, named Yadi. He has walking disability. Unbelievable, but, simultaneously
he served ten customers asking for tobacco, cigarette, and stuff. And he served them pretty well. He also held this bunch of money
in his hand and everyone was satisfied with him. Our young people are wonderful. That’s why, now, we cannot start to dry Lake Urmia! We no more can, because our youngsters will stop us. My generation was illiterate and inept. (Applause) (Applause) (Laughter) (Laughter) Bernard Shaw – Oh thank you! (Laughter) Bernard Shaw once said, “I wasn’t upset of not being applauded, I was upset of your applause!” (Laughter) But it was great! Thank you! (Applause) I started my trips, produced my films, and fortunately it had some influence. Thus, I am one of the men who is satisfied
with his 68-year-old life. And I had the idea of transferring the sense of belonging to the people, to the young people of my country as much as I could. Now when I visit my students, one is a professor, one is working at some company… And they feel the very sense of belonging
to our country. Then I’m happy. I wish for a day, when our country belongs to us in a way that we are truly dependent on it, and completely feel we belong to it. And stop scattering to every corner of the world just like a tumbleweed in the desert, big, but with no root, tumbling away in the wind. Iran is ours. (Applause)

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  1. نیم قرن با طبیعت ایران // چطور طبیعت ایران از طریق پارادایمی نو ما را شیفته‌ی خود می‌کند: تنوع و تراکم.

    محمدعلی اینانلو //

    محمدعلی اینانلو روزنامه نگار و فیلم ساز طبیعت است که بیش از پنجاه سال در طبیعت ایران و جهان گشته، دیده، آموخته، نوشته و فیلم ساخته‌ است.

    او که به عنوان بهترین کارگردان فیلم‌های مستند ایران‌شناسی از سوی سازمان میراث فرهنگی و گردشگری انتخاب شده، تا کنون در ساخت بیش از سی‌و دو فیلم مستند نقش داشته و کارگردانی و تهیه‌کنندگی مجموعه‌هایی چون «ایران و ایرانی» و همچنین «ایران، جهانی در یک مرز» را به عهده داشته است، برنامه‌ای که چهار بار از سوی مخاطبین شبکه جهانی جام‌جم برنامه برگزیده شده و عنوان تهیه‌کننده‌ی برتر شبکه جام‌جم را برای اینانلو به ارمغان آورده است.

    از میان نیم قرن سوابق مطبوعاتی وی می‌توان به سردبیری مجلات «گردش»، «Silk Road»، «شکار و طبیعت»، «جهانگردان» و «طبیعت» اشاره کرد.

    اینانلو که به عنوان شخصیت برتر زیست‌محیطی انتخاب شده، پروژه‌هایی چون ساخت باشگاه هنر و طبیعت، ساخت مستند از مناطق حفاظت شده استان‌های فارس و اصفهان و محیط زیست گیلان را در درست داشته و در تأسیس اولین سینمای مستند زیست‌محیطی مشارکت دارد.

    وی هم‌اکنون مدیر و صاحب‌امتیاز مؤسسه آموزش و تحقیقات طبیعت، مدیر عامل و صاحب امتیاز دفتر خدمات مسافرتی طبیعت ایران، مجری و کارگردان برنامه‌های «ایران، جهانی در یک مرز» شبکه جهانی جام‌جم و «روز از نو» شبکه دو سیما، مجری و تهیه‌کننده‌ی برنامه تلویزیونی «گردش» شبکه چهار سیما، مجری و کارگردان بخش ایران‌شناسی برنامه «صبحی دیگر» شبکه آموزش سیما و مدرس اکوتوریسم است.

  2. AGAIN.. I strongly suggest TEDx to tag the LANGUAGE so that we can avoid videos which are beyond the languages we speak! THANK YOU.

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  7. Iran has to prove itself to the world or assimilate which the latter is the perfect way the world expect Iran to prove itself.

  8. Miss this man so much! He really did contribute a lot to the environmental literacy development among Iranians during his life. Iran will not see men like him again. Rest in peace, dear Mohammad Ali Inanlou.

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  18. This is a perfect example of how the real Iranian people are. They are peace and nature loving people. As in every bad situation it’s not the people that make a country bad it’s the governments that make a country bad.

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    خلبان آرشید مطیع قوانین
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