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Grey Wolf vs Spotted Hyena Who would win this battle? Wolves and hyenas coexisted in Europe and Asia during the Pleistocene Ice Age, and probably did fight, at least on occasion. Wolves and hyenas are both able pack hunters, as well; the former regularly take down bison and moose, the latter deal with cape buffalo, zebra, and wildebeest. It is, interestingly, the male wolf that is larger and leads the pack, but the female takes these roles in hyenas. The Common Wolf is also known as the Gray Wolf. This is the type of wolf that most people are familiar with. However, they are often mistaken for other types of wolves out there. This is because the actual appearance of them can be drastically different based upon the location they are in. Some of the Common Wolves out there only weigh about 80 pounds. Others can be closer to 100 pounds. They range in length from 4 ½ feet to 6 feet. The colors of them can include brown, gray, black, red, white, and a mix of various colorings and shades. The head and the muzzle of these wolves are narrow compared to other species. They also don’t have the same mass across the shoulders. Yet they are still very powerful animals. They aren’t as fast as other animals, but they have a stamina that can’t be matched. So they may not have that initial speed but they can go the distance at a good rate. They have very sharp teeth and jaws. It is believed they have more than three times the biting power behind them than the average canine. What is very interesting is that the saliva from a Common Wolf has been proven to help new tissues grow and to reduce the risk of an infection occurring. Spotted Hyenas are the largest species of hyena, with females being up to 10% larger than males. They have a body length of 4.25 feet, a tail length of 10 inches and they weigh between 135 – 155 pounds. Their coat is short and it is sandy to grey/brown in colour with black spots. The hair on their neck and back slopes forward and it stands on end when the hyena becomes excited. Spotted Hyenas are strongly built animals and they have a large head and neck. Their ears are short and rounded and they have extremely strong jaws. Their front legs are longer than their hind which gives their back a sloping appearance. Their feet have four toes with broad toe pads and non-retractable claws. Females are difficult to distinguish from males due to them having enlarged sexual organs. They are often displayed in meeting ceremonies to reinforce social bonds and hierarchies. Habitat/Distribution Today the range of the Grey Wolf has been reduced to the following areas of the United States: Alaska, Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Grey Wolves can also be found in Alaska, Canada, as well as Russia and a few eastern European countries. Historically, Grey wolves have the largest range of any land mammal, other than people. Grey wolves have lived in all habitats in the Northern Hemisphere except for tropical forest. Grey wolves tend to occupy forests, tundra and grassy plains as well as deserts and mountains. Spotted Hyenas are found on the prey rich savannahs of Africa. Their social structure is female dominated and they live in clans containing 5 – 80 members. When young males reach adulthood they usually leave their maternal clan but young females stay with the clan they were born into. They share a communal den and latrine and they occupy a territory of 15 – 390 sq. miles. They defend their territory using calls, scent marking and boundary patrols. Diet Grey wolves are carnivores. Their natural diet is solely meat and they often prey on animals larger than they are including deer, moose, caribou, elk, bison and musk-oxen as well small animals such as beaver, hares and other small rodents. Most experts believe that the Common Wolf helps to bring order and balance to the ecosystems that they are a part of. They are very opportunistic when it comes to what they feed upon. What is interesting is that they usually won’t attack prey that stands still. Yet they can surround it for hours or days at a time. Should the animal run, that is when the Common Wolves will chase it and try to take it down. Spotted Hyenas feed on a variety of prey and they are powerful hunters. If they are hunting alone they will prey upon smaller animals such as birds, hares, foxes, jackals, fish, snakes and carrion. Usually they will split into hunting groups containing 2 – 5 individuals and together they will hunt medium to large hoofed animals such as zebra, wildebeest, thompson’s gazelle, grant’s gazelle, topi, waterbuck, eland, impala and hartebeest. Spotted Hyenas and lions prey upon the same animals and they occasionally end up in confrontations that can lead to the group of hyenas killing a lion. To supplement their diet, Spotted Hyenas will also eat fruit, eggs and invertebrates. Reproduction There is a long mating season for the Common Wolf. It can last from January through April. The male alpha leader of the pack will mate with the beta female. However, he may also mate with other females in the pack. This is different that other species of wolves where he will only mate with the beta. Generally each litter will have from 4 to 6 pups. However, it is possible for her to have many more than that. Mating for this species is polygynous. Males do a bowing display for attracting females before mating. Breeding takes place at any time of the year at intervals of 11 and 21 months. The milk of a spotted hyena is very rich, and cubs can last for a few days between feeds, unlike wild dogs and lions. Females have the sole responsibility for bringing up the cubs. They reach maturity at the age of 2 – 3 years. Males leave their birth clan at around 2 years old, whereas females remain. Behavior The Common Wolf uses a variety of vocal and non verbal forms of communication within their pack. They are very dependent upon their social group and do all they can to maintain it. They can be aggressive towards other wolf packs, often using howling to inform them not to come into their established territory. They will heavily mark their territory with urine and scents that they make in their body. Rolling around on the ground and rubbing against trees helps them to be able to release these scents. It can be very difficult for young Common Wolves to find their own habitat out there in the wild. In terms of their social intelligence, Spotted hyenas are considered to be close to the same level as certain primates. They have excellent night vision, being mostly nocturnal, hunting at night and sleeping or staying near their den in the daytime. They have a matriarchal social order of related individuals that are called clans. One alpha female leads the clan. These animals mark their territory by scratching the ground and with an oily substance that they secrete from their anal glands. Spotted hyenas have a large vocal range and communicate with clan members with whoops, yells, grunts, growls and giggles. The giggling sounds like manic laughter, hence their other name. Pack versus pack, the wolf pack would definitely make the Hyena’s feel very hurt before the Hyenas will retreat. No animal is willing to take any risks if they can be avoided. But in a one-on-one fight, a lot of factors will come into play if both wolf and hyena are about the same size. Wolves are smaller and less powerful than hyenas are, but are faster, have more endurance, and appear to be more intelligent. Hyenas regularly clash with lions in Africa, and are often able to drive off prides, provided that all the lions present are female. Wolf numbers, however, are depressed when tigers are present. Based on these various diference, I would bet on the hyena, which appears bolder, larger, and with a more devastating bite. The fact that hyenas deal more effectively with natural enemies and the fact that grey wolves have never found a foothold in the hyena’s native Africa also lead me to lean towards the hyena in a very close matchup.

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  1. What a stupid question this is
    not even up for debate , love wolf's but in a one on one battle A Hyena will kill the wolf tougher skin and far stronger jaws then even lions no contest the hyena would literally Rip the wolf apart quick this wouldn't be a fair fight just a slaughter. They kill lions in a clan and one on on sometimes kill leopards but leopards can kill hyenas too but no wolf can kill either leopard or hyena Impossible.

  2. It depends as always on the experience in killing, the overall might and power of the animal and if it is enraged or not. The results may vary because just like humans, every single animal is different. You can't just say some species gonna win, nature doesn't quite work like that. Animals don't become apex predators because they win all fights, rather because they survive long enough and become stronger and more efficient. Just like every organism, just like humans as well. If all you do is fight for survival, It'll soon be no trouble at all for you. Take smilodon populator for an example. A muscle mountain of a beast that was stronger than a Grizzly, could topple rhinos and small mammoths alone and yet even they started weak. Who would win then? The survivor as always

  3. Wolves are no different than the wild dogs or painted dogs of Africa. They are wolves and they fight often but it's not really a fight. It ends up in a statement. The wolves are too fast to get caught by those powerful jaws while the dogs are too weak to do any real damage especially alone they just run from them. So I would imagine it would turn out pretty much the same way with grey wolves.

  4. So a stealh Hunter versus a bone corpse eater who's so dirty they eat anus first and eats fetus's out of animals stomachs

  5. Instead of Werewolf movies start making Hyenaman movies. Wouldn’t it be creepier looking with a half man half hyena creature with a big as neck, crazy teeth, and giggling

  6. This is a stupid, lowly characteristic of the human species, that they love carnage and destruction, such as the dimwit Trump boys, Dotard, Jr. and Eric, both of whom would love to machine gun animals. The worse threat to humanity is humans! Only halfwit cases of cortical atrophy enjoys animals fighting, rather than appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of various animals.

  7. So, if a pack of gray wolves attack , jus stand still. Maybe try to pet one and hopefully earn your place as a personal masseuse.

  8. Google it average northern grays easy get 175 with records going to 235 I have seen wolf cross with rottys and sheaperds and are some of the biggest I have ever seen

  9. Hyena surely wins the one-on-one battle with grey wolf. Hyena is bigger stronger and having much more powerful biting force.

  10. Common misconception about hyena biteforce: they can exert a tremendous amount of pressure, but mostly on their carnassials. On the canines wolves actual bite harder. Not to mention the wolves canines are longer. So wolves actually win in the weaponry section.

  11. Well, with bears Wolfs are apex predators in europe eurasia and america.
    Hyenas at the other hand are just one of many scary tuff animals, there habitat is way harder to survive.

    If Hyenas could survive the cold they could deffently compete with wolfs. Wolfs at the other hand would have trouble to survive in the african savana againt the big cats ruling the gras lands, crocodiles and hippos the rivers and water holes, with Elephants and rinos that are no option to hunt.

    So the hyena is pound for pound the stronger animal.

  12. Hang on. What kind of stupid comparison is this? You say that wolves have a bite that is 3x stronger than a dog and then for hyenas you say they have a strong bite but nothing to compare vs a dog or a wolf?!!! b.s.

  13. Look let's do the math it's any given ball game in nature honestly but come on now.. Hyenas kind of fight or hunt Lions get serious..

  14. We're only talking about average of each species here. As we shoukd always do. But of course people have to always bribg in the, "But..but I saw this 1200 lbs Tiger once. I swear it's real". You can't bring in freaks of nature in and present it as a regular animal. Because I'm sure you can do that with all species.

    On average, these two animals have the same weight, with Hyneas taking the lead slightly. So Hyenas take the lead here by a small margin.

    Hyneas have a stronger bite force. Anyone that thinks Wolves have a stronger bite is a fucking idiot. Yes, I am insulting you and this is not a debate. Its not up for debate. Hyenas have a stronger bite force, FACTUALLY. And they have to due to their diet style (breaking bones to the marrow), body shape and stronger neck muscles. So, Hyenas take it their again.

    Intelligence is much more difficult to measure and it might just become subjective. Both animals are pack animals with social hierarchies and hunt/communicate in packs. Their intelligence is around the same ball park. BUT, and this is a big but; Hyenas sometimes do coordinate hits against Lion packs to steal prey. They harass until they can steal the food. Therefore, I would give Hyenas the advantage here as well.

    When it comes to rivals that each animal has to compete against in hunting; Hyenas take it hands down. Cheetahs, African dogs, Leopards and Lions compete in their territory.

    And when it comes to groups, Hyena clans are significantly larger than Wolf packs.

    No matter how you look at it, Hyenas edge out on top.

    At the end of the day animals aren't UFC fighters or The Rock or Jason Stathom playing a character in a movie. They don't "Fight". They do what they must to survive and reproduce, that's all.

  15. Bad info here. Wolves grow much larger than 100 lbs. even in US. They commonly weigh 130, get up to 165 or larger up north. Wolves drive off grizzly bears. Hyena might still win. coyotes are getting up to 70 lbs. now in some places-what about them vs wild african dog?

  16. everyone saying the bite force of a hyena is far greater but (deadliest warrior on spike) i remember them using a german sheppard or whatever the strongest dog is and it came in at lik 350 pds pressure thn an alligator was 1800 or less… so if the wolf is 3x more biteforce then any canine… that would put it around 1k pds pressure…. which is more then enough to crush the hyenas head aswell therefore i dont think the bite force plays much of a point here… if either gets the Hit they win these numbers may be off cause its been so many years… but bottom line if its 3x more then a canine its more then enough to do seriouse dmg if they get it in

  17. Гиена очень мощная, выносливая и крепкая. И очень хитра, настойчива, умна и социальна. Гиен львы треплют, иной раз безрезультатно, её очень сложно убить. Мне кажется это исчадие ада разогнавшись до полсотни кмч в протаранив волка уже нанесет ему серьезные повреждения. Потом в ход пойдут мощнейшие челюсти-костомолки, и аллес гемахт…

  18. If it was a female hyena vs a male wolf yes I think a hyena would win because of there stronger bite but if it was male vs male then a wolf would take the win

  19. Didn't he say the wolf was faster, smarter and with more stamina? Bite force doesn't matter if you don't connect, wolf could wear down the hyena with hit and run attacks, always out of range when not attacking. Wolf would finish off the exhausted hyena

  20. This is one of the most idiotic videos ever considering how unlikely it would be for a hyena and a wolf to ever meet…

  21. Interesting ! I'd add that the odds depend on the environment. In cold winter, the hyena don't have a chance, but in Africa, were the hyena knows the battle field, she has the first chance. The wolf has a fur but hyena doesn't. In a battle, the fur is an advantage.

  22. The hyenas would probably easily win against gray wolves, both in pack vs pack and 1v1. Gray wolves are in average in much smaller packs, of 7-8 adults. Their largest packs only reach the average hyena clan size, which is 40 adults strong. The largest hyena clans can be 80, like you said in the video, but we'd probably want to go with averages for something like this. Also, you got a few things wrong in the video: the "alpha, beta, subordinate, omega" thing is a myth, and only exists in zoos and sanctuaries where multiple unrelated adults are put together. Also, hyenas are likely smarter than gray wolves, considering a pair of hyenas outperformed a pair of chimpanzees in a problem solving test, and also completed the challenge in complete silence, using only body language which would be useful in a fight. I think the running speed speed of an animal only comes in handy when they're fleeing or ambushing, but to be fair the fight would be when both animals are aware of each other. Considering the wolves would likely be outnumbered more than 4 to 1, the hyenas would easily win, and because of their sheer size, intelligence, and power they'd be able to beat them 1v1, and thanks to their thick skin would probably heal and survive their injuries. This doesn't mean gray wolves are any worse of an animal, and thinking an animal is bad just because it can't win a fight they'd never be in in the first place really just doesn't make sense. Both are amazing animals.

  23. Grey wolves wouldn’t have much of a chance against Hyena. Hyena clans are used to dealing with lion prides and painted dog packs. They survive in the most competitive terrestrial environment on the planet.

    Grey wolves have so such pressure from massive packs of opposing apex predators. They wouldn’t be able to cope with competition on this level.

  24. Maybe it would have been fair if you compared wolves to wild dogs not hyenas man. Hyenas battle fockin lions and you compare them to wolves? Love wolves tho no hate.

  25. lol 80-100lbs who is this ignorant smuck? Chooses American grey wolves?? When just above in Canada, there exists the most wolves in all the world. Timbers, greys, black….ive seen greys 125-155lbs and timbers 175lbs…

    "the fact that…..STOP, JUST STOP….this is embarrassing…..start a new channel idiot.
    Have you seen 3-4 wolves KILL a grizzly? Obviously not, you tard. Of course you would put a grizz at 200-260 lbs or some ignorant # like that. I love hyenas, even more than i love wolves, but your absolutely wrong on so many levels….both are extremely bold,very intelligent, high stamina deal VERY well with competitors..gosh, youre one ignorant fool. However wolves are much much larger than hyenas, and id bet on wolf 75% of the time vs hyea.
    WE are talking largestof the species….so yes timber wolf vs a spotted hyena would be the largest.

  26. The narrator points out that wolves have never set foot in Africa. That's true but there aren't any hyenas in Minnesota either. To me it would depend on where they fight.

  27. Why are all usa ers ass stupide, ass donald (duck) trump, that creater, what a narcistisch nitwit is also let you think, that it can win a warr against. CHINA RUSLAND IRAN VENEZUELA,.are there no normale PEOPLE ,in usa

  28. Hyena will win of course.. they have a powerful jaws, and Their Bite force is 110 psi and More powerful than Tigers or Lions..

  29. Where does the fight take place? In hot climates, definitely hyenas take the field. In the far north, in a cold climate with less game to sustain a large hyena clan, the wolves may have the edge. Wolves are hella clever, they outsmart other predators, and they know when to get outta Dodge. One on one, hyenas are probably too strong for wolves. But in pack vs clan encounters, with similar numbers, on wolves' home turf, I think the wolves can hold their own. Hyenas aren't built for the cold, could be sluggish and underfed. Wolves can take the cold and run all day…double coats and huge hearts give them a real edge in cold climates. Hyenas thrive in those warm climates, and have the bite force and shoulder strength to ruin most critters, including wolves, especially in those warm climates. Especially given that wolves have a tougher time cooling down in hot weather. But I honestly can't see how hyenas can dominate wolves in the higher latitudes. Which makes sense, given that we don't find hyenas in those locations, just like we don't find wolves near the equator.

  30. I dunno im thinking the wolf is beating that bitches ass.
    Then again i love wolves and have owned one before. Such beautiful creatures

  31. I saw a documentary about an African wild dog who lost her lack and was alone. Somehow, she made friends with the leader of a hyena pack. Maybe because she a better hunter than the hyenas and became the beta of pack. She would nip at the lower ranking members of the pack and they would defer to her. She eventually moved on but when a pack of wild dogs showed up, she hid from them and didn't even attempt to join the pack.

  32. Every one saying hyene will win.but actually no.wolves are a lot smarter and a lot braver. They can hunt preys that are 3 times bigger than tem.

  33. In global, grown wolf if is hungry, can easly win against hyena… Wolf are smart and better hunters (natural killers). Wolves can reach up to 90kg, some type of wolf can be heavier (Kenai Peninsula Wolf). About that wolf…

  34. While I don't doubt that wolves don't hold well against tigers, I doubt hyenas would either. Tigers have been known to fight brown bears and win.

  35. of course wolves.. Hyena's are too slow against wild dogs and wolves are much quicker faster and stronger than wild dogs..and if large hyena clan and large wolf pack are put together than all Hyena's will be killed

  36. I don't need anything but my eyes. I look at the wolves, I look at the hyenas, and my brain says wolf is more dangerous and stronger opponent for me. A wolf would scare me more than a hyena.

  37. A pack of large grey wolves are vicious as fuck, I’ve seen first hand how they throw their full weight into a fight mouth open, literally spear each other to the ground, once they attack another group they don’t back down until all are dead, Hyenas aren’t particularly brave 30 Hyenas will run from 1 male lion, 6 wolves will stand their ground and push a huge grown grizzle bear off a kill, I’d say just through sheer ferocity alone a pack of wolves would be like a bullet through a Hyena clan, they would scatter very quickly, Hyenas tend to run away a whole lot…

    Wolves are also much more intelligent when it comes to killing… I wouldn’t underestimate them in this fight…

  38. I came here for a fight not a school lesson. You know how you can tell who would win – put one against the other and see who wins ! Which pack would win ?

  39. Wolves are highly intelligent and adapt fast. I seen a wolf fight off a bear or mountain lion solo. A hyena would run. Just making an important point.

  40. The biggest Grey wolf,was found in Russia. It was 81 kg and 1 meter shoulder height..The grey wolf vary in size from 25 – 80 kg. The wolf we have in Scandinavia,are normaly 40 – 50 kg and 70 – 80 cm shoulder height

  41. grey wolves in North America have reached over 200 lbs a man shot one in alberta 2010 that ended up as the record (at that time) 232lbs

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