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Greta Thunberg on Whether She’d Meet with the President

I am so excited right now. At just 16 years
old, our next guest is already changing the world. Look at her. Humanity is now standing
at a crossroads. We must now decide which
path we want to take. [MUSIC PLAYING] A teenager from Sweden, called
the Voice of the Planet, leads a global youth movement
and has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. We are in the midst of
the sixth mass extinction. Our house is falling apart. Our leaders need to
start acting accordingly. Her actions started
with a solitary strike outside Sweden’s
Parliament last year. And now, look at what
her movement has become. Students and workers
all around the world are flooding the
streets demanding action on climate change. 1.4 million kids across
dozens of countries joined her in the streets. But it’s looking like this could
be the largest climate protest in our planet’s history. Now, she’s taking her message to
the other side of the Atlantic. Greta Thunberg has
completed her sailboat trip to attend a United Nations
Global Warming Conference. Thunberg refused to fly here
because of the carbon footprint of traveling by plane. You all come to us
young people for hope. How dare you? You have stolen my
dreams and my childhood with your empty words. Greta Thunberg is
taking on climate change head on, pulling no punches. She delivered a scathing speech. She fiercely criticized
leaders for their inaction on combating climate change. You are failing us. But the young
people are starting to understand your betrayal. By scolding the
rich and powerful, she made such waves, a prominent
conservative in Britain tweeted, “Freak yachting
accidents do happen in August.” And now she’s on the
president’s radar, as well. Overnight, the president seeming
to mock this teenage activist with a sarcastic tweet. And if you belong to that
small group of people who feel threatened
by us, then we have some very bad news for you. [CHEERING] Because this is
only the beginning. Please welcome Greta Thunberg. (SINGING) We can be
heroes just for one day. [CHEERING] [MUSIC – DAVIE BOWIE, “HEROES”] First of all, thank you. I guess, everyone who
meets you says, thank you. Because what you’re doing,
it’s the loudest voice. And it’s getting
so much attention. And we need this, because
we haven’t, obviously, done enough. So I want to start
with thank you. And then does this
just get overwhelming? Because you’re just doing
so much at your age. This is a lot of energy. Yes. It is a lot. It is a lot to take in. It is a lot for a teenager. Yeah. It’s a lot. And you’re traveling
around the world. And you’re speaking in
front of so many people. We’ve been trying to
get you for two months. It took you to get– you
know, you had to take a boat. And then you were in New York. And then you had
to take a train. And so it took a
while to get you here. But thank you for being here. [CHEERING] Thank you very
much for having me. So, I mean, I, like
so many people, are fascinated that you started
learning about climate change at what age? I think it was age
7, 8, 9 in school. I learned the basics, like
the planet was warming because of increased greenhouse gases. And then I just
couldn’t believe it. Because I thought if
this was really true, then surely someone must
have done something, then surely we would
take it seriously. But no one took it seriously. And so I started
to read about it. And, of course, the
more I read about it, the more I understood. And once I fully understood
it, I couldn’t just look away anymore. Right. But there’s a lot of people. You could say that for a lot
of young people and adults. But people just get
on with their lives. And they don’t go after
it the way you have. And you started with
one small gesture. You just sat down on the
street and put a sign out. And now, over 11 million
people, because of you, have been striking
because of this. [CHEERING] 11 million people. I mean, I guess it shows you
what one voice can do, right? It shows you the
power that you have. Yes. It really does. And I would never have expected
that something like that would happen. I mean, I just thought that I
need to do whatever I can do. And it’s, obviously,
not going to be enough. But at least it’s something. And I needed to,
just for myself, make sure that I did
whatever I could, so that I could look myself
in the eye in this crisis. Well, it’s the way
you speak, I think. It’s where you’re coming from. It’s how you come
across, and your energy. And you’re so real and raw. And I think that’s probably why. We’re going to take a break. And we’re going to talk about
what everyone else can do, so they can look
themselves in the eye. And we can all try to
turn this thing around, because we’re
running out of time. So we’ll be right back. You, obviously, have
a lot of supporters. You have a lot of people who are
walking and fighting with you. But then you get a tweet from
the president, who basically, was not a kind tweet. Do you ever think
about– would you sit down with him to try to help
him understand climate change? I don’t understand
why I would do that. [LAUGHTER] [CHEERING] I don’t see what
I could tell him that he hasn’t already heard. Yeah. And I just think it would
be a waste of time, really. Yeah. And you have said– and I love that you say this. You say that your
Aspergers is a gift. You look at it as a gift. And I think it is a gift. But explain why you say that. I mean, in this society,
everyone is the same. Everyone thinks the same. And then I think it is
a gift to be different, to have some kind of– if you are on the
autism spectrum, that makes you different. And especially in
a crisis like this, we need to think
outside the box. We need people who
think differently. And that means that people
who work differently can be a good resource for that. Yeah. [CHEERING] What have you done? What have you done
to change your life? Like you said, you
do things that you can do to look
yourself in the eye and know you’ve done enough. What have you done? I have done– I have stopped flying. And I have gone vegan. I have a shop-stop. It means you don’t buy new
things unless you absolutely have to and just
things like that. But especially, I’m trying to
communicate what is happening and try to put pressure
on people in power. All right. So– [APPLAUSE] –here’s what we’re doing. We’re going to do something,
because your voice is– I just have been wanting
to meet you for so long. I think you’re so amazing. So we’re creating a
section on Ellentube. And we’re dedicating it to you. So we’ll have
information and resources to help educate people
on climate change. You can learn how to reduce
your carbon footprint, see what you can do
to make a difference. We’ll also have information
on how to join Greta’s climate strikes. As she posts new information,
we’ll share it on that page. We’re committing $100,000 into
promoting that web page to help your message get across. [CHEERING] Thank you. All right? Thank you. And Greta’s book No One Is
Too Small to Make a Difference is out now. And you’re all going
to go home with a copy. We’ll be right back. [CHEERING]

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  1. But all of this sums up to absolutely nothing unless people start realising the magnitude of the problem from within themselves. Leaders of the present generation are honestly quite self centered and hypocritical people. So I fear that this girl may be wasting her childhood and education opportunity fighting for a futile cause

  2. Sorry , but earths core temp will continue to rise , its a major side effect from underground nuke detonation . Surface temps are hotter hots and colder colds = extreme weather fronts , as the science world proves : the world has been slowing down since it was spun , leap seconds prove its slows at 3/4 second per year , 27 seconds added in 37 years , also proved by whirlpool effect (simple physics) and the curve on a long range (non spiral barrel) bullet

  3. Does she every smile……. You fake little girl. You travel around, in a plane. Which you say you don't.
    I would never trust this girl. She dangerous. Ellen I'm suprised with you. You back this but your travelling in your private yet.

  4. Most people are intrinsically not interested to give up what they have or what they hope to obtain in the near future for practically any cause. Rich people, even if they donate to charity or such, make use of their wealth to lead luxurious lives. So there are very few people like Greta who are actually willing to give up what they have and prove their point through action and not mere words and obvious hypocrisy

  5. This girl has aspergers among other mental health issues and her sick father svante thunberg has manipulated her into his activist puppet.

  6. So Ellen invites this clown to her show but not the Covington catholic kids who were repeatedly given death threats for standing there? Ok.

  7. Greta Thunberg is talking to the wrong people. She needs to go after China and India. They have a much larger carbon footprint than the US. The US has actually cut back a lot of their carbon footprint.

  8. Chinese communist party and the rich Elite Democratic liberals are clapping ready to produce batteries for the world. China going through eco armageddon, leftist communist going to destroy the world and wipe out western one first

  9. She is a fake. A great actor. Built by the left for the left. If you can't tell she is fake and nearly reading what she has been told to read then keep watching CNN. It's for you.

  10. what an impressive young woman who is so articulate and passionate in all things that matter, I hope the world continues to listen to her pleas to help make the necessary changes we need to do. Also, I am in awe of her poise in face of the bullies that have made it into power that continue to contribute to the problem not the solution of climate change and global warming. Shame on them.

  11. I think Greta was really annoyed by all the cheering people 😂😂 I guess she wanted to talk withoit being interrupted. 😂

  12. Interestingly, Greta’s father, Svante Thunberg, is the descendant of Svante Arrhenius, the Nobel Prize-winning scientist, who first calculated the greenhouse effect caused by carbon dioxide emissions in 1896, known to some as the “father of climate change science.”
    So clearly, Greta was groomed for this climate hoax since she was very young from those behind “New World Order”. Obviously she is lying that she came up with this climate change on her own. Yes, our climate does change constantly but it’s based on the activity of our sun and right now we are in a magnetic pole excursion

  13. ok she’s right and all, but have y’all seen the conferences she holds WITHOUT a script? cute “oo-oh can so-o-me-o-nne elll-se an-sw-er? uh” and she blames it on her Aspergers and other illnesses… ok

  14. Everything she says is completey naive. People applauding this are just admitting they have no idea about climate change.
    Where is the argument? Where are the facts? Just a girl being used for political gain.

  15. It’s kinda funny because I just read a text abt her for my test and I was amazed about her story🥰 I’m so happy she’s speaking out.

  16. Greta should be focusing on the people, not the government. The people are the greatest threat to the environment!

  17. Climate is fine. Earth is fine … When Jesus comes back then it will be destroyed. Read ur bibles. Theres more important things to worry about than climate. God has got this. Worry about ur soul little girl.

  18. So happy you gave her time on your show, educating those with a brain and able to think for themselves. Ellen seemed a little giddy and happy to be able share her message.. keep up the good work both of you fine ladies

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