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Greta Thunberg | Before They Were Famous | Climate Activist

Before Greta Thunberg would become one of
the world’s most well-known climate change activists at just 16 years’ old Before she would spark a worldwide climate
school strike with over 100 thousand students getting involved Before Greta would feature as a voiceover
for a song by The 1975 about the Climate Crisis Before Greta would win the Alternative Nobel
for her environmental work and the 2018 Children’s Climate Prize Before she would appear in Time Magazine in
2018 as one of the world’s 25 most influential teenagers and in 2019 as one of the 100 most
influential people Before she would receive the award for Swedish
woman of the year and have a 50-foot mural painted of her: Before she would take on US Congressmen:
Before she would speak to leaders at the UN And before she would face criticism from many
people, including the President of The United States of America Before Greta would have close to 6 million
followers on Instagram, over 2.2 million followers on Twitter, and close to 2 million likes on
Facebook at the time of this recording Greta is without a doubt one of the most famous
16 year olds in the world. And she’s famous for a different reason
than most teenagers these days. Most famous kids of today have gained their
audience through Tik Tok or trolling online. But Greta has built her audience by going
after world leaders, governments and big oil companies in attempts to slow down the process
of climate change. Now, I will say that I think this issue is
much more complicated than a lot of the media on both sides is making it sound. It can’t be just protests, and it also can’t
just be ignored, because clearly things are happening that need to be dealt with. But this video isn’t going to get too deep
into any of that. Instead, let’s take a look at how a 16-year-old
kid found herself at the center of one of the most politically charged topics of 2019. What’s going on good people in the comment
section? I hope you’re having one Hecht of a day,
my name is Jeremy Hecht and today I’ll be your host, taking you through the life and
activism of Greta Thunberg, prior to global fame, here for you of course, on Before They
Were Famous. Now this video is a little bit different from
the usual videos we do about celebrities, but Greta has been making so many waves in
the climate change debate that we thought it would be good to go through her story and
show you how she’s become such a household name so quickly. Alright, let’s get into the video! Greta Thunberg was born on January 3, 2003,
in Stockholm, Sweeden. Greta grew up with her younger sister, who
is also diagnosed with Autism. But Greta’s confidence on stage definitely
runs in her family. Her mother Malena Ernman is a famous opera
singer, and her father, Svante Thunberg is an actor, author and producer. Malena has appeared in musicals, has performed
jazz, is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music and represented Sweden at the Eurovision
Song Contest in 2009. Even her grandfather Olof is an actor and
director. So, relatively famous Swedish family. But, it was actually a young Greta that convinced
her mother to give up her Opera career to help focus on the environmental impact of
aviation. We’ll get into that in a second. Greta’s parents even co-authored a book
together called “Scenes from the Heart” about their family and the climate crisis. So how did a 16-year-old get so involved in
all of this stuff? Well let’s take a step back. Greta first heard about climate change in
2011, when she was just 8 years old. She was confused as to why there was so little
being done on the global stage. After constantly thinking about the problem,
she eventually became depressed, stopped talking, stopped eating and there was clearly something
wrong. She was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome,
obsessive-compulsive disorder and selective mutism, which she has described as only speaking
when she feels it’s necessary. At first, she viewed her diagnoses as a limiting
factor in her life, but more recently, she has said that she feels like her Asperger’s
is her superpower. I’m pretty sure that’s similar to something
that some, big, artist said about their mental illness… I’m forgetting his name though: For two years, Greta would challenge her parents
daily to lower their own carbon footprint. She said in an interview: I have a special interest. It’s very common that people on the autism
spectrum have a special interest. And she found her special interest and began
devoting all of her time and energy into the climate crisis. Greta gave up meat and flying and suggested
that her family do the same. Which, is the reason that her mother gave
up her international singing career, because she couldn’t fly out to shows after committing
to her daughter’s plan. As you can guess, it took her parents some
time before they caught on. I mean, this is just me personally, but if
my kid told me to give up something that I had worked my whole life to attain, I might
be a little skeptical. Sit down kid, I made you. But eventually, her parents supported their
child’s dream and changed their lifestyle. They wanted their child to feel like she could
truly make a difference in this world. In late 2018, those dreams became something
that reached far beyond her household. After seeing so many school shootings take
place in the US, Greta was inspired by student protests. The Parkland students invoked a lot of conversation
and Greta knew that similar conversations had to be had about Climate change. In May of 2018, Greta won a climate change
essay competition held by a Swedish newspaper called, and pardon my pronunciation here but
I figured, why not try it out: Svenska Dagbladet. She wrote… I want to feel safe. How can I feel safe when I know we are in
the greatest crisis in human history? I would argue that it’s the second greatest
crisis in human history… standing only behind my pronunciation of the
magazine 15 seconds ago… After Greta’s paper was published by the
magazine, she was contacted by Bo Thoren from Fossil Free Dalsland. The group wanted to do something about climate
change and invited Greta to meet with them. Greta came up with the idea for a school strike
to raise awareness about climate change. But it wasn’t as easy of a job as it originally
sounded. Sure, getting kids out of class sounds like
a synch, but a lot of kids didn’t really want to get involved and cause a stir with
their school. I guess it was one thing to miss school due
to a snow day, but another thing to miss school because of the lack of a snow day… But Greta was determined to make her dreams
happen and increase global awareness of the climate problem. SO, she decided to go ahead with the strike
all by herself. So on August 20, 2018, Greta decided that
instead of going to class as usual for her 9th grade year, she would not attend school
until the 2018 Swedish general election on September 9th. This was sparked by heat waves and wildfires
during Sweden’s hottest summer in 262 years. What Greta was asking for, was for the Swedish
government to reduce carbon emissions in accordance with the Paris Agreement. But I know what you’re thinking, wow that
sounds like it’s pretty chill to just stay home from school for a few weeks and not have
to do anything. Well, it wasn’t THAT type of time off. Greta actually sat outside of the Swedish
parliament building every single day for three weeks straight during school hours, which
is a long time to be sitting outside of a building. She would sit there and hand out pamphlets
that said: “I am doing this because you adults are s**** on my future!” She came out swinging on the adults!!!!!!! Speaking of adults, her father supports her
dreams, but was also skeptical about her missing so much school for the strike: [We] respect that she wants to make a stand. She can either sit at home and be really unhappy,
or protest, and be happy A representative of the Finnish Bank also
quote tweeted on of Greta’s tweets to his 200 thousand followers, and big names started
getting involved. In just over a week, her school climate strike
had gained international support. After the general elections took place, Greta
returned to school, but since she felt there was still a lot more to do and more attention
to be raised, she continued to strike every Friday. It became a global movement as more than 20
thousand students in around 270 cities took place in the Friday Climate Strike. Currently, according to, over 100
thousand students have been involved in the movement, which now goes by the name, of Fridays
For Future. In 2019, Greta’s prominence rose even more. She published a series of climate action speeches
urges all those in power to take action and began getting invited to speak all over the
globe. In August of 2019, Greta sailed across the
Atlantic Ocean from Plymouth UK to New York in a 60-foot racing yacht equipped with solar
panels and underwater turbines. The trip was to demonstrate Thunberg’s belief
of the importance of reducing emissions. The trip took her 15 days. And when she got to New York, no, she didn’t
rest, she went straight to the UN Climate Action Summit in New York City. The impact of Greta’s work has reached everyone
from media to celebrities to politicians. And even authors. In August of 2019 alone, there was a doubling
of the number of children’s books being published about the climate crisis. Which, seems weird because if we’re trying
to save the environment, printing more books, which are made on paper… seems to be going
in the wrong direction… Maybe they’re on Kindel… But, that’s beside the point. She has even had an economic impact on the
climate crisis. Inspired by Greta’s work, the wealthiest
of the wealthy have contributed more than half a million pounds already to support the
Climate Emergency Fund and Trevor Neilson, one of those philanthropists, has said that
he will be contacting his super rich friends to donate a hundred times that amount in months
to come. Even if you disagree with her methods, you
absolutely cannot deny Greta’s impact. I mean, she’s even impacted the way people
in her country use transportation. In a June 2019 report, Swedish Railways said
that the number of people in Sweden taking the train for their domestic journeys had
risen by 8% since the previous year. Now, you can’t prove it was all due to Greta’s
campaign, but you’ve got to think it played a big part. But of course, no activism comes without criticism. Many people claim that even though there is
a lot of support for Greta, that most people are not actually doing anything to help the
cause. And, anybody who is making money off of the
things that are being protested are never pleased, which happens any time somebody’s
dollars are getting hurt… * cough * Oil companies. One writer claimed that Greta’s parents
were pimping her out for fame and ignoring her mental problems. But I think the real ones misusing her for
fame are people like Ingmar Rentzhog who asked her to be an advisor for his climate startup
that I mentioned earlier, called “We Don’t Have Time,” and then he used her name and
likeness without permission, for profit… So, if anybody is using a 16-year girl for
fame, it’s that guy. British businessman Arron Banks even tweeted,
what seemed like him wishing harm or at least being okay with harm to Greta’s life when
said in reference to her yacht trip: “Freak Yacht accidents do happen in August” Bro… She’s a 16 year old who just loves the planet,
calm down and go back to your millionaire lifestyle alright… buddy. But many of the attacks on Greta have been
refuted heavily. Scientific American published a piece stating
that many of Greta’s detractors are using personal attacks rather than attacking the
facts that she is bringing to the table. But I think Greta said it best in Time magazine: It’s quite hilarious when the only thing people
can do is mock you, or talk about your appearance or personality, as it means they have no argument
or nothing else to say. Well said Greta. As for the future, well she is still set to
attended the COP 25 Climate Change Conference in Chile coming up in December so expect to
hear her name in the news more. And being that she is only 16 years old, I
have a feeling that she is only just getting started. But as for the rest of the story, well, we’ll
have to wait and see because this is Before They Were Famous. My name is Jeremy Hecht, if you liked this
video, I’d really appreciate a follow on Instagram and you can let us know who you
want us to cover next. But I’m out for now. Dream Good, Live Better I hope you have one
Hecht of a day, and I’ll see you in the next video. And if nobody has told you yet today, I love
you. Peace!

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