Importance of Natural Resources

Grant Singleton on water and the ecosystem

Lowland rice ecosystems are very
important wetlands. And those wetlands also are living environments and we need
to be able to protect those. We’re doing research at IRRI which is looking
at how we get the balance between production and also sustainable
environmental systems. The research is on birds, on amphibians, and also
looking at the different sets of insects, the beneficial insects. Each of
those can play a very important ecosystem service. Rice systems are
important wetlands and you’ll find that there are many wader species, many
species of bird that do rely on the lowland habitats and rice to play a very
important role in providing that opportunity. Those birds also, for
example here if you go on the IRRI farm you’ll see cattle egrets, which, and
they’re picking out golden apple snail and other potential pests of rice crops
so we should be encouraging those and that means having good clean water.

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