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Google Summer of Code: Organizations Apply

SPEAKER 1: Google Summer of
Code is a mentorship program from Google. SPEAKER 2: Google Summer of Code
matches mentors and programmers in university to work on
important open source projects that everyone benefits from. SPEAKER 3: This past summer,
over 175 organizations from around the globe– SPEAKER 4: –welcomed
1,200 new developers– SPEAKER 5: –into
the communities and the world of open source. SPEAKER 7: Does your
open source organization have a project that could– SPEAKER 8: –use a boost
from some fresh ideas? SPEAKER 9: Want some contagious
enthusiasm and breathless innovation? SPEAKER 10: You should
apply to participate in the Google Summer of Code. SPEAKER 11: Your project
will get worldwide exposure. SPEAKER 12: You’ll make
new, lasting friendships. SPEAKER 13: And you’ll
have a great time. SPEAKER 14: This is a
great way for you give back to the open source community– SPEAKER 15: –by introducing a
new generation to open source. SPEAKER 16: The rewards spread
beyond our own projects. SPEAKER 17: Because bringing
new programmers into open source benefits everybody. SPEAKER 18: Visit g.go/gsoc to
learn more and get involved.

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