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Google BUSTED Funding Climate Science Deniers

Tech giant Google, here’s another one, was
busted recently for funneling money to climate change deniers, even though the company claims
to take the issue of climate change very seriously. Oh, this is so important to us. What a bunch of bunk. This isn’t important to them. This is all about them trying to protect themselves. They’re given all this money to conservatives
because they’re trying to say to the conservatives, don’t let antitrust interfere with our business. Take it from there. Right. What’s, what Google is doing right now is
they’re trying to play both sides of the field. On the one side, they’re trying to placate
people who care about the environment, saying, listen, Google’s a good company. We’re out here. We want the planet to be greener. We do not want pollution. We want to be the good guys in this fight. Behind the scenes, they’re pouring tons of
money into groups like the Competitive Enterprise Institute, The Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute
who are pumping out nonstop climate change denial science that’s not even really science. Because one, as you said, they want no regulations
on them. They don’t want these antitrust cases that
are coming at them pretty quick and two, because they’re, they’re not genuine. They’re perpetrators above all else. Okay, let’s, let’s, let’s, let’s not run through
this too quickly. Let me, so, so the listeners can understand. Heritage Foundation, they’re actually creating
information about the fact that there’s no such thing as climate change. Right. The Competition Enterprise, doing the same
thing. They’re hiring biostitutes all over the world
to say that climate change is nonsense. Google knows this. Google puts it on their site. Google knows exactly who they are and Google
has the audacity to say, oh no, we’re all for climate change. If you look at our operation, we’re moving
completely towards a, you know, towards non fossil fuel kind of business. But nevertheless, Koch think tank. Who is more rabid in this country than the
Koch think tank. So why are they taking their money? They’re taking their money because they want
access to, to conservative politicians who are going to stop the, stop what should happen. Which is to say, you know what? You better be worried about antitrust, Google. You know, Amazon, you better be worried about
antitrust. This is the takeaway, isn’t it? It, it is and that’s how they get away with
this. Because again, on the surface, the story everybody
sees is Google wants to make the world a better place. Yeah. They have ads. Right, and unfortunately, nobody looks behind
the curtain. Nobody follows the money anymore. And that’s where you find these real damaging
stories about the fact that, yeah, you’re giving money so they can promote climate change
denial, but you get out of it. No regulations, no antitrust laws, you profit
off of this. Yeah, now let’s talk about, this isn’t little
money. We’re talking about money that it, that gets
towards the billions of dollars if you look at all stories. And so to have them doing ads, to have their
CEO showing up on the news and said, oh, we just so much care about climate change, knowing
that they’re funding this whole process. That they’re putting their stories out. Actually, there was even a story not long
ago where they had a choice. Do I put the anti climate change story up
there because we’re getting money from the Cato Institute, or do we put some entity who
is, is very bothered by climate change and wants to do something about it? Where do you think they go? They go to the Cato Institute and they say,
well, they’re more credible. Yeah. So this, this whole story to me, it just shows
you the ugly undercarriage of, of, of, of these tech companies right now. They’re sitting, they’re no different, they
are no different from any corporation that’s trying to, to, to, to buy access. Like the next story we’re going to talk about. You know, the, it’s all about corporate America
spreading money around, but they don’t look like corporate America. Right. They don’t dress up in suits. You know, they have these cool little surroundings
where they ride bicycles and blow up balloons in the afternoon. Everybody eats lunch together and you think,
oh, this is, this is a kinder, gentler company. No, they’re corporate thugs just like all
the other corporate thugs. That’s what upsets me about this whole deal
with Amazon and Google.

Reader Comments

  1. until the people stand up and take back their WORLD. The corporate upper class will continue to play pretend left and right, keeping the people distracted while they'll Rob us blind.( Hell, they'll convince us to vote for it.)
    the left will not make things better, the right will not make things better, it Will and MUST be the people taking back their goddamn fucking VOLITION that will make this World.

  2. Google isn't the main problem it's the institutions that provide the incentive which are the source and cause of the problem..

  3. Google and apple news this morning one of there apps was being ust to sell children. PBS or BBC. Watch "Maids for Sale: Silicon Valley’s Online Slave Market – BBC News" on YouTube

  4. 10-31-2019 it was 80°F. It really was a nice night to Trick or Treat. 11-1-2019 it was 40°F. The temperature dropped really quickly the next day! How is that not alarming!

  5. I'm all for clean air, food, and water. And google is an evil corporation, but… Climate change science is based on bullshit. Global cooling/ coming Ice Age in the 60's was a lie, and so is global warming. Both were pushed by the same powerful individuals. And Google helped pedal the global warming lie while they themselves knew it was bullshit.

  6. This is just Google being another corporation. Another engine of selfish profit that doesn't care about anything other than their bottom line.

  7. Wtf? I guess it’s time to make friends with the new SS. So much for the heroic american imagine. Just a bunch of comforting ass kissers is all I see.

  8. They wont stop ever. That love of money, power and control. Sad their selfishness and greed will drive the earth's destruction, when they could actually stop it.

  9. Someone on the left needs to start a company identical to Google and I guarantee you let it be known what you support and you will profit as much as google

  10. Climate crisis is a huge lie. The Pacific Ocean sea level is lower now than it was in 1914. When I was young in the 70's they said we would have an ice age. When my kids were in school they said the ocean would rise an inundate the coastlines and wipe out islands. Then there was climate change, and now the climate crisis. Wake up people. Weather engineering is REAL. This climate hoax is another means of control by the NWO, and another way to squeeze more tax money out of you. Do some research yourself!! I am still patiently waiting for the ice age they promised me.

  11. Some of the plutocrats of even gone on record saying that climate change could be a great “business opportunity”. That’s what this is to them “a business opportunity”. We can’t count on businesses or capitalism to save us from this one. We’re going to go extinct if we don’t get control over these companies.

  12. #LMAO @ #usaFAGS
    IS 'google' funding 'trump'
    I suspect that the foal of the ass also received funds for his endorsement of the walking dead in the united states of abominations nuclear power plants.
    #OAN On Another Note
    I'll pay one thousand dollars for what I personally consider to be the best joke about pigs flying over white houses!

  13. Some of the popular well-known speakers climate change deniers have been funded by big oil. No surprise. Pentagon is behind most of Silicon Valley. Secrets behind Silicon Valley…

  14. TAKE LSD AND DISMANTLE THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🎃🎃🎃🎃👻👻🍬👻👻🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  15. Stop…climate change is a tax and control scheme. Climate changes naturally. It’s a way to charge for breathing as they are now charging for water. Please stop the false opposition

  16. You can deny Climate Change but you can't escape its effects. The denial will be burned off in a few more ultra hot years.

  17. Google started out fairly innocent until the CIA got involved and maybe five or so years after Google started the CIA transformed Google into the worlds largest spy website so they then recruited all major corporations and all goverment agencies to be a part of that network i.e the military industrial complex. They are all going to fail and fall into the inescapable void they are going to.

  18. Standard Oil wasn't hurt by their breakup. AT+T wasn't hurt either. The people were given choices and competition. THEY don't want competition. This is what Capitalism does. It concentrates wealth and power. The talking points about the free market and competition and true pricing and value and research and entrepreneurship are all BULLSHIT. Except for the lucky few. Please support Bernie. He may not be able to fix things, but he will at least stifle it. I believe, that if by some miracle they allow him to win, they will kill him. YES, they are that evil and do it all the time.

  19. silicon technocrats without conscience expediting genocides, we must protest by not using their product – shop locally, support mom and pop businesses, etc.

  20. Worlds worst top 5 polluters are:
    1) Coca Cola
    2) PepsiCo
    3) Nestle
    4) Danone
    5) Mondelez international
    And in North America
    1) nestle
    2) Tim Hortons
    3) PepsiCo
    4) Coca Cola ….. and
    5) McDonald’s

    Source Greenpeace.
    My suggestion is boycott all of their products and those of their subsidiaries. Also don’t believe their marketing BULLSHIT

  21. Hmm.. I never trusted Google, for good reason. NetScape reminds me of nostalgic times when the Internet first started primarily for academic purposes in the mid 90s. I remember lots of academians bulding their websites, and you could actually learn from reliable sources for information.

    Now Google's essentially made the Internet experience into another mainstream media dump, full of advertising garbage, political propaganda (favoring algorithms). It's nothing like it used to be, thanks to corporate greed. And they're horrendous in terms of sexual harassment of employees, just like most major corporations these days and your local 'warehouse' big box retailers.

  22. Stupid sheeple. Global warming becomes climate change becomes ice age. Even the IPCC has been starting to use the ACTUAL CLIMATOLOGISTS science.


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